Keep a balance of self-progress and service

Baba says, ‘Just as you are moving ahead a lot in doing service, in the same way, pay full attention to your self-progress.’

The slogan is: self-transformation leads to world-transformation. If I simply focus on the outcome without focusing on the method, I will not find success; instead, I will labor a lot. There needs to be a balance between the two: self-progress and service. That’s when, Baba says, wonders take place in service!

Do I keep this balance? Otherwise, I become extroverted instead of introverted and then, instead of performing wonders, I get caught up in the chaos of my old nature and come into conflict with others’ sanskars. ‘Therefore, Baba says, ‘it is essential to serve yourself first as well as serving everyone else.’ This balance will enable me to attain constant progress for myself and also in service. Maybe I think I want to give Baba’s message at work or I have the desire to give God’s introduction to the government or in my community etc. But no matter who or where, they will give me tests. There will be opposition, ridicule, insult, indifference….any number of tests that come my way. If I haven’t paid attention to self-progress, it won’t take very much for me to blow my fuse and think thoughts such as: ‘who do they think they are!’, ‘they have no manners..’, ‘is this the way to treat someone!’ and then I will become disheartened and give up. More than words, it’s the attitude that serves. It’s the attitude that changes the atmosphere. But to develop a patient, understanding, non-judgmental attitude, I need a lot of power.

That power comes from remembrance and remembrance is therefore the means for self-progress. I fell from my high stage when I forgot who I am and Whose I am. Now, Baba has reminded me and when I remain in that awareness, I serve automatically anywhere I am and through whatever I am doing. Then, I receive blessings from all automatically too, I don’t have to ask for them. From the minds of the souls I serve will emerge the words: ‘wah, wah’, or ‘wah, elevated soul, one who is giving me this knowledge. Wah, you have changed my life.’ These, ‘wah, wahs’, Baba says, become blessings.Do you experience these blessings?‘, He asks. The day you do service while staying in remembrance, you will experience having natural happiness without making any effort, He teaches.

At every moment, He says, there has to be both self-progress and world progress. If there isn’t the ruling and controlling power over the self, then I cannot become an instrument for world service. At all times, Baba says, constantly emerge the various attainments received from the Father, the experiences I’ve had with Him, the elevated part I get to play at this time and remain constantly happy. Keep these points in the intellect all day and stay happy all day and then, you will be able to donate happiness to others. This is the greatest donation of all. While there are many facilities in the world today, no one has real, imperishable happiness, points out Baba. You have that happiness and so you must continue to donate that happiness. This is keeping the balance of self-progress and service.

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