The power of the throne

Baba says, ‘A soul who is seated on his immortal throne constantly has spiritual intoxication.’

This is Raja Yoga, Baba reminds me, it is the study to become a king. A king rules over his kingdom and a kingdom means the attainment of all rights. At this time, every Brahmin soul becomes one who has sovereignty over the self, that is, I become the ruler of my inner kingdom. To the extent that I am able to rule my inner kingdom, I will be able to rule the world kingdom.

Just as a king orders his subjects to carry out a task and they do it, in the same way, when I, the self-sovereign soul, give an order to any of my physical organs with my power of yoga, then each organ functions under my control; not just all the physical organs but even the mind, intellect and sanskars function according my directions. I am able to stabilize my thoughts, which is the mind, wherever I wish, whenever I wish, for however long I wish. Similarly, I am not subservient to my sanskars, rather I have control over my sanskars and I use them for a task as per the code of conduct. So self-sovereignty means that I, the soul, have full rights over the mind, intellect and sanskars and all the physical organs.

It shouldn’t be that you did not wish to see something, but that you still saw it, that your eyes were open, and so you saw it, that the ears do not have any doors, and so the conversation went in to your ears’, points out Baba. ‘You have 2 ears‘, He reminds me, ‘if you hear something, there is also a way to let it out!‘ In Bharat, the special image created is: ‘See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil!’ but you should think no evil either!, says Baba because it usually starts with a thought, then I want to see it and hear about it. If I am deceived sometimes by my eyes, sometimes by my words or thoughts, then I wouldn’t be called self-sovereign, He teaches.

And actually, Baba points out, a soul who has a right to sovereignty can never be deceived by the physical organs, mind, intellect or sanskars even in their dreams because he has a right. If I am being deceived, then that means that I am still subservient, still making an effort to become one who has a right, Baba explains. So check, He says, to see what you are. Do you have the experience of the spiritual intoxication of self-sovereignty? This is the experience of being a carefree emperor, an emperor of the land free from sorrow.

The greatest emperors are those who are free from any worry and the greatest kingdom is the kingdom of the land that is free from sorrow. In front of those who have a right to this kingdom, world sovereignty is nothing!, Baba points out. The right to the kingdom of the land that is free from sorrow is very elevated and one that gives happiness, it is completely free from sorrow. Do you have this constant experience of being free from sorrow or do you sometimes come down? asks Baba. Constantly maintain this spiritual intoxication of being a carefree emperor of the land that is free from sorrow and Maya will never attack you, He teaches.

The easiest way to maintain this spiritual intoxication of self-sovereignty is to experience being seated on the self’s throne. When a king is seated on his throne, he naturally has the intoxication and happiness of his kingdom. The throne of the soul is the immortal throne and the one Who has seated me on this throne is the Father Himself! ‘So never step down from this throne’, He teaches. Even in the world, when someone is in the chair of position, he has a right, and if tomorrow, he steps down, he becomes ordinary. The people who once obeyed his every command no longer do. So you should always stay in your intoxication of self-sovereignty, remain seated on your immortal throne, says Baba. Then, all physical and subtle organs will automatically follow orders.

What’s more, the Father’s heart is a heart-throne for those who move along while considering themselves to be seated on the immortal throne, says Baba, because by understanding yourself to be a soul, you remember the Father. Then, there is neither the body nor the bodily relations nor material things. The one Father is my world. ‘Only such children remain in the Father’s heart‘, says Baba. So you, He points out, have a double throne! So never step down from your thrones and get into the dirt of body consciousness, He teaches. In the past, in the old world, you used to be like the children who play in dirt and eat dirt but you are not like that anymore, you are now royal children. You were dirty but the Father has now cleansed you. ‘With this awareness, always remain powerful‘, He teaches. Those who are powerful can never become weak i.e. have an illness of Maya. The body might even become weak but the soul must always remain powerful.

So always have the awareness, says Baba: ‘I am a soul’ but not just any ordinary soul but a king soul!, a soul who has a right to the kingdom. So be a king and then check the activities of your royal court: Which physical or subtle organ deceives you? if there is one, then check and keep it under order. If you become careless and leave it alone, then its habit of deceiving you will become firm and you will end up experiencing the loss. So now, check yourself while being seated on the immortal throne, while maintaining the intoxication of being a carefree emperor, and become a conqueror of Maya.

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