Become clean and pure

Baba says, ‘I have come to make you pure and to establish the pure world. When you then become impure and cause obstacles, you are creating obstacles in the creation of heaven.’

After half a cycle of stumbling, at this auspicious confluence age, God Himself adopts me as His child. He makes me belong to Him and what’s even more incredible is that He belongs to me. He is the Bestower of all attainments and as His child, I have a full right to create as much fortune as I wish, that is, to become an embodiment of all attainment to whatever extent I wish. It doesn’t matter that He has many children or that some have been around longer than others etc., everyone has an equal right. And so having found the Father, I have found the world. Not just the earth but even the sky is mine for the taking.

But, says Baba, you become numberwise in taking. There are two reasons for this, He points out: 1) lack of cleanliness of the intellect i.e. it is not clear and 2) lack of caution i.e. not being careful at every step. Even between the two, the main thing, Baba says, is cleanliness.

Cleanliness is known as purity, victory over the first vice. The very basis of Brahmin life, the personality of Brahmin life, the decoration of Brahmin life is purity. The challenge of Brahmin life is victory over lust. Sannyasis leave home and move to the jungle to remain pure. They and others consider it impossible to live in the world and remain pure. But God enables His children to make this impossible, possible. The signs of those worldly brahmins is their top-knot and the sacred thread around the neck. Here too, the signs of true Brahmins are purity and the code of conduct. ‘You constantly have to maintain the signs of your life, of your birth’, says Baba.

The first point for purity, Baba teaches, is: Purity in my consciousness. It’s not enough to just know that I am a soul, but I also have to know what kind of a soul I am: I am a pure soul. Even in the world, most people know that they are more than just a body; many even speak of the soul, but Brahmin souls will always say: I am a pure, clean soul. I am an elevated soul. I am a worship-worthy soul. I am a special soul. This purity in the consciousness is the support. ‘Have you made this first support strong?’, asks Baba. As is my awareness, I will perform actions according to that. So first is cleanliness in consciousness. Then, there has to be, Baba teaches, cleanliness in vision and attitude. When there is purity in my consciousness, that is, I consider myself a worship-worthy soul, then the qualifications of being such a soul are: completely viceless, complete with all virtues, sixteen celestial degrees complete. So then, Baba asks, with what kind of vision will you naturally see the self and others?

Whether in the alokik or lokik family or with souls who have a lokik awareness, you must always have for them, Baba teaches, the vision that they are the supremely worship-worthy souls, or that you have to make them worship-worthy. If I instead have impure vision for a worship-worthy soul, then that shows that the foundation of the consciousness is weak. And this, Baba cautions, is an extremely great sin. For example, if there is any impure vision or an bodily vision toward any worship-worthy soul such as: ‘this server is very good…’, ‘this teacher is very good…’ etc., then, Baba asks, what is the goodness in them? If the goodness I see in them is anything other than that they too have an elevated consciousness and an elevated vision, then something is off. This is also a form of Maya of the golden deer, Baba points out. This is not service, nor is it co-operation, rather, it is the basis for making myself and others become separated from Baba. Repeatedly pay attention to this aspect, He teaches.

Whether they are teachers or servers who have been made instruments by the Father, or whether they are souls who are co-operative in service, whether it is a sister or a brother, the main qualifications of serviceable souls are their renunciation and tapasya. So see them as such, as renunciates and tapaswis, not with any bodily vision, instructs Baba. This is an elevated family and so always ensure you have an elevated vision. This great sin doesn’t allow me to experience being an embodiment of all attainments, it makes me dependent or subservient in thought, connection and relationship and so my stage will always be in fluctuation. I will deprive myself of the experience of a perfect stage. So check, says Baba: ‘Have I become a sinful soul instead of becoming a worship-worthy soul?’

This one vice brings along with it all the other vices. If my desires are not fulfilled, then anger will emerge. So don’t become careless in this, explains Baba. Externally, it may be a pure relationship, it may be a relationship of service but don’t increase sin under the guise of this royal form, He says. Sometimes, I justify it by saying: ‘we are not doing anything, we’re just talking..’ This subservience towards ‘just talking’, Baba points out, is also an attachment. Even if there is subservience in terms of: ‘he is a good server, that’s all. I like that he offers a lot of co-operation at the center…’, that is also attachment. When I receive a signal from Baba to course-correct, it’s wise to obey realizing that He knows what’s He’s talking about. I might not have realized the subservience in me but He has and He is cautioning me. Rather, if I become stubborn and try to justify or explain myself, then understand, He says, that you are not justifying the situation, you are justifying your sin. You are engaged in the task of world transformation, therefore, don’t become an obstacle in this task, He teaches. If your explanation is: ‘it’s nothing…’, then He says, ‘let it be nothing.’ In other words, let me bring about self-transformation and finish off even the slightest trace, whatever the ‘nothing’ is, of that situation.

Sometimes, I go to the other extreme and get down on myself: ‘What is this?  Why is this like this?  This happens all the time.’ This, Baba points out, is like pouring oil onto the fire of the atmosphere. It only makes the situation worse. Apply a full stop, He teaches. There is no need to go into the depths of: ‘was that really lust? am I really bad? am I doomed now?’ etc. All I need to do is take the signal and immediately transform the thoughts, words and actions i.e. stop doing the thing Baba is cautioning me about. That’s it. Take care that this sanskar should not remain in Brahmin life even for the namesake, He cautions.

For half the cycle, you stumbled a great deal, Baba reminds me. Now, He says, I will send you to heaven. There is nothing but happiness in the golden age; you neither stumble nor fall. The basis to go to heaven is purity. Now become pure for one birth and you will become the masters of the pure world. However, for this, you must only remember the Father and obey only His directions, His signals. That is, you must follow only His shrimat.

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