Become spiritually attractive

Baba says, ‘become magnets who have the spiritual attraction from which souls will automatically be pulled and come in front of you.’ 

I become a world emperor when I have first become a world server. It’s not that I simply waltz into a ready-made kingdom, Baba teaches. It is only when I do something, He points out, will I receive the return of it. Baba came and reminded me of who I am and Whose I am, He taught me about my lost inheritance and the way to reclaim it. This is Raja yoga, He reminds me daily, this is a study to become sovereigns.

To serve the world means that I do for others what Baba did for me. He taught me and now, I teach my brothers. In the process of teaching me, He showed me mercy, tolerance, forgiveness, selfless love, and a whole lot of patience. I have to offer the same co-operation to my brothers. Like Father, like child. ‘You are the children of the World Benefactor and so you have to bring benefit to all‘, He teaches.

Sometimes I think, ‘well, I would but no one in my home or in my community is interested in this knowledge. They don’t want to listen to what I have to relate.’ Baba says, ‘Never think that you don’t have people willing to listen. In fact, there are many but first make your own stage spiritually attractive.’ People have heard a lot from a lot of people and they have been disappointed. They have heard enough words, they now want an experience. When they see all that they desire in themselves being modeled before them, that attracts and pulls them like a magnet. Baba says, ‘A magnet does not have to say: Needle come!, the needle is automatically pulled.’ Similarly, when I can remain peaceful in the midst of a storm, when I can enjoy life even when circumstances aren’t all right, when I can remain unshakeable when others might compromise, that stage becomes the magnet that attracts. Then, I don’t have to labor to find people to relate the knowledge to, I have already done it! As they say: actions speak louder than words.

Spirituality is soul consciousness. ‘In the whole cycle‘, Baba points out, ‘no one has such a spiritual personality as you Brahmins do. This is because the One who creates your personality is the Highest on High, the Supreme Soul, Himself.’ When I am soul conscious, there is automatically purity in my thoughts, words and actions and I am able to serve everyone naturally. When I can share a genuine smile when someone is down, when they can see in my vision complete non-judgmental acceptance, when they can see on my face a peace and contentment that is beyond explanation, their hearts desires become fulfilled.

This is what souls experienced with Father Brahma. Whether he was cutting vegetables or playing games with the children, everyone was attracted by his personality, by his face and character. Now, follow father, says Baba. Don’t waste your energy, time or thoughts but use everything in a worthwhile way. Don’t let trivial matters to busy your mind or intellect, rather, let the whole list of all your attainments emerge in your intellect and your personality of happiness will be visible on your face and in your behavior. This personality will attract everyone. There is enough sorrow, fear and insecurity in the world. What souls need to see is faith, courage, and an ability to remain unshakable no matter what the crisis. And so Baba says, ‘no matter what the problem is, rather than dwelling on the problem and spending time describing it, you must find a way to resolve it. You must become an embodiment of the solution rather than the problem.’ Everyone likes to be in the company of happy and contented people; they like to sit with them and talk to them. To be available in this way is service.

Only such souls with good wishes can constantly keep their personality of happiness, and become special personalities in front of the world’, teaches Baba. Nowadays in the world, special personalities become famous which means that their names are glorified. But you spiritual personalities, Baba points out, don’t just become worthy of praise but also become worthy of worship. It is only you that, through your spiritually attractive personality, attract souls to their Father and enable them to claim their inheritance. That, is the most elevated service that makes you worthy of worship.

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