Be one with a loving intellect

Baba says, ‘At the time of destruction, you must have totally loving intellects. The more love you have, the more inheritance you will accordingly claim from the Father.’

It is said: At the time of destruction, the Pandavas had loving intellects and gained victory, whereas those who had divorced intellects were led to destruction. A loving intellect means to be victorious. Every morning I start the day with a full inheritance from my Father. I’m full of peace, enthusiasm, happiness, love from Him, powers…everything. I also have the old sanskars within me that I have to conquer. I leave home raring to take on the world, then someone cuts me off in traffic, then that co-worker ignores me in the meeting, then that old memory of that betrayal pops into my head from nowhere and poof! all that inheritance is gone.

This, Baba reminds me, is the time of establishment of the new and destruction of the old. At this time of destruction of the old world, including the old sanskars, where is my intellect connected? With Baba or with the ego? If it is with Baba, then at that critical moment when the old sanskar of anger, of bitterness, of resentment, of unforgiveness starts to rise up within me, I will with determination refuse to engage. I will steadfastly refuse to give up my inheritance, I will protect my birthright. I don’t deny that the situation happened, but my attitude is: it was in the drama. Full-stop. I have Baba with me and He is taking me to heights I cannot even fathom. I am going to stay engaged with Him and go where He is taking me- to the land of liberation and liberation-in-life. I win and Maya loses.

Loving intellect means the people who belong to Allah (God), those who always stay in the angelic stage. Those whose every thought and every task is angelic, those who carry out every task while remaining detached like a lotus, who are always loving to the one Father – while living in the corporeal world. This is what it takes, Baba explains, to be victorious. So check, He says, do I have a loving intellect at all times? or do I become someone with a divorced intellect sometimes?

Yes, I don’t feel like forgiving them after what they did; yes, being ignored hurts; yes, I don’t think that behavior is correct….yes. But at the time of destruction, it doesn’t matter what ‘I think’ or what ‘I feel’, the only thing that matters is Baba’s Shrimat. What is He teaching me? Do I want to keep carrying the heavy burden of anger, hate, bitterness, etc. or do I want to take His help in freeing myself from these bondages? Sometimes, a person doesn’t even have to do anything, just the sight of them makes me think waste and negative thoughts. Baba says, ‘those who have loving intellects cannot have even one thought that opposes shrimat.’ So check, He says: ‘is my every thought and word according to Shrimat?’

I will follow the directions of the one whom I love. A loving intellect means that the love of the intellect is constantly connected with the One Beloved. He is my world. The words from my heart and lips are: ‘Baba, I eat with You, I sit with You, I speak with You, I listen only to You, I fulfill all relationships with You, and I have all attainments from You.’ When my intellect is connected to one instead of many, it remains constant and stable. The more I make Him my world, the more my love for Him increases and the more power I have to follow His directions. Only His love is the alchemy that transforms iron to gold. Let me fill myself with His love. Then, Baba says, my face will sparkle with the realization of who and Whose I am and with that will come the intoxication of all types of self-respect of the confluence age and of the future.

And so Baba says, let there be true love in the heart for the one Father and Maya will never disturb you. She will be destroyed. However, if there isn’t true love in the heart, if I am simply holding the Father’s hand but haven’t taken His support and company i.e. I follow the disciplines but don’t have a deep relationship with the Father, then I will continue to be hurt by Maya. So be one with a loving intellect and finish for all time the old accounts of weaknesses, the defects, the lack of power, the sensitive nature from within, teaches Baba. Don’t put aside your inheritance, your new outfit studded with jewels for an old worn out world, an old worn out outfit.

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