Receive congratulations by bringing about newness

Baba says, ‘very moment of the confluence age brings about newness in the lives of the children who fulfil the responsibility of eternal love to the eternal Father. This is why, at every moment, you receive imperishable congratulations from the imperishable Father. ‘

After half a cycle of stumbling around as an orphan with no real life to speak of, I met Baba. He adopted me as His child and made me belong to Him. He gave me a new name: child of God and a new family: God’s family. Everything about this new life is new, it’s as if I’ve stepped into a whole new world with its own ways. The way of thinking, speaking and behaving is new. The diet and lifestyle are new. The knowledge is new- in all my years of bhakti, I never heard what I am learning now. I am learning about myself, about God, my Father and about the cycle of time. While before I was on my own, now, at every step, I receive directions from the Supreme Guru. And more often than not, they are very different from what I would have done in that situation.

Baba says, ‘Congratulations!’. Congratulations are always given for newness. Whenever something new happens or a new task is accomplished, congratulations are always given. ‘So, for all of you, everything is constantly new! This is the specialty of the confluence age’, says Baba, ‘it is the age of congratulations!’

Every thought, every second, every word and every action of the confluence age are to take me into a flying stage and so they are the newest of all. For the rest of the cycle, I descended at every second, this is the only time that I ascend. To experience this ascending stage, my stage and speed at every second should be higher than they were in the previous second. If I am flying on Monday and feel like a wreck by Wednesday, then, that’s not ascending, that’s circular effort. It’s like most people’s work out habits- I am all enthusiastic while working out on Monday but by the time Wednesday rolls around, my determination has weakened and I slack off the rest of the week. Baba says: ‘you make very good promises to yourself but now, let both your thoughts and your form be equal. This is newness and greatness.’

To make my thoughts and form equal, I have to become an embodiment of remembrance. This is what made Arjuna victorious. For as long as he didn’t remember who he is, Who is teaching Him and the significance of the present time, he remained attached to the old ways of thinking, to the bodily relationships, to the name, title, etc. But the moment he became aware, he was able to conquer all attachments to the old world and become liberated, a self-sovereign. ‘This is newness‘, teaches Baba. And so congratulations to all those who will take this initiative to become Arjuna, He says, the ones with such an attitude of unlimited disinterest, the ones who have died alive from the old world and taken a new birth, a new life.

Always keep your new birth in your awareness‘, He guides me, ‘and then your stage will be higher every second.’ When this happens, then I myself as well as others experience my qualifications for coming closer to perfection at every second and at every step. My confidence goes up, my self-respect goes up. This, is newness. On the other hand, when my effort is circular, I lose my self-respect and life becomes exhausting, like it has been for half a cycle. When there is newness in my stage, there is automatically newness in service. And so the answer to the question: ‘what should we do to increase service?’ is ‘increase your stage and service will increase automatically‘, teaches Baba. People no longer want newness in programs, they have heard enough lectures and attended enough workshops but now, they want newness in the impact I make. When I bring about newness in myself, there is automatically newness in the impact I make.

Now, reveal the specialty of being impactful‘, says Baba. Let there always be an impact of feelings of love, co-operation and benevolence for each one in your mind. Let every word be filled with an impact of giving someone courage and enthusiasm; let it never be wasteful. Sometimes, I think nothing of wasting half an hour in ordinary chit-chat and then wonder where the time went! Ordinary words, Baba reminds me, are not impactful. Similarly, let every action be fruitful, says Baba, whether for myself or for others. Yes, you make good effort and you do everything from your heart but now, Baba says, let there be the impact of revealing God in the way that people say: ‘These are Raja Yogi angels! If there is spirituality anywhere, it is here, this alone is God’s task!’ Today, people say ‘this too is good’ but the newness that you have to bring about is for them to realize that ‘this alone is God’s task, these are God’s children and this is the complete and perfect life’. Now spread such a wave, Baba says, that others too are inspired to become good.

In Bhakti, people say that all are forms of God; they say that, however, with the wrong understanding. However, says Baba, with the impact of knowledge, let them now experience the Father in your form. According to the drama, most souls will never experience God the way I do; I might be the closest they come to the Father. And so Baba says, ‘when they experience the God’s form when they look at you, the new age will come. So constantly bring about newness in your thoughts, words and actions; make your desire to reveal the Father into it’s practical form.’ ‘With bringing about newness in every second’, Baba says, ‘continue to receive congratulations from the Father at every second.

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