Only when there is faith, there is victory

Baba says, ‘You understand that Baba is teaching us in order to make us into the masters of the world.’

As I am going along on this spiritual path, there are times when it seems like I simply don’t get what I am being taught. Baba is telling me to do something or change something and I want nothing more than to do what He is asking me but it seems that the harder I try, the more I fail. ‘Have I lost the game? Maybe this is it…this is as high as I can climb? Could I perhaps be the hardest student Baba’s had to work with? Will I ever be useful to God in this lifetime or will I always be His problem child?’

Baba says, ‘if you want to be part of the rosary of victory, become those whose intellects have the faith that the incorporeal Father is teaching us and He will take us back with Him. Do not allow any doubt about this to come.’ Let me not forget Who is teaching me! Yes, He is Baba but Baba is God Himself and God never fails! He is the Purifier and He specializes in taking the worst case scenario and turning it into the best case scenario, in taking complete hell and turning it into heaven, in taking thorns and turning it into fragrant flowers. This is also why He is called the Magician. Let me realize that I am not a surprise to God, He knew what He was getting when He got me; He adopted me i.e. He chose me out of billions of souls, after careful consideration, to be His child and student. Even in bhakti, there is the praise of the procession of Shiva, that it comprised of the stone intellected, the completely vicious, the hunchbacked, etc. He doesn’t choose the ‘perfect’ people of the world to be His children, He chooses imperfect people with a honest heart turned toward Him. This is also why He is called the Lord of the Poor.

He never fails because He is faithful. He knows that He has been victorious in bringing about transformation countless times before. He never gets caught up in self-doubt: ‘how come this child doesn’t get what I teach her! Am I just a bad teacher? Maybe I’m not God after all…’ Neither does He think: ‘this child is a mistake, let Me go focus on someone else…’ No, He has a faithful intellect that has faith in Himself, in me and in the Drama. Even when I lose faith, He doesn’t; His faith pulls me up. His vision for me always remains elevated and faith-filled: ‘this is the same victorious child of the previous cycle…’. He doesn’t just say it, He knows it and means it. He also doesn’t get impatient or frustrated that things aren’t moving fast enough. He knows that the Drama is accurate, it’s timing is accurate; it’s just a matter of certain clicks, signals in the Drama and things will fall into place. So He never imposes on the soul, He works with the soul, respecting it’s pace, giving it time to realize.

Do I have such a faithful intellect as well? because that’s what makes me victorious. Just like Baba, do I have faith in the Father i.e. do I truly know Him and have I accepted Him in the part He is playing? Do I have faith in the knowledge the Father is giving me as the Teacher? Do I have faith in myself, in my own elevated fortune? and do I have faith in this present, most elevated, auspicious time of ascent in the cycle? To have faith in all these aspects, practically in my life, is known as being victorious by having faith in the intellect. And when asked, I would say: ‘Of course, I have faith in all of these aspects’ but check, says Baba, to what extent.

Yes, I have faith in the Father but to what extent? Do I really believe deeply in my bones that God Himself is in-charge of me? That God is purifying me? Do I really deeply know His nature, as He is? That He will never ever leave me or forsake me, that He doesn’t for a moment doubt my ability, that He doesn’t just love me but that He cherishes me as His most prized possession? That He will not rest until He has taken my boat across? I can never ever be a disappointment to God even for a second. God is not an iron-aged human being to judge me based on my performance, He is my eternal Father. He knows and understands the journey I’ve been on, the conditioning I was subjected to even better than I know myself; He knows where the toxins and tumors are within the soul and equally importantly, He knows how to get them out. My effort: stay in faith and stay out of His way. That means, no questions, complaints, sulking, feeling disheartened, shameful or regretful; just faithful.

If I have faith in the knowledge He is giving me, then I will not just understand it and relate it to others but will move along in that way. God is telling me that I am a pure soul…so I am; God is telling me that I am a deity soul, the master of heaven….so I am; God is telling me that I am a bestower, not a taker…so I am; God is telling me that I am an image of support to the world, so I am. If I have faith in God as my Teacher, then I will have faith in the knowledge He is giving me. I will then start there i.e. will accept it and become it. Only if I have truly accepted my being a deity soul as the truth will I even make that my awareness and then that awareness will bring about transformation in my behavior. But if I simply think that it’s a nice idea, something I simply enjoy listening to, then it will be hard to change.

I have God as my Father, Teacher and Guide, a fortune that is fixed in the Drama, a time that is ascending….how can I possibly fail?

But if I don’t cultivate a faithful intellect, then I will get to the destination having lived in fear, having battled and feeling tired. A faithful intellect is a victorious intellect, I don’t move toward victory, I am already victorious; I am working from a place of victory. I know success is my birthright! I know and behave as a child of God with rights! I will therefore never ever experience myself to be alone in any task. Even if it feels like the whole world is against me, I have the faith that the Father is on my side. Yes, I made the mistakes, it was my sanskar that acted up and pushed people away…..but that’s okay. It’s all a part of the process of change. Let me stay strong with the Father. Where the Father is, the whole tree is with the Father, through enabling change in me, He will enable the situation to change. A victorious soul will not be afraid and think weak thoughts such as: ‘Baba, You are with me, right Baba? You will help Me, won’t You Baba? Now, I only have You Baba..’ This, Baba points out, is not faith and it is selfish. I don’t need to go to the Father and remind Him that He is my Support at the time of need. Let me live life in that constant awareness. Then, no matter what, I will always be dancing in happiness.

So now, have this subtle checking, says Baba, and become one with full faith in all aspects. Only when there is faith, victory is guaranteed.

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