The true story of becoming Narayan

Baba says, ‘Your deep concern is to salvage the sunken boat of the world and to tell the true story of becoming Narayan and the story of immortality to everyone, so that they can all make progress.’

On the path of bhakti, for birth after birth, I have been listening to false stories; now, God Himself comes and tells me the true story. He comes and relates to me the story of the true Narayan, the story of immortality. Only this is the true story because through listening to i.e. imbibing this story, I actually become the true Narayan; whereas through listening to those stories of bhakti, I only continued to fall further down.

This story of the true Narayan is the story of Bharat which is to say, it is my story. ‘You children understand that you are changing from human beings into deities, from ordinary man into Narayan.’, Baba reminds me. It is called a religious story because 5000 years ago too, I studied this knowledge. That which is past is called a story. These, Baba explains, are the true teachings to change from an ordinary man into Narayan. When I imbibe them, I become immortal. God Himself comes at this most auspicious confluence age to relate this story to Brahmins; He says: ‘I didn’t create this world, I created heaven! Then, you were free, you were masters of that world! This now is the land of death. It is now to be destroyed and land of immortality is to be re-established.’

Truly there was heaven in Bharat; it used to be the kingdom of Lakshmi and Narayan, the rulers of the sun dynasty. There was unlimited peace, happiness and contentment there, not even a trace of unhappiness existed. Everyone was a deity, they were completely viceless. They existed 5000 years ago but such is their greatness that there are images and many temples to them even today at the end of the iron age. There were palaces studded with diamonds and jewels there. Indeed it was the golden age! souls were like pure gold and everything else a reflection of that purity. The golden age lasted for 1250 years and then came the silver age, which also lasted for 1250 years. There, we were in the kingdom of Rama and Sita, the rulers of the moon dynasty. At the beginning of the golden age, there were 900,000 souls which grew to 20 million by the end of that age. We took 8 births there before coming into the silver age where we took another 12 births. While the purity of souls diminished slightly, we continued to experience nothing but happiness and comfort. The population grew further and by the end of the silver age, there were 33 million souls. During this time of 2500 years, there was just one religion – the original deity religion of peace.

What happened then? Well, the kingdom of Ravan began. Then what happened?

All those palaces studded with diamonds and jewels went down below in the earthquakes. Of course, there were no earthquakes during the golden and silver ages! Earthquakes took place when the people of Bharat became vicious and the kingdom of Ravan began. From pure, everyone became impure and nature revolted through natural calamities. They say that golden Lanka went down below. Some things must have remained with which they built temples etc. The path of devotion began as souls having recognized that something is wrong, called out to the Father. However, everything new must become old, must go through the stages of sato, rajo and tamo. And so Bharat continued to fall; from being vicelss yogis, souls became vicious bhogis who indulged in sensual pleasures. Sorrow increased and lifespans decreased. As were the king and queen, so were the subjects, they too became vicious. In response to the call for truth, religious founders came and established their various religions. The intoxication of nectar finished and fighting and quarreling began. This was the copper age. We began to fall in the copper age and became even more vicious in the iron age.

We continued bhakti which like everything else, became degraded. We made stone idols of Ganesh and Hanuman. We became those with stone intellects and began to worship stone. We believed that God exists in the pebbles and stones. By our doing all of this, the condition of Bharat has become like it is today, worth not a penny!, explains the Father. Both the copper and iron ages are also each 1250 years in duration with 21 births in the copper age and 42 births in the iron age. Population continued to grow and abundance turned into famine and drought. The land of happiness is now the land of sorrow, that same heaven now is hell.

And so the cycle of world history and geography turns! This is my final birth of this cycle of 5000 years that is about to end. It is now the most elevated, auspicious confluence age. God Himself comes into the drama to play His part on this physical stage. His is the most elevated part: of world transformation through the transformation of souls. He does it by teaching souls Raja Yoga. It is through this study that Lakshmi and Narayan became who they are and attained world sovereignty. He alone is the Ocean of Knowledge and the Purifier. The Father now says: ‘Renounce poison, drink nectar and become pure and claim your kingdom. Renounce poison and you will change from humans into deities.’ But most souls don’t recognize the Father in His ordinary form and continue to drink poison. This was why Draupadi called out for protection, explains the Father. ‘You have to understand that it is not possible to become deities without drinking nectar. Ravan didn’t exist in the golden age.’

Unless I become elevated, I cannot go to heaven. It was I who was once the most elevated creation of God; I have now become corrupt. When I drink the nectar of knowledge, I once again become elevated. The Father says: ‘Constantly remember Me alone!’ When I do, the alloy melts away and I once again turn to pure gold. This, Baba says, is the true story of the true Narayan. It is such an easy story! We were definitely deities, then we became warriors, then merchants and shudras. Now, because you have become impure and corrupt, Baba says, you don’t consider yourselves to be deities and call yourselves Hindus instead. From having an elevated religion and performing elevated actions, you became irreligious and performed degraded actions. Now, the Father is here to make things right again.

Each of you souls has now received the third eye of knowledge, He says. You were beautiful and worthy of worship and you became worshippers during the cycle of 84 births. The Father says: I am ever worthy of worship. I come and change you from worshippers and make you worthy of worship again.

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