Have mercy for yourself and for others

Baba says, ‘each of you should have mercy for yourself and for others’

While there are as many beliefs as there are religions, the one thing that is common among all is that God is first and foremost, Merciful. Some religions refer to mercy as blessings but they all talk about mercy in one way or another. As a Brahmin, Baba reminds me, I am an elevated soul of the original, eternal and ancient religion. And therefore, my main dharna is to have feelings and a vision of mercy and compassion for myself, for the Brahmin family and for all souls of the world.

‘Ask yourself’, He says, ‘do I constantly have feelings of mercy and compassion or do they come and go? Also do I have these feelings for everyone or is it selective?

Whether it be weak souls who lack attainment or those that are influenced by one thing or another or be it enlightened souls, no matter which soul comes in front of me, I must have the vision and feelings of mercy and compassion for them throughout the day. To become angry in response to anger, to feel dislike when someone does something wrong, to feel jealous when someone wins praise, to criticize and judge others for their sanskars…is too easy. That takes no effort whatsoever, and it certainly requires no knowledge. But to be able to stabilize in my self-respect of being a child of the Merciful Father and become a master bestower, an image of support– this does require knowledge and power. Then, no matter how much someone may be opposing me, they would become one who embraces me. Then, their fire of anger would change into the fire of remembrance of who they are.

Sometimes, children say: ‘I usually don’t get angry but the situation was so big, I had no choice..’. I always have a choice; I am the creator! And my getting angry doesn’t help the situation, it makes it more volatile. Neither, does it transform the other person. As they say, two wrongs don’t make a right. Rather, if I can demonstrate peace in the midst of the storm, if I can remain stable, then that is mercy toward myself and for the other. I don’t lose my inheritance of peace and happiness- this is the mercy I have for myself and my remaining peaceful calms the other person down and makes them aware that they are off course. This is mercy for them.

People are tired of words of peace and happiness that ring hollow‘, says Baba. They want to see practical proof. The basis of this is your feelings of mercy. This is what is needed during these times. Those who have feelings of mercy would be constantly incorporeal, viceless and egoless, says Baba. They would be incorporeal in their thoughts, viceless in words and egoless in actions. If I can be this, then, Baba says, all the problems of the whole Brahmins family would end!

To be merciful means to be constantly giving. To think in terms of: ‘I will give when so-and-so gives’ is not being merciful, but being one who needs mercy. Which type of soul are you?, asks Baba. Are you one who gives mercy or needs mercy? Merciful souls are angels, they don’t keep score of who did what and how much and they are ignorant of even the knowledge of desires. This is why they are able to constantly give and this is being merciful to the self and to others. It is staying liberated. Baba says, ‘keep giving!’ To say: ‘I did this much and she did not do that much- to count in this way is not the sanskar of a merciful soul. Children of the generous-hearted Father don’t count in this way. The treasure-store is overflowing, so why are you counting!?’ Stop bargaining and become emperors, He teaches. Emperors are bestowers, they are merciful. To bargain is to think in terms of: ‘He did that, that’s why I did this.’, ‘she said it twice, and so I had to say something atleast once..’ Whether someone gives or not, you have to keep giving. This is what it means to have a vision and feelings of mercy, He teaches.

Sometimes, instead of mercy, I have arrogance or doubt. To have doubt means to ask: ‘Should I do this? will it be like this? should they not be like this?’ Baba says, ‘be merciful to yourself and to others. Don’t doubt yourself and others.’ Doubt means I neither belong here nor there; I am neither totally ignorant or knowlegeable. I come to a standstill- I don’t move backwards but neither do I move forward. For myself, I say things like: ‘this is how I am..’ and because I lack mercy for myself, I also lack mercy for others and for them I say: ‘they are always like that…’ Externally, I might put on a show of being okay, of being strong but internally, I lack strength and courage. I lack the attainment of happiness and contentment. Like, doubt, the other extreme is arrogance, points out Baba. Those with arrogance will be turning the rosary of ‘I, I’ They say: ‘I did this’, ‘I know’, ‘I am very virtuous..’ etc. Baba says, ‘the sign of being a merciful soul is that you will have one Baba and none other in your every word and thought.’ Then, there is neither doubt nor arrogance. The consciousness of ‘I’ will be merged in the Father. This is what it means to be absorbed in the love of the Father.

Throughout the cycle, there are those who copy you, He points out. You are deities for your devotees. You are the fathers of the people in the golden and silver ages. At this confluence age, you are the images of support who reveal BapDada’s name and His task. You can either glorify the Father’s name with your elevated actions and your transformation, or you can defame the Father’s name with your wasteful actions and ordinary behavior. It is in the hands of you children!

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