Win the lottery

Baba says, ‘In order to win the lottery of a royal status in the golden age, pay full attention to yourself. See that there are no evil spirits within you.’

In order to claim a royal status in the golden age, I need to be powerful. But even within the powers, the two special powers I need to develop mastery over are the controlling and ruling powers. On the basis of both these powers, I will be able to play a constantly elevated part.

Just as I am able to use physical things with a right, that is I can use them when I want, how I want and for as long as I want, similarly, use all the virtues with a right, teaches Baba. That means that I have the ability to use the body for what I want, however long I want; come into interaction with others i.e. the bodily relationships and connections whenever and for as long I need. But also that when I want to be detached, I can go beyond in a second. It shouldn’t be, Baba says, that the relationship or the awareness of the body pulls me even against my will. Connections and relationships of the body shouldn’t attract me toward themselves i.e. there should be no attachment, even in thought. Sometimes, I am attached to the body and to the relations, but I draw away out of compulsion or out of fear of what BapDada or the family will say. So while externally, I put on a show of being ‘detached’, inside, the relationship keeps pulling me in thoughts and I battle. This, Baba points out, is not called controlling power. To destroy attachment is to go beyond the pull, the bondages of attractions, expectations and all its progeny. Only when I have such controlling power can I claim the ruling power now as well as in the future, explains Baba.

Only when I claim a right over my inner kingdom can I expect to be able to claim a right over the future kingdom of heaven! So, like Narad, look in the mirror of your heart and judge for yourself, He says, if you will be a ruler in the future or not. Check, He says: Am I subservient to any sense organs?, do I invoke any evil spirits into me? The five vices are the evil spirits. When I invoke an evil spirit, I draw away from Baba because where there is an evil spirit, there is no God.

Throughout the day, it is worth checking how many times I sulk with Baba – be it due to doubt, disappointment or anger. ‘Baba, why isn’t this happening?’, ‘Baba, when will this change?’, ‘Baba, why do I have to be the one to forgive every time?’, ‘she did this and so I had to say something..’, ‘Baba, don’t you love me anymore?’ or ‘Will I really become what Baba says?’, ‘is there really going to be a heaven?’, ‘what if all this is false and people laugh at me?’, or ‘I am just a failure, I can’t seem to overcome this sanskar’, ‘look at them, they have it all together, I am such a mess’, ‘Baba must be so disappointed in me..’. Whatever the reason, when I sulk, I draw away from Baba and cry in my mind. More than gross crying, this crying in the mind is even more dangerous, says Baba. Gross tears can be wiped away, I can wash my face with water but the tears of the mind cannot be washed away without being in front of Baba and taking His support.

It is said that the mind is the venue where life happens. When I win over the mind, I win over the world. To be subservient to the mind, intellect or sanskars i.e. to allow them to rule over me without realizing that I am the master, that I am the creator of thoughts, that it is up to me to decide what to dwell on and what to shoo away – means I don’t have the ruling power with which to rule over the inner kingdom of the self. How can such souls who cry because of being unable to rule their own inner world become rulers of the whole world?, reasons Baba. How can one who doesn’t accept the self as a ruler, be accepted as a ruler of the world?

Baba says, ‘in order to become a king, you have to create subjects here.‘ The sense organs (physical and subtle) are the subjects; as long as there is rulership of the subjects over me, Baba says, let me understand that I will be part of the subjects. When the sense organs are being ruled, that is, if there is the rule over all my subjects, then understand, He says, that you are a world ruler. If there is a rule over some sense organs and not over others, that is, if there isn’t full rulership, then I will not be a world emperor either. Maybe I serve a lot with the wealth of knowledge or physical wealth, but if I am unable to rule over my subjects, then I will become wealthy but not an emperor. If I become a slave to a sense organ or to another bodily being due to which I, inevitably, get pulled and become unhappy again and again, then, Baba says, that is equivalent to being a maid or servant. This, He explains, is the deep philosophy of Karma. No one except the Father should be remembered at the end. If I get trapped in any bodily being, then I will have to cry – due to unmet expectations, hurt, betrayal, or loss. ‘If someone dies and you start crying, you are not able to become cry-proof. If, while remembering someone, you receive a shock and leave your body, there will be degradation.’, He explains. ‘You have to go there, where you will not cry for 21 births‘. If I remember a bodily being and die, then I will have to come back into the old world to settle the karmic account!

And so the Father tells the children: ‘Remember Me constantly. You are incorporeal and I am incorporeal. While walking and moving around, you have to remember the one Father and remove your intellects’ yoga from all bodily beings.’ I won’t be able to do this unless I practice it because in Ravan’s world, the intellect is used to thinking wrong thoughts. And so Baba suggests that I start with 15 minutes or half an hour and then continue to increase it. ‘Great effort is needed in this, says Baba, you have the opportunity to win a great lottery! There will be kings and also subjects in the new world. To win the lottery and become the king of kings, pay attention to yourself.

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