Become a world benefactor

Baba says, ‘World benefactor souls will keep busy doing service at every moment in their thoughts, words, actions, relationships and connections.’

The final form and final task of Brahmin souls is that of benefiting the world, teaches Baba. Everyone, He points out, has the same aim of bringing benefit to the world but some are still bringing benefit only to themselves, some are engaged in benefiting just their communities whereas very few are equal to the unlimited Father i.e. very few remain are engaged in the unlimited task of bringing benefit to the whole world.

What are the signs of elevated world-benefactor souls?

World benefactor souls, Baba says, know that there is little time and that the task is big. Therefore, world benefactors will use their every second and every thought, their bodies, mind and wealth for world benefit. They will always have all the souls of the world in their awareness and in their vision: ‘How can I make these souls who have not attained anything become fully satisfied?’, ‘How can I make beggar souls full and complete?’, ‘How can I bring souls who are deprived into connection and relationship?’ Day and night, Baba says, they will fill themselves with these powers from the Father and become bestowers for everyone.

Such souls will not wait for a formal program to serve, they are tireless and constant servers. They are all-rounders and ever ready. They recognize the opportunities to serve in their every day- no matter if I encounter souls with strong sanskars, souls who don’t have that much wisdom, who have stone intellects and who constantly defame others, I still maintain my good wishes and pure feelings for them. I look for ways to make others’ lives better. Only such merciful souls can be benefactors, says Baba. All children have the same aim but along the way, mercy changes into two things, Baba points out: (1) Instead of feeling mercy, I sometimes have doubts about others and think: ‘This soul can never change! This one is always like this! what to do…not everyone can become king!’ These kinds of limiting thoughts finish all mercy. (2) Instead of feeling mercy, I become consumed by the arrogance of ‘I’. ‘I am everything, this one is nothing. She is unable to do anything while I am able to do everything.’ This arrogance also limits me and therefore, I am able to benefit only myself or a limited few.

No matter what defects souls have – whether it is an impure soul with no knowledge or a soul from the Brahmin family who isn’t making effort at all- for both types of souls, world benefactor souls will first of all forgive their defects and weaknesses, Baba teaches. Why? because as a world benefactor, it is my duty, it is in fact my right to bring about transformation. I was full of defects and weaknesses when I came to Baba and He forgave me and He continues to forgive me and show me mercy to this day. What He gives to me, He expects to see flow through me to His other children. ‘You are an ancestor soul’, Baba reminds me, ‘you cannot allow the defects of others to enter your heart. You have to forgive.’ After that, Baba says, in order to benefit such souls, keep their original form and virtues in front of you, praise them, that is, remind them of their own greatness by reminding them of Whose children they are, what clan they belong to and what the specialty and blessing of the confluence age is. When you uplift them in this way, Baba points out, they become aware and that awareness brings them power and courage to finish their defects and weaknesses. Instead if I tell someone who is already weak: ‘You are weak! you are wrong!’, it would make them further disheartened, it would be like heart failure!, says Baba. Now matter how weak souls are, before correcting them, Baba says, always give them strength first.

And so says Baba, the qualification for being a world benefactor is to be full of all the Father’s treasures. Full in knowledge, that is an embodiment of knowledge; full of virtues and powers. Only then will I be able to easily and constantly pass through every situation myself and pass with honors. It is only when I am so full that I can donate to others and enable them to move forward. Every thought, word and action of those who are serviceable will be worthy of doing service, says Baba. They will never waste any of their treasures. Do not use your time or thoughts in your own trivial matters, you are now on the stage for becoming world benefactors. Surrender every moment for world benefit rather than waste your time transforming your own sanskars, says Baba; Benefit of the self is automatically merged in world benefit. When you remain busy in service at every second with your thoughts, when you dont have time for anything else, Maya too will not have time to come to you. Problems will be transformed into solutions; they will not have the courage to come in front of you elevated souls who are embodiments of solutions, says Baba. In front of elevated sanskars, limited sanskars will automatically end. So don’t get caught up in any situation other than service, He teaches. Make a donation to someone, give a blessing and any eclipse on the self will automatically finish.

When I am surrendered to world service, when I don’t engage in trivialities, I become essence-full, says Baba, that is, I will have the fragrance of spirituality in me. I will have all the spiritual powers within me that attracts everyone to me, even if at a distance, even against their wish. On the basis of power of the mind, I give the Father’s introduction even from a distance. ‘You won’t be able to reach everyone through words and in the final time, it won’t be possible either’, Baba points out. It will have to be through the mind. Just as the Father is able to touch intellects, fulfill the desires of devotees in a subtle way, so too, the children will have to master using the subtle machinery, says Baba. This is the form of the final service. At present, Baba says, you know of this, but you don’t serve in this way practically. Only when you actually serve in this way will you become a practical world benefactor.

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