Become a stick for the blind

Baba says, ‘You have to bring benefit to everyone, because you are sticks for the blind.’

Only the one Father is the Ocean of Knowledge. At this time in the cycle, only He is the reference point for how to be, how to live. He comes into hell for His children, to take them back home. He creates a new world, heaven, for them. He comes in an ordinary body without any pomp and show and therefore, there are only a few that recognize Him. He says, ‘I need helpers’. Per the drama, most souls will never recognize the Father as He is and I might be the closest they get to God. How am I showing up?

At this point in the cycle, all souls are blind. For half a cycle, I called out: ‘O God, give a stick to the blind!’ The Father came and became the stick. He has given me the third eye of knowledge through which I see my whole story in the drama- the beginning, middle and end, I understand the Creator and how He operates and I understand what time it is. By arming me with this knowledge, the Father helps me remember. The more I remember, the more my truth reawakens and I free myself from the falsehood. Baba says, ‘if you yourself are stuck in the falsehoods, in the darkness, how can you show anyone else the path?’ And so my duty, He says, is to become soul conscious. When I am stable in the truth of who I am, I can become the stick for others.

To become soul conscious‘, Baba says, ‘you must follow shrimat‘. At this point in the cycle, there are as many opinions as there are people. There are many who even call themselves gurus and experts of various areas. To realize and remember that there is only one True Guru, the Supreme Guide, is to be awakened. To realize that there is only one religion, i.e., one way of living in the golden age, is also to be awakened. Because then, I will only remember the one Father who shows me the path to the golden age and only follow Shrimat because that is what the golden age is based on. Then, it is not possible that I don’t remain happy, says Baba. But even after belonging to the Supreme Father, if I am still not happy, then somewhere, I am still body conscious; somewhere, there is still ‘I and mine’ rather than Baba and Shrimat.

In the world, people still stumble thinking that the Ganges is the purifier or that God is omnipresent. They don’t need to be lectured on how they are wrong; they need to sense it for themselves. That will happen when they see me full of attainments, full of all powers as they keep coming back empty handed from all their effort. Then, they feel inspired to know what I know. The Father explains: ‘you have to pay a lot of attention to your thoughts, words and deeds. Never become angry. Anger first arises in the mind and then in the words and deeds.‘ People in the world continue to cause sorrow to one another, continue to fight. When I remain calm and peaceful, I radiate peace everywhere. The Father says, ‘never cause anyone sorrow, you mustn’t even have a thought of that.’ He comes and opens the gates to heaven through teaching me Raja yoga, the study to regain my self-sovereignty or the study to regain consciousness of being a soul. He then says, ‘now, you must teach it to your brothers and sisters.’

Don’t you hear their cries?‘, asks Baba. They want peace, happiness and prosperity and for this, they perform intense bhakti, go on pilgrimages, do penance, observe fasts, and do a whole host of other things. But alas, they receive no benefit at all. They call out: ‘O Purifier…’, but they neither know the One they call out for, neither do they know how He purifies. More importantly, even though they say so themselves, they don’t really believe they are impure. But if they can see an example of a pure life demonstrated in front of them, they start paying attention. Baba says, ‘tell them that peace, happiness and prosperity can only be found in heaven and they cannot get to heaven without becoming pure.’ Further, He says, ‘to become pure, tell them that all they have to do is consider themselves to be souls and remember the Father.’

Is that what I do? because only then will the arrow strike others. The first and foundational question, Baba teaches, is: ‘what is my relationship with the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul?. If the answer is ‘He is my Beloved Father’, then, I cannot help but remember Him with a lot of love, I cannot help but follow His directions, I cannot help but inherit all that is His and become a master of heaven. If I can be the child, I am automatically a stick for others.

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