Practice remembrance

Baba says, ‘the main thing is to stay awake at night and have remembrance and it will become a practice.’

This is a field of action. Just as I cannot remain without performing action for even a second, in the same way, I cannot remain without having remembrance; remembering is just as natural to the intellect as moving is for my arms and legs. I am constantly thinking, remembering something, but what? is the question.

The first word a child is taught as it is learning to speak is also the same as what I am taught when I take alokik birth: ‘Remember the Father.‘ To remember one’s Father, the one Who cares for me, is responsible for me, Who is teaching me to walk, talk, eat, Who is guiding me should be the easiest thing to do and yet, the remembrance slips away. Why? because here, I cannot see the Father with these physical eyes. He is also extremely subtle. But Baba says, ‘you don’t have to see, you simply have to recognize and realize.’ Have I truly recognized the Father in His ordinary form? have I realized that He is here, now, as my Father, practically?

To remember Him is to imbibe His directions. The Father teaches me the spiritual drill. He says, ‘you must practice the drill. The problem is you don’t instill this practice of teaching yourself the drill. Those who practice this drill first experience a lot of pain and find it difficult, but those who have developed this practice cannot stay without performing this drill.‘ The spiritual drill for the intellect is to practice staying in the various forms of the soul- in the seed stage, as the deity form, the worship-worthy form, the Brahmin form and the angelic form. I have to practice this drill to such an extent that I can stabilize my intellect in whatever form for as long as I want, whenever I want and wherever I am. At first, the remembrance will slip away frequently, my head might feel heavy or I experience one or the other obstacle coming before me; the process will feel frustrating but let me not give up.

‘This is just what Maya does, you mustn’t become afraid’, He explains. She first breaks the yoga of the intellect before she attacks me. Just as the enemy first cuts all the telephone and radio connections, similarly, Maya too first cuts off the connection of the intellect through which light, might, powers and company of knowledge flow. When these are stopped, then I become unconscious i.e. go from being soul conscious to body conscious. ‘In order to protect yourself from this, you need to pay constant attention to the intellect; only then will you easily become a constant yogi’, He says. Let me keep chipping away and slowly, the amount of time I can stay connected will increase.

‘It won’t be possible to attain the fortune of the kingdom without this practice’, says Baba. ‘Those who find this practice difficult will also find the attainment difficult. This is why you must make this practice constant and easy at this time. Those who have such practice will be visible to many souls as those who give the practical vision of BapDada.’

It is also worth checking, Baba teaches, that if I am unable to have remembrance, then where else is my intellect engaged at that time? ‘It must definitely be engaged in enjoying something that would give you temporary happiness through the senses‘, He points out, ‘but that will rob you of your permanent attainment.‘ Am I still hustling for temporary name, fame and success in the old world even after having found God? A look back at old or recent history, anywhere in the world, in any area, will reveal that the kings, people in authority or even wealthy people lost everything when they got so engrossed in enjoying temporary material things; they forgot their original task of ruling, they forgot their own right. Similarly, Baba explains, when I forget to have yoga, I too forget my own right. It is my right to experience God’s pure, selfless love after half a cycle of selfish love. It is my right to be a self-sovereign after half a cycle of stumbling, begging, asking, and pleading. As long as I continue to rely on material things for my enjoyment, as long as there is still intoxication of material pursuits and accomplishments, Baba explains, there cannot be yoga. ‘This is why‘, He says, ‘you find it difficult.’

A hatha yogi fixes a time to keep his organs, either his leg or arm, stable for a fixed time; he would keep his leg or arm either up or down for a certain length of time; he would keep his head raised or lowered for a certain time. However, they have copied you, points out Baba, but they have copied you incorrectly. The Father has taught you to sit by having one thought in your intellect; they stand on one leg. The Father says: ‘I don’t give you any difficulty, constantly remain in front of the Sun of Knowledge and don’t turn away from Him.’ Hatha yogis do things by force but you do it with a right. That is why that is difficult and this is easy. ‘Now, continue to increase this practice‘, He teaches; ‘stabilize in one thought, one awareness and one form. Then, there will be victory.

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