Belong to the Father while alive

Baba says, ‘Belong to the Father while alive. Only the incorporeal Father is called Baba. You are our Father, Teacher and Satguru. You are also the One who gives us instant, visible fruit.’

Let’s say there is a child growing up in an old orphanage. After a couple years, a man pays a visit to this orphanage. He looks like no ordinary man; this is a nobleman, respectable, knowledgeable, extremely well-mannered, and his face and eyes are full of love. This man is shown around the orphanage and at the end of his visit, he looks at this child and says: ‘I am willing to adopt this child and raise it as my own.’ At that point, what would it take for that child to place its hand in his and say: ‘and I too am willing to accept this man as my father and belong to him’?

Baba says, ‘it would take faith.’ At that moment, the child would need to have faith in two aspects. One- faith that it has no future at the orphanage. That if it were to grow up there, it would lack the love and sustenance of a parent, that it would have no access to a good education and that it would lack the guidance required to make it in the world. Two- faith that it would receive all this from this new man; that belonging to him would mean receiving the donation of a new life.

For half a cycle I was living as an orphan in the unlimited orphanage of Ravan’s world. I was living with no experience of real, soul-conscious love, no knowledge or guidance. Then, Baba came. Out of the billions of souls, He chose me to adopt and make His own. In order for me to leave Ravan’s orphanage and walk away with Him, Baba says, ‘The first faith you have is that whatever you can see with your eyes, including your bodies, is old, that this world is very dirty and not worth living in. Second, we receive our inheritance of the new world from the Father. On the basis of this faith you belong to the Father and you die to this old world and your old bodies while alive. You have the faith that it is only from the Father that you receive the kingdom of the world.’

Like the nobleman, this is no ordinary father, this is God Himself. And what’s more, He is not just my Father, but He also becomes my Teacher and Satguru. As the Father, I receive His love, sustenance and an inheritance. He happens to be the Creator of the new world of heaven and so I receive from Him the keys to heaven as my inheritance. I receive the kingdom of the world! In the form of the Teacher He give me all the knowledge of Brahmand and the beginning, the middle and the end of the whole world. When I know all that there is to know about the world, I have nothing to fear, worry or stress about. I know now that the world used to be heaven before it descended to being the orphanage it is now. And more importantly, I know what needs to be done to get it back to being heaven again. In the form of the Satguru, He first liberates me from sorrow and then shows me how to remain happy, even in the midst of the old world; He guides me on the path to liberation and liberation-in-life.

But now, if after some time, this child started to miss the old life at the orphanage and started to look for its old friends, started to bring back some old habits i.e. started living carelessly, then that would not just be the most unfortunate thing for the child itself but it would also cause dishonor to the father. And so Baba says, ‘After belonging to Me, don’t indulge in vice! You mustn’t cause Me to lose My honor.’ This is why He says, ‘only when someone comes and belongs to the Father and says, “Baba, I now belong to You, You are my Father, Teacher and Satguru”, would the Father then say, “I also accept you”. Unless I accept God as my Father, I will not live my life according to His directions. I will hear what He says but still do as I please. And so He says, ‘it’s not sufficient to just say ‘Baba, Baba…’, you have to be the child.’ Only when I have deeply accepted Him as my Father in my bones will I obey and turn my life around. This is what Brahma Baba did; the instant the Father gave him a signal, he said ‘yes Baba’ and obeyed. Similarly, unless I accept Him as my Teacher, I won’t really pay as much attention as I should to the study. Sure, I might know the knowledge, even teach it to others but have I imbibed it myself? When I accept Him as my Teacher, I do all I can learn well, pass with honors and make Him proud. If I don’t accept Baba as my Satguru, then, when He guides me throughout the day, I ignore His promptings and perform wrong actions. I give the donation of the vices but then I keep taking them back. In doing so, I bring dishonor to the name of the Guru because people think: ‘is this what a Brahma Kumari looks like?’

God is here to once again transform this old world from an orphanage into heaven, to change me from a beggar to a prince. He is here to liberate me and His other children from this orphanage and give us a new life, a royal life, the life of a sovereign. Have I accepted His invitation? have I realized deeply that indeed, this is Ravan’s world and no matter how hard I try to ‘make it’, there is nothing but sorrow here? have I placed my hand firmly in the hand of God and with faith accepted Him as my Father, Teacher and Satguru? This faith is the very basis for being a Brahmin because to be a Brahmin means to die alive from the old world and be born as God’s child. Then, I become threaded in the garland around the Father’s neck as He takes me away from here, to the land of liberation and liberation-in-life.

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