Only the One is my Baba

Baba says, ‘Simply continue to experience, ‘Only the One is my Baba.’ This is full knowledge.

I am a soul, not the body. I, the soul have taken 84 births in this world cycle and have taken on a different body in each birth. I, the soul have thus also had a different bodily father in each birth. But the father of I, the soul, is always just the One. Only the One is my Baba. The essence of this knowledge if to realize this truth, accept this truth and experience this truth, practically. While Shiv Baba is my Father throughout the cycle, He takes on a corporeal body only at this time, at the very end and sustains me practically. That is why this time is celebrated as the great confluence– the meeting of God with His long lost and now found children. He comes to this physical plane, takes the support of Brahma’s body and speaks to me, listens to me, embraces me, eats with me, walks with me, shops with me, plays with me…He is with me at every second, at every step. He becomes involved, as a father would, in every tiniest aspect of my life. Yes, He has an opinion about what I can eat, watch, wear, see, hear, speak, and all the rest. He is my very own Father, my Baba.

Even Gandhiji was called Bapuji but He is the bapu of all of Bharat, the father of the nation. It wasn’t as though Gandhiji knew each one who called him bapu; he didn’t even know their name, let alone anything more. That was a title given to him out of respect for what he did for the nation. This Father is my own personal Father, He is my real Father. Sure, He too is remembered as the Father of all Souls and He is, but, He is each soul’s own father, He is my Baba. He lives with me and fulfills the relationship with me. He knows everything about me, not just of this one birth but of every birth I have taken. He reminds me of it- ‘see your elevated part in the whole cycle’, He says. ‘You are no ordinary soul, you are My child, you are just like Me.‘ I hear that and will either shrink back in shame or experience pure intoxication – depends on my consciousness. If I still consider myself as the bodily role I am playing now, identify as the bodily name, title, relationships etc., then, I will have a really hard time accepting what He is telling me about me and accepting Him as my Father. But if I consider myself as the eternal soul, the point of light, the actor who has played many roles around the cycle, then I am ecstatic to be reunited with my Father, to be home, to be loved by Him, to be looked after by Him, to be reminded of who I am and who I am to Him. God is my own Baba, He is my Father, personally, practically.

But despite this, some children complain that they stay in remembrance and yet don’t receive the Father’s love, don’t experience His sustenance. The Father is the Ocean of Love, He is my Baba and so it is impossible that I have yoga with Him and yet remain deprived of His love. However, the method to attain love is to remain detached. Until I become detached from the body and bodily relations, I cannot receive His love. Because He is connecting with me, the soul and if I am seated in the consciousness of the body, then there is a dis-connect. This is why there should be no attachment with anyone or anything else that comes with the territory of body consciousness: ‘my son’, ‘my husband/wife’, ‘my job’, ‘my status’, ‘my bank balance’, ‘my reputation/image’, ‘my talents’, ‘my accomplishments’ etc. If there is attachment, it must only be with the Father in all relationships. ‘Don’t just say it but actually experience ‘Mine is the one Father and none other’, He says. ‘Eat, drink and go to sleep but do it with love for the one Father. That is, become detached.‘ As far as talents and accomplishments, the funny thing is, I found out about these talents after Baba came and awakened them in me; similarly, I accomplished whatever I did after He enabled me to. Before He came, I wasn’t even aware of my talents or what I was capable of! But the moment I used my God given talent and accomplished something and received the recognition, I eagerly lapped it all up as ‘mine’. ‘This, is a sin‘, He says. ‘It isn’t yours, the Father gave it to you.’ To be attached to the talent or the accomplishment when I could be attached to the One Who gave them all to me, is to be silly.

I have had half a cycle’s worth of experience being attached to limited supports- whether people, things or labels- and there were only attainments of sorrow and peacelessness. ‘Since you have heard, tasted and seen everything, how can you choose that poison again!?’, asks Baba, ‘therefore remain constantly detached and loving to the Father.’ Baba always says: ‘Keep “My Baba” hidden inside you in such a way that no one can remove Him from there. He is the Baba of my heart.‘ ‘You have labored enough for half the cycle. Now BapDada has come to liberate you from all the laboring’, He says, ‘the easy way to do this is to simply remember: ‘My Baba’. With this one expression, all the other mines that cause sorrow will finish. Just continue to say ‘Baba, Baba’ and you will continue to swing comfortably in the swing of happiness.’ I’ve had many bodily fathers but none of them knew me, the soul. Only my true Father does and He is here with me now. All I have to do is realize, accept and experience. He says: ‘constantly stay comfortable in remembrance of the Father. Simply remember: ‘My Baba”. I was searching for my true identity and belonging. I find it in the experience of ‘My Baba’. This is the full knowledge.

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