Study and teach others according to shrimat

Baba says, ‘you have to study and teach others according to shrimat.’

It takes faith to follow Shrimat- faith in Who is teaching me. God Himself teaches me at this auspicious confluence age. Only by following the Shrimat that the Father gives me will I become elevated. I have become impure from following devilish directions for half a cycle. Only by following shrimat will I once again become pure and return to the incorporeal world. Then, when I return, I will adopt a new body in the new world. I have this faith.

Therefore, based on this faith, I need only have one concern- to study what the Father is teaching me well and claim a high status in the new world. The Father comes every cycle at this same time and teaches me the same study, I too study from the Father this same study at this same time. It is up to me how much I imbibe what He teaches me. ‘You must make very good effort, you must never sulk with the study’, He teaches. If I don’t get on with someone, that doesn’t mean I have to stop studying. Fighting and quarreling have no connection with the study. It is said: those who study well will become lords, those who fight and quarrel will not. Baba says, ‘you are establishing your own kingdom based on shrimat. Each one should therefore be concerned about your own progress.’ The Father’s #1 direction is to consider myself a soul and remember Him alone. ‘Only then will your sins be absolved, there is no other way’, He teaches. I also have to imbibe divine virtues. If I want to become like Lakshmi and Narayan, I first need to have the faith that it was the Father Who made them like that. He says: ‘You were the ones who ruled the kingdom, you are the ones who have to become like them again.’ I need this faith.

The iron age will not continue all the time; after the iron age, the golden age has to come. This cycle definitely continues to turn. I need this faith. There were few people in the golden age, so there will now definitely have to be few people again. To be among those few, I need to recognize the Father but in order to claim a high status, I need to also study what He is teaching me well. I only get to study this study one time in the whole cycle at this confluence age. I need this faith.

The Father comes as the Father, Teacher and Satguru, I need this faith. Based on this faith, He says, you definitely have to reform your character. People do say: ‘Everyone’s character is spoilt.’ but unfortunately, they don’t know what a good character is. ‘You must study well and teach others’, He instructs. You can explain that the character of deities was very good, that is our blueprint. They never caused anyone sorrow. Indeed when someone’s behavior is very good, they say: ‘so and so is like a goddess; her words are so sweet!’ The Father says: ‘I am making you into deities, so you have to become sweet.’ Whatever someone is, he would make me the same. The Father is the Saccharine, very sweet and among human-beings, there cannot be anyone as sweet as the deities. I need this faith in order to become sweet. He is also the Supreme Teacher and so I have to become a teacher as well.

‘You are the Shiv Shakti and Pandava army, you are the guides to the blind’, He says, ‘you have to show everyone the path.’ I don’t need to leave home and settle in the center for this. In fact, service is more impactful when I do it while living at home because others can relate to me better. It takes one person in every household to study the knowledge and imbibe the virtues: ‘I have to study well and become clever so that I can make the members of my family the same as me and bring them with me.’ The main thing, the Father reminds me, is ‘to consider yourself a soul and remember Me, your Father.’ Those who have the wings of knowledge and yoga cannot remain without benefitting others, without giving others what they have found, says Baba. It is when there is no yoga, that’s when I get slapped by Maya in different ways. One such way is when after some time on the path, I develop arrogance and think: ‘this doesn’t sound like Shiv Baba’s direction, this sounds like Brahma’s direction.’ and so I don’t follow it. If I were to have the faith that only Shiv Baba gives me directions, then I would never fluctuate. The next faith: whatever Shiv Baba explains is right. He can never make a mistake. When I say and sing: ‘you are the Mother and Father, Teacher and Guru’, then I should definitely follow His shrimat! I have to obey whatever He tells me. When I do, then I am His responsibility. The Father and Dada are together, I have this faith. Even if the direction did come from Brahma, if I obey it, it is still Shiv Baba’s responsibility; so I have nothing to be confused about.

Baba says, ‘continue to do whatever shrimat tells you, don’t follow the dictates of others. Remember that you are establishing your own kingdom according to shrimat. You have the experience of following your own dictates for a long time and you now have shrimat. So now judge for yourself: what do you rather follow?’

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