True charity

Baba says, ‘People give donations, but there is no charity in that. Donations should be given to those who do not commit sin.’

On the path of devotion, many people have the habit of donating. They give alms to beggars outside the temples, they wake up in the morning and donate to the poor etc. They believe this to be an act of charity but Baba says, ‘you have to be very cautious about giving donations. If the people you donate to commit sin using your donation, then that will definitely affect your stage.’ Simply to give to beggars, for example, is therefore not charity; Baba says, ‘begging is their business. There is no telling what they do with that money.’ For those on the path of knowledge, it is important, He teaches, that I understand the philosophy of karma before I perform any act.

To that end, there has to be a lot of regard for the sacrificial fire from which we receive livelihoods for our bodies, He teaches. To give anyone money that has been given to the yagya is a great sin. This money is for those who are changing from shells into diamonds, those who are engaged in God’s service. Donating to the poor has taken place for birth after birth but you have continued to descend, He points out. Besides there will be many others who will continue to donate to the poor. The money of the yagya is not for this purpose.

Even when it comes to donating the jewels of knowledge, Baba says, ‘give knowledge to the devotees, don’t waste it on those who don’t want it.’ If I simply start relating the knowledge to anyone who crosses my path without first checking their pulse, so to speak, then not only will they not benefit from the donation, but they will instead start to argue, debate, make fun and waste their as well as my time. They might even become instruments to cause defamation. And so Baba says, ‘be cautious.

On this path of knowledge, true charity, Baba teaches, is to become one who claims their sovereignty and helps others claim theirs. ‘There is no expense involved in this‘, points out Baba. All I have to do is remember the Father and the inheritance and the kingdom is mine! The key is to remember with a true heart to become the masters of the land of truth. ‘No falsehood can continue here‘, He points out. To simply do a lot in the name of ‘service’ to earn name, fame or to get into so-and-so’s good books etc. does not get me the kingdom, in fact, it pushes me further away from both the Father and the inheritance. Sometimes I think I have done a lot of service because I have opened 2 or 10 centers. Baba says, ‘that in itself is not service. If there is strife in those centers, no unity, no spiritual progress, then that is not service.’ Sometimes, I think: ‘I am Baba’s anyway. One has to compromise a bit, show a little authority to get things done in this world. Baba understands…’ ‘Don’t deceive yourself into thinking: ‘I am Baba’s child anyway’ and then continue to be dishonest‘, teaches Baba. ‘If you perform sinful action after belonging to Baba, there is hundred fold punishment involved; your intellect will not be able to remain stable.

And so He says: ‘Only follow Shrimat. By your not following Shrimat, there is a great deal of loss. Shrimat has to be taken at every step.’ If I truly belong to one Baba and none other, then I will only follow His directions at every step. I won’t mix into it my own thinking about ‘what works’ or ‘doesn’t work’ in the world. When I commit sin, then I am unable to have yoga. Then, if I go and tell others that God has come and that they should claim their inheritance from Him, they will never believe me, the arrow will never strike. In other words, I am unable to donate or perform the true act of charity. Baba says, ‘examine yourself within. Look at your chart daily and ask yourself: how much sin and how much charity have I performed? Am I truthful? Did I upset anyone? Is my vision and attitude pure?’ You have to imbibe the jewels given by the Father, the Jeweler, and then donate them, He teaches. Yes, storms of Maya will come and they will come with more force, the higher I climb. But, you must not shake, says Baba. To the extent that you remain faithful and obedient, you become pure and you will attain the kingdom.

You are spiritual guides‘, Baba reminds me. Those people donate perishable wealth but you become God’s helpers in making souls wealthy forever. You help them stand on their own feet such that they can claim their unlimited inheritance for the whole cycle. To donate clothes, food, money is common but you help put people’s heads right. That, is truly a charitable act.

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