Be a salesman in Shiv Baba’s shop

Baba says, ‘In order to claim a high status, be a good salesman in Shiv Baba’s shop.’

This is Ravan’s world, the iron age, and it is full of souls who are stumbling in the darkness of ignorance. Then there are those souls who are fortunate enough to be in the confluence age. The people in the iron age don’t even know of the confluence but I do.

I know that God is here right now and that He is giving me the jewels of knowledge. I receive these jewels daily- they remind me of who I am, help me understand who the Father is. It shines a light so that I can clearly see the difference between myth and reality- what I knew about God during my time in bhakti was so wrong! He is now giving me His true introduction. I know that God isn’t an angry God, I know I don’t have to fear Him, prostrate myself before Him or try to impress Him with my perfect behavior. Instead, I find out how merciful, innocent, loving, caring and helpful He is. I find out that in fact, God is my eternal Father and that the peace, happiness, contentment that I’d been begging Him for, is in fact my inheritance, my birthright. I go from being an orphan and a beggar to a child with rights. Sure, I did stand in front of the idol and sing: ‘You are my Mother and Father…’ during bhakti too but I didn’t really know Him nor have a relationship with Him. And I certainly didn’t know Brahma! He is my mother, my elder brother and my father. And Shiv Baba, God, is my eternal Father Who also becomes my Teacher and Satguru at this time, practically.

I am reminded of all of this daily- it gives me the courage and strength I need to face each day. In the jewels, I find the zeal and enthusiasm I need to perform my daily activities. I find the companionship while I go about the day. When I make a mistake, I know I’m forgiven and still loved; I learn from the mistake and move on. When obstacles come my way, I have the knowledge and the power to say: ‘Nothing new!‘ and keep on marching. At any given moment, I have the faith that I am never alone, that my Father is right there with me.

But most of my brothers and sisters don’t know any of this because they are still in Ravan’s cottage of sorrow in the iron age. As a Brahmin, it is my duty to be God’s helper and give to my brothers what my Father has given me – His true introduction- so that they too can have what I have; so they too live life carefree, happy, light, courageous, faith-filled and full of zeal and enthusiasm. ‘Everyone has an equal right to claim their inheritance, this knowledge is not just for you‘, Baba reminds me. The worthy children will be good salesman of the Father’s shop and do the business of these jewels of knowledge, He says. It is the worthy children who become His helpers and climb onto the Father’s heart-throne. It is one thing to be ignorant but to know and still not share this knowledge with others is unforgiveable. ‘You have to imbibe these imperishable jewels of knowledge and also inspire other to imbibe them‘, He teaches.

Some people think that they have insured themselves, that they will receive the reward for that. ‘Here‘, He says, ‘you have to donate to many.‘ Become philanthropists like the Father; if you don’t know how to do this business, then how would you be called the children of the Businessman, He asks! When a businessman sees that a salesman is clever, he offers him a partnership; you cannot receive a partnership just like that!, He says. By doing this business, my intellect becomes humble, it become refined. The more I relate this knowledge to others, the more I clarify it for myself- it’s a win-win. ‘Charity begins at home. Go and explain these points to your friends and relatives. Uplift your home. This is a law. ‘, He instructs. You also have to invent ways to explain to the sages and holy men. Ultimately, they will understand that the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, cannot be omnipresent. Some will definitely wake up and come, where else would they go? There is only one shop!, says Baba. Explain using the pictures of the tree and the cycle how the degrees of purity decrease through the cycle and how it is now the time to ascend and become pure again, He teaches. But you must become soul conscious to be able to do this, He points out. As long as I am body conscious, I will be trapped in: ‘but what will they think of me…’, ‘people will laugh at me if they find out I am a BK…’, ‘I’m too busy, I don’t have the time for all this…’ etc.

Through this knowledge, people become diamonds from shells, princes from beggars, fragrant flowers from thorns. This is the inheritance, He says. Now, anyone can come and study. When the haystack is set ablaze, people will wake up but then it will be too late. They then shouldn’t complain that they were not informed that God was here and giving away the inheritance. So do your duty and give the message to everyone, says the Merciful Father. No child of Mine should be left behind.

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