Have patience o mind

Baba says, ‘Have patience, O mind! Your days of happiness are about to come.’

It is Ravan’s world. Every day, there are many, many instances where I might think: ‘I can’t believe that just happened…’, ‘can this too happen!’. Brother turns against brother, best friends betray each other, children turn their backs on their parents, there is sexual assault, domestic violence, and co-workers who are busy one-upping each other for that next promotion. But that’s still the outside world, they suffer from the illness of ignorance. But even amid the children who have recognized God, there is disunity, jealousy, hustle to build the ‘bigger center’, to have the ‘most students’, to get into so and so’s good books; there are some who are treated as ‘VIP’s and others who are dismissed as ordinary…all the while when preaching ‘equality’. If I am not careful, I see and hear all this and allow it into my heart. I take sorrow from it, bury my head in my hands and say: ‘Baba, please take me away from here quickly…’.

Baba says, ‘Have patience…

Only the one Father is the Remover of Sorrow and the Bestower of Happiness and therefore only He can ask me to have patience. These are the days, He reminds me, when souls attain liberation and liberation-in-life, that is, these are the days when I am liberated from the iron-aged impure world. But, He says, you experience this to the extent that you have faith– in Who is teaching me and in what He is telling me. Not everyone feels this assurance in their bones that indeed, we are now to be liberated from this world of sorrow and will go to our land of happiness. When will I feel this assurance? when I follow Shrimat. Because then, I see myself transform and become pure. Where there is purity, there is power, strength, and a desire to serve.

You are not sannyasis’, the Father reminds me, ‘to look at the impurity in the world and want to run away.’ Purity is not running away, purity is when I can live in the midst of impurity and serve it. It’s when I see and hear everything but rather than judge, turn up my nose, or be amazed by it, I remain detached. When I can remain detached, I am able to be loving. I co-operate with my virtues- radiate peace, coolness, joy and contentment wherever I go. Others experience soul conscious love through my vision, unconditional acceptance through my attitude and co-operation through my behavior. This, is purity. This, is power.

God comes and says: ‘Now, have patience..’. He says this to the whole world but only a few hear Him and understand Him, according to the effort they make. Only those who love Him would have patience. It’s easy to want to run away from the world but it takes a great deal of pure love for the Father to remain unshakable and say: ‘I want to stick around until the very end and be God’s helper.‘ He came and liberated me from the prison of Ravan, He gave me the light of knowledge and dispelled the darkness of ignorance. With that light I set forth on the pilgrimage of remembrance- remembering who I really am, remembering Whose child I am and the cycle of time. I realize that I, the soul, the child of the Supreme Soul am not from this world; I reside with my Father in the Sweet Silence Home. I realize that in fact, I am an actor by profession and came down to this world stage 5000 years ago to play my part in this unlimited drama. Now, the story or the drama comes to an end. It is about to be the curtain call. Once all souls have come on the stage and taken their bow, so to speak, the curtain will come down and we’ll all fly home with the Father. Immediately, I have patience.

It is not human beings who are told ‘Have patience o mind’, Baba says, because the mind and intellect are in the soul and so it’s souls that are told this. Unless I see myself as a soul rather than as a body or a role, I will not be able to spin the discus i.e. remember the cycle. Unless I remember the cycle, I cannot attain patience. ‘There is no question of blessings or mercy in this‘, says Baba, ‘the Father sits here and teaches you easy yoga for self-sovereignty.‘ When I study well, my faith increases that indeed, I am receiving my inheritance of sovereignty of the land of happiness from the Father. I thereby receive lasting, imperishable patience. Some say: ‘but you don’t know how hard it is for me. I’m not talking about the world, my own children are off track, how can I have patience!’ Baba says, ‘look at Me!’ He has thousands, hundreds of thousands of children; some children even create upheaval; some are worthy, some not so much; some do service and others do disservice. Does Baba become afraid then? So, He says, neither should you. You should continue to live at home with your family, this is not hatha yoga, this is Raja yoga, He stresses. Yours is unlimited renunciation.

Some think: ‘well, if only I could have a vision, that would give me assurance..’ Baba says, you don’t need to see, you simply have to recognize and realize. This is something to be understood with your intellect. If you do need to see, see the pictures, He says. There is the picture of cycle, the tree and that of Lakshmi and Narayan. Sit in front of these pictures and churn the knowledge. Look in the mirror of that knowledge and see to what extent you have imbibed the divine virtues. The Father gives me a lot of patience…He says, ‘you now have to study well. Never doubt your destiny, that you will become world sovereigns. You have become this countless times before and will become this again.’ Sure, it’s realization in a second but it takes time to claim my full inheritance. Depending upon how well I study, I will claim sovereignty to that extent. Baba says, ‘make effort like the mother and father. It is understood that not everyone will be seated on the throne but you still have to be inspired to race.’ He says, ‘have patience o mind…’

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