Donate peace to the world

Baba says, ‘remember the Father for at least eight hours and donate peace to the whole world. Do the service of making others the same as you.’

This is Ravan’s world right now, Baba reminds me daily, peacelessness is everywhere. In such a world, I cannot take peace for granted, I have to guard it with all my heart. Baba’s remembrance is the canopy of protection that keeps me safe from external influences and thereby, from losing my peace. Of all of the things that people ask for, peace is at the top of their list. When I have a full stock of peace myself, I can donate peace to others. The world, Baba says, doesn’t need another peaceless person in it. It needs donors of peace; this, is therefore the greatest service I can do.

The foundation for peace is truth or purity. When I am being who I really am, there is alignment, there is therefore peace. When I am being someone other than who I really am, there is misalignment and thereby peacelessness. And so the very first lesson Baba teaches me is: ‘you are a soul, not a body.’ I am not just any soul, I am a pure, peaceful soul. Peace is my very nature. So when I embody this truth of who I am, that is, when I am situated in the awareness of who I really am, I remain peaceful. For half a cycle, during the golden and silver ages, all souls were naturally soul conscious i.e. I thought, spoke and acted based on the qualities of the soul; the world was therefore the land of peace and happiness, it was heaven. Then, for the second half, I forgot who I am and started to identify as the body. I consequently lost myself in the expansion of the body and lost my peace and joy. The world went from heaven to hell.

Now, God has come to re-establish the land of peace and happiness. ‘Won’t you be My helper?‘, He asks me. To become pure and give the donation of peace and happiness to the world is the greatest help I give to the Father.

To be a Brahma Kumari means to live with peace and pleasure in the heart, not fear and confusion, teaches Baba. There is fear and confusion when there is a lack of knowledge and clarity. When I don’t know the future, I live in fear of: ‘did I do this right or wrong?’, ‘what will happen now?’, ‘what if…?’. Then, there is the greatest fear, the fear of death. With the knowledge of (1) who I am, (2) Whose I am and (3) the drama, Baba makes me fearless and unshakeable. I am a soul- I am eternal, imperishable. Previously, I was alone in the world fending for myself but now, God has come and made me belong to Him. As my Father, Teacher and Guru, He is responsible for me, practically. He sustains me, teaches me and guides me at every step; I don’t even have to think of what I need to do, I simply follow. ‘If you have any questions, simply ask Me’, He says, ‘take shrimat at every step.‘ With the knowledge of the drama, I know that there is benefit in every scene, no matter how bad it looks from the outside. When something happens in the world like war or a calamity, people in the world are shocked: ‘what is happening?’, ‘what will happen next?’, ‘can this too happen?’ but I, already know. As the knower of the three aspects of time, I know that at this confluence of cycles, the old world is destroyed as the new world is being established. So I remain calm and stable. When I can remain peaceful in the midst of the storm, unshakeable in the midst of the crisis, I donate much needed peace to the world.

When I am a child with rights, there is peace. A child owns the Father’s business and property; with responsibility comes surrender and tolerance. At the center or at the workplace, I don’t wait to be asked for help, I offer myself where I see a need. I don’t think: ‘Is this why I renounced everything? Am I meant to do this work?’, this is losing my peace and joy. Whether it is giving a lecture to thousands or sweeping the floor, being a Brahmin means, I keep my peace and joy in either case. I don’t get into the body consciousness of: ‘I came here as a teacher. I didn’t come here to do this work.’ This is not a Brahma Kumari life, Baba points out, this is a life of confusion that comes from forgetting who I am. When I am confused, I confuse others too and cause dis-service. When I remain firmly seated in the awareness of who I am, I serve.

Instead of being a child, if I am devotee, there is peacelessness. When someone is impolite to me at the workplace or cuts me in traffic or worse, if someone I trusted betrays me, if I still have bhagat sanskars, I will think: ‘O God! take me away from this world of sorrow to a place of peace…’. But Brahma baba, the eldest son of God, the # 1 victorious soul who went on to become God’s first angel, demonstrated something entirely different. He faced bad words and assaults, there were obstacles in the yagya, some Brahmin children that were close turned and created opposition. But rather than cry out in distress, baba, by having benevolent feelings of tolerance, made each one move forward. He never let go of his good wishes and pure feelings for them. ‘Souls who have such good wishes for all always remain fearless’, Baba teaches. When I remain stable as an embodiment of awareness of who I am, Whose I am and apply the full-stop of the drama, I don’t question or complain or fight anything, I remain detached. When I am detached from the emotional drama of it all, I am able to be loving and peaceful. Then, I can actually offer the co-operation of my love, peace and good wishes to others.

You are the images of support, the ones who carry out the task of establishment‘, Baba reminds me. ‘You cannot be shaken upon seeing destruction take place.‘ Yes, this is the time when the old world is destroyed and Maya comes out with her one final push, in full force. So yes, there are old sanskars, the vices all over the place showing up in all kinds of ways. But I am not afraid because I already knew what would happen from my Father, so, nothing new! And I also know that I have passed through this countless times before, victoriously. I was victorious then by remaining constantly in the safety of the Father’s canopy of remembrance. That is, while eating, walking and moving around, I constantly remain an embodiment of awareness of who I am, Whose I am and the drama. I remain full of treasures and attainments I have received from the Father. Then, Baba says, no form of Maya can enter this fortress, this canopy. From there, I become the shining light of hope and peace for the world.

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