The lap of God

Baba says, ‘you Brahmins have taken the lap of God. You should have the intoxication that the Father has made you belong to Him through this (Brahma’s) body.’

For half a cycle, I was in Ravan’s world, the world of sorrow. I called out to God to come and liberate me from this sorrow and take me away to the land of happiness. God came and did just that. At this very auspicious confluence age, God Himself, the Ocean of Happiness, comes and makes me belong to Him. As a soul, I am always a child of God but it is only at this time that He adopts me and makes me His child, practically. He doesn’t have a body of His own but that doesn’t stop Him! He takes the body of Brahma on loan and adopts me through him, loves and sustains me through him, educates me through him and guides me through him. I was sorrowful because of Ravan, the vices. My Father gives me the virtues as inheritance and through imbibing them, I become pure. Where there is purity, there is automatically peace and happiness. In other words, through Brahma, God creates a new world through the purification of souls. He creates a world of happiness.

Sure, the golden age is the land of happiness but that is in the future. ‘This confluence age is the land that is free from sorrow’, Baba points out. All Brahmins of the confluence age are emperors of the land free from sorrow. The sovereignty of the golden age is nothing compared with the sorrow-free sovereignty of the confluence age. And so the intoxication of the present attainment and happiness is multi-million times higher than that of the golden age.

In the golden age, the instruments of nature awaken me, whereas at the confluence age, the Master of Nature Himself awakens me. The sweet natural music of the Father calling me: ‘Child, sweet child!‘ is so much greater than nature’s music in the golden age. There, I will eat various satopradhan, very delicious and juicy fruits straight from the trees but here, I eat the instant fruit of all relationships that are filled with all attainments given to me by the Lord of the Tree. There, I will be looked after by maids, here, I am looked after by the Father Himself. There, my parents will be great souls but here, God Himself is my Mother and Father. There, I will swing in the swings studded with jewels but here, the Father’s lap is my swing. The loveliest swing of all for a child is the lap of its parents.

Do you constantly have this intoxication?‘, asks Baba.

There, I will play with other kids with jewels and toys. However, Baba says: ‘Here, you can constantly play with Me in whatever form you want’. You can play with Baba as your Friend or your Brother. You can play with Baba as His child or play with Him as your child. You would never find such an imperishable toy anywhere else; a toy that will not break or crack. It doesn’t even cost you anything!

Further, there, I will sleep comfortably on mattresses whereas here, I sleep on the mattress of remembrance. There, I go to the land of sleep but at the confluence age, I can go to the subtle region with the Father. There, I can only tour that one land in vimans but now, I can tour around all three worlds in the viman of my divine intellect- my first gift from the Father. There, I will be master of that one world, but now, I am the master of the three worlds.

Now, at the confluence age, Baba points out, you are knowledge-fullpowerful and blissful, so what will you be there in comparison? You will be royal buddhus (innocents). In terms of the world, you will be supremely worthy of being worshipped; you will be respected by all the souls of the world. However, in terms of knowledge, there is a vast difference, He points out. There, I will say ‘Good morning‘ and ‘Good night‘ to other souls but here, I greet the Father. There, I will have the right to be a world sovereign who rules the world whereas here I am a world benefactor, a great donor and a bestower of blessings. So which is more elevated?, asks Baba. Sure, you become very happy when you hear about the things of the golden age but you are now becoming those who are constant embodiments of happiness, He teaches.

In other words, yes, the golden age is the land of happiness but I have to develop those sanskars of happiness, of pure super-sensuous joy, of bliss now, at this confluence age. To become happy dreaming about the golden age and how it will be there is temporary. I have to become an embodiment of happiness and for that, I have to live by the Father’s Shrimat. He is creating the golden aged world right now and He is making me worthy of living there. Baba says, ‘You are not deities now; you are to become deities. By following shrimat you become the masters of the world.‘ He is teaching me everything – how to think, speak, act; He has given me a new divine intellect to be able to imbibe what He is teaching me as well. Baba says, ‘This is the greatest university, where God Himself teaches Raja Yoga to make us into the kings of kings.‘ It isn’t sufficient to dream about the food in the golden age, I have to pay attention to my diet now, eat only the pure food that Baba is feeding me. The Father says: ‘I come at the confluence to purify the impure clothes.’ 

To take God’s lap means to be a new creation– with a new name: ‘child of God’, a new family: ‘God’s family’ and a brand new life. In fact, people of the world remark: ‘Everything of the Brahma Kumaris is their own. They have their own knowledge, their own lifestyle.’ When I accept my new name and family, I accept the new life. When I accept i.e. imbibe the new life, then I truly take God’s lap. This lap enables me to forget the pain and sorrow of many births in one second. ‘Did you ever think in your dreams that you would have a right to such a world?‘, asks Baba. ‘Do you love it? or do you sometimes place one foot in that world and one in this world?’

You have seen and experienced this old world for 63 births. What did you receive?, He asks. In fact, you lost your body, you lost peace and happiness of the mind, and you lost your wealth. You lost all relationships. Now, you have come to the Father. He is called the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, God, the Father, and Heavenly God, the Father. He is the Creator of heaven. You children should now keep the difference very clearly emerged in your awareness as to what the old world is and what this new world of God is and use your intellects judge for yourself, instructs Baba.

Since the Father is establishing heaven, why should we not become heirs to the new world?

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