Apply the tilak of three dots

Baba says, ‘Every day at amrit vela, apply a tilak of three dots.’

Right at birth, Baba gives me the triple tilak of three dots- the awareness of who I am, Who He is and of the cycle of time or the drama. The expansion of the whole knowledge is merged in the awareness of these three, He teaches me. The awareness of these three is the tree of knowledge. First, there is the seed of the tree. Then, two leaves emerge from that seed and then the tree continues to grow. Here too, Baba teaches, the first and main thing is the awareness of the Father, the Seed. Then, there are the two leaves; they are the special awareness of the full knowledge of the soul and also the clear knowledge of the drama. Those who remain constantly aware of these three receive the blessing of being a constant embodiment of remembrance, says Baba.

On the basis of my awareness of these three, I can defeat Maya and conquer the world, He teaches. The memorial is shown as the trident in bhakti. Even if one prong of the trident is broken, then that weapon can no longer be accurate and I cannot be completely victorious. Often, this is what happens, Baba observes, you either have only two dots or only one dot or sometimes, no dots at all! The key to be victorious is to have the awareness of all three things i.e. to have all three dots simultaneously. Then, I am an embodiment of remembrance. Then, I become one with an imperishable tilak.

If I allow the tilak to be rubbed off, then I have to repeatedly apply the tilak on myself. I apply, it gets rubbed off the next minute and then I have to put it on again. ‘This is not being a Raja yogi‘, Baba points out. A confluence aged Raja yogi’s tilak has to be always imperishable. That is the sign of an easy yogi; otherwise, I become one who battles. Every morning at amrit vela, Baba teaches, check whether the tilak of awareness of all three that you put on is imperishable. Maya will then not have the courage throughout the day to rub it off. Why? because I hold the trident, that is, I am am image of shakti, of power. ‘Your form of power will destroy any wasteful form of Maya that comes in front of you. Then, the five forms of Maya will become the five servants, they will be transformed and that transformed form will be visible.’, teaches Baba.

The vice of lust will change into the form of good wishes and co-operate with you in your efforts, He says. The fire of anger which is at present burning all your Godly wealth and making you unconscious with all its strength will transform into spiritual strength and intoxication and revive those who have become unconscious. It will transform into the power of tolerance and become a weapon for you. The fire of anger will transform into the fire of yoga! It won’t burn you but instead burn away your sins. Similarly, the vice of greed will transform into the attitude of a trustee, the one who is free from any temptation, of one who is completely beyond and has an attitude of unlimited disinterest. All greed will have vanished so that, instead of constantly saying: ‘I want this, I want this’, you will become completely ignorant of all desires, says Baba. Attachment will transform into love and become your special companion to help you remember Baba and do service. In the same way, ego will transform into self-respect which will make your stage ascend; body consciousness becomes instrumental in making it descend.

In this way, all vices, everything in its fierce form will transform into the form of all the elevated powers and will co-operate with you in service, says Baba. All it takes, He assures me, is the awareness of these three things. A victorious soul would definitely change the form of his enemy– a defeated king would become an ordinary subject, only then would the conquering king be called victorious. It is the law that when I defeat someone, I take them prisoner. But, cautions Baba, when you conquer the five vices, don’t make them your prisoner, for they will then erupt again. Instead, He teaches, transform them and make them co-operate with you. That is true victory. And so, He says, always ensure you constantly have the triple tilak of awareness applied. Your self-transformation is what will bring world transformation.

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