Thank You Baba

Baba says: ‘This word ‘thanks’ belongs to devotion. Children have a right; there is no question of thanking the Father for doing His duty.’ 

I was living in the big bad world of Ravan for half a cycle, an orphan with no parental love or sustenance, no education, no guidance. I had no future to speak of, nothing really to look forward to. Then, Baba came and took me into His lap, He adopted me as His own child and made me belong to Him, practically. You are my sweet child, He said, I will make you into the master of heaven. He is the Creator of Heaven and He gives it to me as a gift, as my inheritance. He becomes my Teacher and teaches me Raja yoga in order to make me worthy of becoming the ruler of this heaven. I should be so grateful to such a Father!

The extent of the gratitude I feel is based on the extent of the faith I have in my intellect. When I do have full faith that indeed this is my Unlimited Father Who is here to give me an unlimited inheritance, then there is thanks from within: ‘Baba, it is Your wonder! I didn’t know anything. I wasn’t even worthy of meeting You. Maya had made me completely unworthy. You are now making me worthy and pure. You took an orphan and made me Your prince and now, You are making me into the king of kings.’

It is only and only the great mercy and love of the Father that makes me worthy of both liberation from Ravan and of salvation. Otherwise, no one is worthy of that. Sometimes, after a few years on the path, I start to judge others: ‘how come they get to read the Murli, they hardly deserve it. I follow every discipline, I understand the knowledge and can relate it so well…I deserve it a lot more than anyone else!’ Let me remember where I came from and Who brought me this far. No, I don’t deserve anything, I haven’t earned my place through ‘my talents’ or ‘my good works’, the good Father made me worthy, He gave me honor and respect.

The Father has to come here into this most impure world to make me worthy and pure. It’s not that He sits up there and does it; if that were the case, then I wouldn’t become so unworthy in the first place! The Creator of the World, directly explains the secrets of the Creator and the creation to me. He comes to make me into the master of the new world and so, He says, ‘your nature should be completely first class. Let your activity be such that everyone says that you are like a deity.’ The Father is pleased to see such children, He says. He has such a first-class desire in His heart to make the children constantly happy and for the children to become worthy and become masters of heaven. Those who imbibe the virtues and become fragrant flowers therefore attract the Father. Baba comes to make you into the masters of heaven and so you have to become such helpers, He says. This is the true thanks I give to the Father. He says, ‘Become engaged in service by yourselves; you don’t have to wait to be given service neither should you make excuses that you are tired or that you don’t have time. Baba surrenders Himself when He sees the divine activity of the children.’

It’s natural. After all, a teacher feels happiest when his students study well; their good performance is like his prize. His name is automatically glorified when his student does great things in the world. Then, Baba says, thanks is actually given to the students. Students would then give thanks to their teacher. Here, the Father says in response: ‘Sweet children, may you stay alive and continue to do such service.’ This drama is pre-destined, He reminds me. According to the plot, I am bound in the drama to be your Teacher. I am therefore simply performing My duty.

Well, then that makes me a lucky star, the most fortunate. God, the One Whom even the sages and sannyasis don’t know, is mine! I don’t just know Him, I am related to Him- not distantly, He is my Father! On the path of bhakti, devotees bow down and prostrate themselves before Him. Here, I don’t do that because He is my Father. In school, as soon as the teacher comes, the students stand up, then they sit down again. Here, the Supreme Teacher says, ‘there is no need for you children to stand up. You souls have to sit and listen. Your ways are completely different from those of the world. Would a father ask his children to stand up? No, you do all that standing up on the path of devotion, not here. Here, the Father Himself stands up and says: ‘Namaste!’

When I recognize God in His ordinary form and realize that He is truly my Father in a practical way, that He is truly my Teacher and Satguru in a practical way, then I follow His shrimat and see my whole life transform. From a shell, I see myself change into a diamond. Then, all I can do is give hundreds of thousands of thanks to BapDada all day long saying: ‘Baba, You have opened the lock of my fortune’. There is automatic praise for the One Who has made the soul able to respect itself again. The sparkle of happiness is especially visible on my face. My special plan becomes to give the return by glorifying the Father’s name through every action of my life. I constantly have love for Baba and inspire others to love Him as well. I constantly sing: ‘Wah Baba, Wah my fortune.’

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