The greatest wealth needed is sympathy

Baba says, ‘In today’s world, there are many with wealth, but the greatest wealth that is needed is sympathy.’ 

BapDada is the Ocean of Virtues but there is one virtue that people of all religions remember and that is sympathy or mercy. All souls want mercy which, in their own language, they also refer to as blessings. ‘This does not apply to just BapDada but this is what souls expect from you elevated souls as well’, points out Baba, ‘you are the master oceans of mercy.‘ Even in the last birth, all that devotees want from you is a moment’s drishti filled with mercy. They say: ‘Have a little mercy for me too!’ In fact, to be religious is to be merciful and compassionate. To be the elevated souls of the original, eternal and ancient religion means to consider myself a dharmatma, a religious and righteous soul, and so my main dharna has to be to have feelings and vision of mercy and compassion, for myself, for the Brahmin family and for all souls of the world.

Whichever souls you come into contact with, whether they are ignorant or enlightened, do you have this vision of mercy for all of them constantly throughout the day?‘, asks Baba.

More often than not, I also have other types of vision for them mixed in. But no matter what types of souls come into contact with me, no matter what types of sanskars they might have, my feelings and vision of mercy and compassion for them, Baba says, have the power to change stone into water. Souls in opposition will change into those who embrace me. The conflict of sanskars would end. The fire of anger would be extinguished by the coolness of mercy and a new relationship would be forged. Such is the power of mercy! ‘Those who have feelings of mercy would be constantly incorporeal, viceless and egoless,’ says Baba: ‘incorporeal in thoughts, viceless in words and egoless in actions.‘ Such souls are called merciful and compassionate.

My original, eternal and imperishable sanskars are those of a bestower, of being merciful. For half a cycle, I am a deity who bestows. From the copper age onwards too, Baba reminds me, ‘your non-living images are of deities who bestow.’ Therefore, my sanskars throughout the cycle are those of a bestower. So then, reasons Baba, why is it hard to become a bestower, to be merciful at this time of the cycle when souls need it the most? Instead of being a bestower, I often become a taker or someone who wants: ‘I will forgive when they apologize…’, ‘why should I be the one who always adjusts..’ Baba says, ‘don’t become those who keep score of how many times you showed mercy or did something. Simply keep being who you are! keep giving!’ A bestower bestows because that is their quality, they don’t keep score. Children of the Merciful Father don’t count in this way, says Baba, become emperors! Emperors are constantly merciful and keep giving. ‘Whether someone behaves well or not, you have to only have good wishes and pure feelings.’ This is what is meant by having feelings and vision of mercy and compassion. No matter how big a household might be, how contentious things might be, it simply takes one person to be the merciful bestower and the atmosphere will change, teaches Baba. ‘Just a drop of mercy‘, He says, ‘will end all the problems of the whole Brahmin family and uplift the world from sorrow.‘ It is the greatest wealth needed at this time in the cycle.

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