Father shows son and son shows Father

Baba says, ‘Father shows son and son shows Father; use your intellects for only this.’

I am a soul and my Father is the Supreme Soul Who is the Father of all. Most accept this; they don’t say that the Father of all of us souls are different. The Father of all is One. Everyone says this but most don’t know Him. So they live like orphans. The Father comes and gives His own introduction at His own time. He comes at this auspicious confluence age and adopts souls and makes them belong to Him. He is incorporeal, does not have a body or image of His own. But He comes and takes the body of Brahma on loan and adopts me as His child. ‘It isn’t hard to become the child of God, is it?‘, He asks. All I have to do is recognize Him in His ordinary form and say: ‘My Baba!’, that’s it. The Father says, ‘My child‘ and the adoption is sealed.

Now because I am His child, I understand His occupation. I won’t say that God is omnipresent. He is my Father! how can He possibly be in everyone, in the pebbles and stones!? I also wouldn’t say that He is beyond name and form; nothing is beyond name and form. Even as an incorporeal soul, He has a name and form- His name is Shiv and His form is a point of light. He is known by many more names based on the activity He performs at this time. For example, He is called Babulnath, the One Who changes thorns into flowers. This proves His actually does come and do something, hence He and His activity are remembered. His birthday is also celebrated as Shivratri in Bharat. As His child I receive practical sustenance from Him- He loves and feeds me, takes care of me. He becomes my Teacher and teaches me Raja Yoga, the study through which I, the soul, claim my sovereignty. He also becomes my Satguru and gives me Shrimat, the elevated directions, to become pure. This is the inheritance I receive from Him: When I follow His shrimat, I become just like Him. He is the Ocean of Love, I become the master ocean of love; He is the Ocean of Knowledge, I become the master ocean of knowledge. Other people in the world might also call Him the Ocean of Love but they don’t understand or experience it as I do.

Some people might even ask: ‘you say that your stage in the incorporeal world is beyond happiness and sorrow. So how come the the Father is called the Ocean of Happiness or Love? Where would happiness or love come from there?’ This is why it is important to recognize and realize that the Father comes here, to this corporeal world, in a corporeal body to give this inheritance to His children. When the Ocean of Happiness comes into this corporeal world, He comes and gives me happiness. Otherwise, the incorporeal world is indeed the world beyond happiness and sorrow. And the other world is the world of happiness, where there is constant happiness and bliss, it is called heaven. This is the world of sorrow which is called hell, the iron-aged world. Now the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, the Ocean of Happiness, comes and changes this iron-aged world and makes it into a treasure store of bliss, happiness and love, where there is nothing but happiness and more happiness, love and more love. There, even animals have a lot of love. So the kingdom that God, the Father, comes and establishes has happiness and bliss.

However, right now, there is sorrow in blood connections. Everyone is at the end of their journey through the cycle, everyone is impure and so Baba says, ‘forget your body and all your bodily connections and remember Me alone.’ This doesn’t mean that He wants me to become a sannyasi, just the opposite. He wants me to continue to live at home and fulfill my roles and responsibilities….but as a trustee. He wants me to live at home like a lotus, detached from the emotional baggage i.e. without expectations, judgments, etc. Then, that allows me to be loving to all, no matter what.

Baba says, ‘you die alive from the old world and come into my lap. You are my beloved sons. My bliss, happiness and love are yours because you have renounced that world and come to Me.‘ I come and sit in His lap in my practical life and allow Him, as my Father, Teacher and Satguru, to mold me and make me like Him; I become elevated. Hence, it is sung: Father shows son. The Father shows the son how to be. In the world, gurus adopt people but it isn’t true adoption because they are not called ‘beloved sons’, they don’t even become true followers because they don’t really follow the guru. There is therefore the difference of night and day between what the Father does and what the gurus do.

In the world, a father expects his children to take care of him in his old age. Here, this Father doesn’t want anything from me. But when I study well from Him, when I emulate Him and become the master ocean of all His virtues and powers, then the world takes notice. They say: ‘this person is truly God like, they are an angel’. That is how I reveal the Father and hence it is sung: son shows Father.

He is the Seed and I am the tree. I start out as a tiny sapling, I receive all the nourishment from the Seed, I grow and become a tree. Let me become a tree that bears fruit; the fruits reveal the Seed.

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