The incorporeal Father comes, this is not inspiration

Baba says, ‘Shiva is incorporeal, and so how is He able to make Brahma carry out establishment? Would He give inspirations from up above? He comes into the impure world.’

For half a cycle, I was a prisoner in the jail of Ravan. Having forgotten who I am, I lost all sense of identity and belonging and with that my entire inheritance of peace, happiness and contentment. I searched, I stumbled and the more I stumbled, the more Ravan made me stumble. ‘Go to this guru…, read that scripture…, chant this mantra…, take a dip in that Ganges…, go on that pilgrimage around the country…’, he told me. And when none of it gave me the peace and happiness I wanted, he lied to me yet again: ‘God gives both happiness and sorrow…it’s all up to Him’. Sometimes I was told God is everywhere, then other times, I was told that no one knows who God is. Where was I to go, what was I to do? Is this my lot in life…am I just a big mistake, a misfit in this world?

God says, ‘when the world reaches a state of extreme degradation, I come to destroy the evil and unrighteousness and establish a peaceful and pure world.’ Many think that God inspires, that He doesn’t actually come. It’s worth pondering: when the world is in the state that it is in now, when God’s children have come to the end of themselves due to following the lies of Ravan, when no one knows who they are or who the Father is anymore, when everyone has been orphaned, when there is no such thing as true religion or just truth really, would inspiration from somewhere up above suffice? would it actually work?

God says, I come at the confluence of the cycle, when the old one is to end and the new one is to begin. I come to make the wrong, right; to remove falsehood and re-establish one true religion; to change the world from hell into heaven. How could I do all this through inspiration? He comes into the impure world in an old, ordinary and impure body and adopts me as His own child. Yes, as a soul, I am always the child of the Supreme Soul but at this time, the Supreme Soul takes on a body to become my Father and Mother, practically. He loves me and sustains me as a Parent, and it is only this love from God that has the power to heal the weak and broken heart; only His love comforts the tired soul. Can He love me or can I experience His love through inspiration?

He doesn’t just become my Father but He also is my Supreme Teacher. He teaches me Raja Yoga, the study through which I once again become a sovereign and claim my inner kingdom. I become the king of kings. As part of this study, He imparts knowledge – the secrets of the beginning, middle and end of the story. This is not the world I created, He tells me. That was heaven and then you were free, you were the emperors of the world filled with peace, happiness and prosperity. Then, you forgot who you are and lost everything to Ravan. Now, when you follow My shrimat, you once again become the emperors you once were. Does He teach me all this through inspiration? The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, says: I am the Ocean of Knowledge, but how could I, the incorporeal One, sit up above and teach through inspiration? Education never takes place in that way. If a professor were to sit at home, would he be able to teach through inspiration!? He would definitely have to go to the school. The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, too, would not teach you while sitting at home. He teaches you, He speaks the knowledge, so surely He must have taken a body to be able to speak, so surely He must have come! Like those teachers, this Teacher also uses pictures to teach me. He Himself gets the pictures made because this is new knowledge and then He uses them to teach me. So, He definitely comes.

Along with being my Father and Teacher, He also is my Satguru, the only True Guru. Why? because only He can grant me salvation. He does so through the knowledge He gives me and then, based on that foundation, He teaches me the pilgrimage of remembrance. ‘Remember Me and follow only My Shrimat‘, He instructs. At every step, He says, ask Me for advice, don’t follow the dictates of Ravan. Only through following His Shrimat do I once again attain my sovereignty. He gives me directions for everything – how to think, speak, act, diet and lifestyle. He is concerned about every tiniest aspect of my life and is here to guide me and make me honorable again.

Together, through these relationships, He becomes the Purifier and purifies me, the soul. He cleanses me of all the devilish attitudes, nature and sanskars, the biases and prejudices. Through His own example, He teaches me mercy again, love again, tolerance and patience again. He inspires me to change from a taker to a bestower again. In short, He undoes all the damage Ravan made and returns me to my original glory. This, is my inheritance from God, the Father. Can a father give and a child receive its inheritance through inspiration?

His name is Shiva but He is remembered by many different names, each based on an elevated activity He performed: He is called Babulnath, the One Who changes thorns into flowers, He is called Khuda Dost: the Friend, He is called Jadugar: the Magician who changes the old dirty world into new. He is the Creator not because He creates the world from scratch but because He transforms; through bringing about the transformation of souls, He transforms the whole world from hell into heaven. They even celebrate His birthday as Shivratri in Bharat. So surely, if His birthday is celebrated and His many divine acts are remembered, He must have come and done something!

During my days of stumbling, I called out to God daily. I said: ‘O God, come and liberate me from this world of sorrow and take me away to a place of peace and happiness.’ Further I said: ‘Father, when You come, I will surrender myself to You. I will sit wherever You seat me, go wherever You take me…’ and promised, ‘You will be my whole world, I will only eat with You, speak with You, do whatever You ask me to…’. He has come as the Liberator and the Bestower, He is purifying me as the Purifier and making me a master of heaven. The question is: am I keeping my end of the bargain? Have I actually surrendered my will to Him or still living life Ravan’s way? Have I in fact made Him my world and am I actually eating and speaking and sitting with Him? It comes down to faith, He says. I first of all have to have the faith that the Supreme Soul, Supreme Soul is indeed my eternal Father and Mother, and that it wasn’t just a nice song that I sung in bhakti. And two, I need the faith that He is here now, practically, sitting in front of me to speak to me, eat with me, teach me and take care of me. If I have the faith, I will no problem surrendering myself to Him and letting Him take charge of my life. I will claim my full inheritance.

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