Practice staying in remembrance

Baba says, ‘In order to stay in permanent remembrance, forget your bodies and all bodily relations. While walking and moving around, practice staying in remembrance.’

At this auspicious confluence age, God becomes my Father, Teacher and Satguru practically. He comes to this physical plane, in an old ordinary body and sustains, teaches and guides me. In other words, He relates to me, practically. One remembers their relationships, they don’t meditate on them. I therefore, remember my Father, remember Who my Teacher is and remember the directions of the Satguru. Remembrance is natural, I’m remembering someone or something all the time. At this time in the cycle, the Father says, ‘Remember Me alone.

But due to body consciousness of half a cycle, Maya prevents me from staying in remembrance. I continue to remember bodily things- friends, relatives, food, drink, my to-do list etc. For that same half the cycle that I was being body conscious, I was also unhappy and calling out to the Father to come and liberate me. I said: ‘O God, when You come, I will only belong to You’. Now, He’s here to liberate me but I choose to be stuck in the stuff that made me unhappy. Baba says, ‘you cannot be liberated as long as you have the burden of past sins on your head. It is only by having remembrance that your sins will be absolved. There is no other way.’ His love is the alchemy that heals past wounds, it mends the broken heart and makes me new again. No friend, relative, money, award or medal can do that for me, only God can. Only He is the Supreme Surgeon and His medicine is: ‘Remember Me! Then you will come to meet Me. You will attain your inheritance by remembering Me.’

Only the Father is the Ocean of Happiness, only He is the Ocean of Love, only He is the Ocean of Mercy and Forgiveness. If I am remembering anyone other than God, I am causing myself sorrow. ‘Everyone is impure at this time‘, He tells me. No one knows the right way to think, speak or act. And so by remembering them, all I remember is what he/she said, what they did to me, etc. or even if someone is good, there is only so much any one can do. Everyone is taking at this time, no one has enough to give. Baba says, ‘remember Me alone. Take as much as you want from Me and distribute it to others.’ Let me let people off the hook- let me stop expecting, judging, criticizing them and simply remember the One. Let me stop this body conscious and therefore wrong give and take with people and focus on learning the right kind of give of take from God. I can only do this at this time in the whole cycle and it then sets me up for the future. ‘This is the only method of purification‘, says Baba. ‘Forget all your bodily relations including your own body and remember Me.

Unless I detach from the world, I won’t be able to imbibe the knowledge I am being taught by God. In other words, I won’t be able to claim my inheritance. For example, the Father tells me: ‘let go, forgive that person’ but I can’t let go even if want to because I lack power. And so I stay chained to that memory. Remembrance of God alone is what gives me the courage and the power to do the things I otherwise cannot or find impossible. And so Baba gives me advice on how to stay in remembrance.

  1. The Father says: Keep a chart of how long you stayed in remembrance and at what times you stayed in remembrance. Good business people keep their accounts; some even keep an account of their whole day’s activity. It is very good to keep an account of how long you stayed in remembrance of Baba and for how long you explained to others. If you keep such a chart, you can make a lot of progress.
  2. Some people say that they don’t have time to sit down and remember. Well, that’s the beauty of remembrance- I don’t have to be sitting down or doing anything special. It is not a ritual, it is natural. While walking and moving around, I can remember the one I love. In fact, when I love someone, I cannot help but remember them; it’s hard to forget! And so Baba says, ‘make this firm: mine is One Shiv Baba and none other.’ If my heart is connected to a hundred different people and things, it’s broken. Let me ensure only God is seated on my heart-throne.
  3. Sometimes, my remembrance gets monotonous: ‘I am a soul, Baba is a soul, I have to go home…’. If I only remember this day and night, it gets boring. Baba says, ‘when you do have a chance to sit down for a few minutes, practice the incorporeal stage but while engaged in activity, practice the angelic stage or practice staying in the lighthouse/mighthouse stage.’ The angelic stage means that I perform actions, per Baba’s directions, and then leave. I don’t concern myself with the outcome, I remain detached. I don’t wait for applause nor worry about criticism. I simply obey Baba.
  4. Practice spinning the discus of self-realization. Look at your whole story throughout the cycle, says Baba. This makes me instantly happy and my happiness radiates into the atmosphere. This is also how I remember my inheritance. When I remind myself that I am now returning home and that I will then claim a high status in the new world, it’s freeing. All the worry is gone and I become peaceful.
  5. Observe traffic control. Just as physical traffic is stopped at fixed time, so too, you should check the flow of your thoughts throughout the day, says Baba. Even if in the midst of an activity, let me practice pausing for a few minutes to check my thoughts and course correct. This will positively influence the atmosphere, teaches Baba and everyone will follow one another. The intellect will receive rest and be filled with power. The atmosphere will receive co-operation and there will be uniqueness visible.
  6. Remain easy natured. The more simple and easy natured I am, the easier my remembrance will be. Rather than be rigid in my ways, let me be flexible or easy. Let me adjust and mold myself rather than complain. Then, I keep my intellect free to remember Baba, the one I love rather than the trivialities of the old world.

Baba says, ‘what are one or two hours of remembrance in front of the complete stage of staying in constant remembrance? The power of yoga definitely increases with practice. Yes, Maya will bring many storms, she will try to distract you and break your connection with Baba but you must remain strong.’ And so Baba says, ‘O traveler of the night, do not become weary. The destination of the dawn is not far off.’

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