Always maintain constant zeal and enthusiasm

Baba says, ‘The basis of the flying stage is to have wings of zeal and enthusiasm.’

Brahmin life means to have zeal and enthusiasm, says Baba. The zeal and enthusiasm of every Brahmin is to become a worthy child of God, to be like the Father. And this enthusiasm, this pure and determined thought will help a great deal in becoming complete, He says, so never let go of it.

But along the way when certain sanskars rear their ugly head, when certain situations come, they test my limits. It’s different things for different people- maybe it’s anger for some, attachment for others, perhaps a particular relationship, but it keeps popping up and tests me in different ways. It feels as if the more I try to overcome, the more I fail. I take two steps forward one day with great effort, only to take 10 steps back the next day. At some point, I feel deflated and start to think thoughts such as: ‘maybe I’m not cut out for this after all…’, ‘it seems everyone else is happy except me…’, ‘what must Baba think of me…’ etc.

Baba says, ‘never allow your zeal and enthusiasm to decrease‘. Yes, some storms blow harder than others. Yes, it seems that the boat is about to topple over and yes, it’s getting harder to hold on and the fog in my mind is so bad, I can barely see anything in front of me. But…..I have the power of the divine intellect with me at all times. Through that I KNOW, maybe I can’t see, maybe I don’t feel, but I KNOW that the Boatman will never desert me. I KNOW that He is in-charge of my life and I KNOW that He WILL take my boat across. I live by faith and not by sight. And so on the basis of this faith, let me re-emerge my zeal and enthusiasm: ‘I’ve passed through this storm countless times before and made it each time, this time is no different.’

My enthusiasm is to become equal to the Father- as impossible, as ridiculous, as laughable as that may seem. It is to become full of all powers, all virtues and all treasures of knowledge. I became this in the previous cycle, I am simply repeating the process. If, I, the child of God, cannot become like my own Father, who else can? Yes, the destination can seem so far away but the movie hasn’t ended yet! The Principal Actor of this movie is in the role of the Purifier and as with any good movie, the principal actor and the hero actors cannot fail. Sometimes, it can feel as if I am making no progress at all but God changes me little by little. Sometimes, these changes can be imperceptible but if I were to look back over the last 2-3 years, I can see how far I’ve come.

His ways are His own, let me not try to question it or His timing. He uses people and situations to change me and so yes, it can feel hard, unfair, too much…but He is on my side. I might wonder: ‘why isn’t Baba helping here? why can’t He make this easier or change this circumstance?’ The truth is that He doesn’t care nearly as much about changing my circumstance as He cares about changing me. He is growing me, filling me with powers. Let me trust the Purifier. When I have learnt what I need to for my journey, the circumstance will change.

This is not a fortune of just one cycle, Baba reminds me, but this line of fortune has been drawn by the Bestower of Fortune many times! So my enthusiasm is: ‘wah my fortune!‘. Let go of all the waste of ‘why’, ‘what’ and ‘want’, says Baba, they bring you to a standstill. Instead, He says, replace it with ‘wah Baba’, ‘wah drama’ and ‘wah my elevated fortune’! and continue to fly. Where there is this enthusiasm, there is natural zeal. By emerging and becoming an embodiment of all the various titles Baba has given me, there will be constant enthusiasm, that is, there will be constant happiness.

And the greatest aspect of my enthusiasm, Baba reminds me, is the fact that having searched for the Father for many births, it is at this time that the Father found me. He found me hidden behind many curtains – of religion, of culture, of customs and systems, land etc. and yet, He found me! I didn’t find Him, He found me and He adopted me as His own child, to sustain me practically. It’s one thing to be a biological child where the parents don’t have a choice but adoption means, I was chosen after careful consideration. God chose me! He is the most intelligent being there is…therefore, He cannot be wrong about me!

And He says, ‘you take My hand but you forget to take My support‘. If I am someone that understands and enjoys the knowledge, I follow the disciplines but I don’t have a deep relationship with God, then that is a reason I will fail against Maya repeatedly. The Lord is pleased not with a clever head but with an honest heart, He lives in the heart of His honest children. Am I honest with Him about everything? Do I go to Him for advice, for remedies for all my illnesses? or do I hide them thinking ‘I’ll take care of it’? He is the Supreme Surgeon, only He has the cure. Let me be honest with Him. Similarly, do I fulfill my promise of ‘Mine is One Baba and none other’? Do I have all relationships with One Baba or is it one Baba and a few other? When I make only Him my support, I develop courage, confidence, and faith – both in myself and in the Father. My attitude is: ‘It has to happen!’ With this courage, I automatically become worthy of receiving help. Also, Baba says, Maya loses all courage in front of my thoughts of courage.

When I have limited supports, or try to make things happen on my own, I remain fearful, limited and dependent. To have thoughts such as: ‘I don’t know whether this will happen or not, whether I will be able to do this or not’, Baba explains, is to invoke Maya. Therefore, He says, become a courageous soul who constantly maintains zeal and enthusiasm. With a relationship with the Father, the LawMaker, the Bestower of Blessings, you have become a child and therefore a master. You have become the masters of all treasures in which there is nothing lacking. If such masters don’t maintain enthusiasm, then who would? Always remain aware of this slogan in your head: ‘I was, I am and I will be’. Baba says, ‘May you constantly have this awareness.’

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