The drama is perfect

Baba says, ‘You know that a very beautiful play about happiness and sorrow has been created and there continues to be within it the performance of victory and defeat. You cannot say it is bad.’

In a play or a movie, there are a variety of scenes- fun scenes, scenes of victory and defeat, scenes of new and old. That’s what makes the movie interesting. If there were to be just one kind of scene throughout the duration of the movie, then it would be boring. I’d much rather prefer to watch a movie where it starts out happy, then there are issues that need to be dealt with and then, in the end, it all works out okay.

While watching such a movie, I only worry during the tough middle scenes when I don’t know how the story ends. But if I already know that this is a ‘feel good’ movie, that everything works out in the end, then I watch every scene while enjoying my popcorn – there’s no sulking, no worry. Also while watching any scene in the movie, while I might laugh along or feel a little sad, I always have the awareness that – ‘this is just a movie, it’s not real’. All the actors who played those scenes are doing okay and I am okay.

Baba says, ‘same here.‘ Those actors are in a limited drama whereas this is an unlimited drama. This drama is very accurate, there cannot be the slightest difference in it. Such a tiny soul plays a part and then another part and so on. This film reel is 84 births long! This is nature! It is like a record in the soul and each scene plays out at its time in the drama. The drama itself is 5000 years long and any scene that is played out now will only repeat after 5000 years. This is, again, no different than a movie. Once it’s released, nothing in it changes when I watch it again. It’s the same. And so they pay a lot of attention to the tiniest details during the shoot so that they can make the best movie they can. Baba says, ‘here too, the shooting of the history and geography of the whole world is taking place now. If you play your parts well now, it is recorded for all time. Your status will be fixed every cycle.’ The Father Himself is also an actor in this unlimited drama; He is the Principal Actor and comes onto the stage at this very auspicious confluence age. He too is a soul, but He is also the Ocean of Knowledge. Having acted part after part in the drama for so long, you have forgotten you are actors and started to think you are the character you are playing, He points out. Remember, He says, you are simply an actor. The play is now at it’s end and it is now time to return home.

With this one awareness, I experience instant happiness. He also reminds me of the parts I played throughout the cycle. ‘You played parts of happiness for 3/4 of the cycle. It is only toward the end that you play a few scenes of sadness’, He explains. When I spin the discus and see myself throughout the cycle, I once again experience happiness. If I forget to do this, then I once again get caught up in the few isolated scenes I am playing and complain that I dislike the whole story. ‘Look at the whole story‘, He teaches me, ‘the whole drama is good. The day is also good and the night is also good.’ It is a play! Just like the movie, I know that the night is now to end and that I have to go into the day and claim a high status. ‘So, then how can you become upset? You simply have to play the parts you have received in the drama.’, says Baba.

When I become upset, I don’t just waste my time and lose my inheritance of peace and happiness but I become an instrument to waste everyone else’s time and cause them to lose their joy too. I complain about my part, about my co-actors and even the Director. I say things like: ‘why isn’t Baba helping me? why isn’t He taking away this obstacle?’ And when my stage is weak, what others say makes it worse: ‘you say that God is teaching you and so, if you are God’s children, can God not then save even His children?’ Then, they even say: ‘even sages and holy men are able to revive some people, how come God can’t?’ Baba teaches me that whatever is fixed in the drama is what happens. The Father Himself cannot do anything. This is called the destiny of the drama. Whatever had to happen happened, so why worry! By giving me the knowledge of the drama, God frees me from worry. Everything that happens second by second, I understand that it was fixed in the drama. If a soul left it’s body, then it went to play another part. No one can change an eternal part. ‘So no matter what people say, you must always have the significance of the drama and how it works in your intellect’, says Baba.

When I have the awareness that this is a play, that I and everyone else are just actors, then I don’t complain, I enjoy playing my part. Also, given I know how the story ends, I realize that every scene has got to be beneficial and that it was required for the plot to develop. If someone betrayed me, then that was needed to move my story forward. It just opened a whole bunch of doors to – a lesson in forgiveness, a lesson in moving on, a lesson in conquering bitterness, a lesson in faith and much more. And so I realize that there isn’t such a thing as a good scene or a bad scene, it’s a perfect scene! the drama is perfect! It’s a first-class play, I don’t need to question it, analyze it or worse, try to change it. All I have to do is trust the drama and play every scene to the best of my ability, per the Director’s instructions. That’s all. Everyone else’s scenes, I simply watch as a detached observer, as an audience member. I don’t need to judge, complain or worse, tell anyone why what they did was wrong. That’s the Director’s job and He doesn’t need my help with it. He only needs me to focus on playing my role well. Then, things go smoothly and I remain peaceful, happy and cheerful. In other words, I claim and keep my inheritance.

Baba says, ‘people become happy when they watch a play, not sad! There, there are a variety of plays whereas here, there is only this one unlimited play. By knowing this play you become the masters of the world; by forgetting it, you become confused and lose all you have. This is something so wonderful!

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