Recognize the truth, experience super-sensuous joy

Baba says, ‘Recognize the real truth and it will become easy for you to experience super-sensuous joy.’

This is Ravan’s world, Baba reminds me daily, it is a world of falsehood. He is shown with so many heads, that is, the kingdom of falsehood is so powerful. And so it is super easy to fall into traps, to be deceived into believing falsehoods to be the truth, and to make the wrong judgments. It is therefore critical, Baba points out, that I hone my power to discern, which is to say, the power to recognize what is real truth and what is falsehood disguised as truth. If I don’t, I will allow myself to be deceived and take sorrow.

Only God is Truth because only He knows the truth– about me, about Himself and the world cycle. Anything anyone else tells me, no matter how big a guru or expert or how close a friend or relative, is false. I know this intellectually but do I apply this in my life practically?

Sometimes I think that Baba is mine anyway but I still do have to say ‘mine’ for one or two others. I think: ‘I don’t need anyone else, but I do need some support in this corporeal world!’ However, asks Baba, was that your promise? Was the promise to ‘belong to the one Father and none other’ or was it to ‘belong to the one Father and one other?’ Realize, He teaches, that in that one, there are many others included. It’s like a Russian doll- when I open one, there is another one inside it; when I open the second, there is a third one inside. This is also such a toy where it seems like it is just ‘one’ externally but it is one inside another. Maybe, it’s a person that I have taken on as a support but with that person comes expectations, criticisms, judgments, their likes/desires and the whole bag of things. Maybe it’s a position I have taken on as a support. Again, there is comparison, competition, need for respect and recognition, fear of loss and all the rest.

Baba says, ‘if apart from the Father, you accept any other soul or even any facilities of matter as your support, even just in your thoughts, then in that very second, the mind and intellect have stepped away from the Father.’ Because of stepping away from the Father who is the Truth, the intellect will begin to consider something false to be true, something wrong to be right. It begins to make wrong judgment under the influence of attachment to the person or the position or whatever else the support is. Then, no matter how much someone may try to explain that this is not right, I cannot see it. Even if I see the sense in what the other is telling me, I will justify my point of view on the basis of my attachment or greed or fear or ego: ‘Yes, I agree with you theoretically but ‘in my situation’, I have to do….’. Such is the power of falsehood or of Ravan at this time.

However, the difference between truth and falsehood is that even though I might experience victory based on my false decision, this victory is temporary because the kingdom of falsehood is temporary. Defeat for truth is temporary and the victory for truth is permanent. And so I might become happy thinking I ‘made the right choice’ but it is a matter of time before I realize the folly of my ways. In the Mahabharata too, the Pandavas experienced many temporary defeats but the truth always wins in the end. On the other hand, it might have looked like the Kauravas had the upper hand all along but they experienced defeat as a result of each of the wrong judgments and decisions they made based on taking the support of falsehoods. And so Baba says, ‘to the extent some celebrates in pleasure under the influence of falsehood, so there is accordingly one hundredfold repentance for the falsehood because you stepped away from the Father.’

I may not step away physically; in fact, chances are I consider myself very knowledgeable, I think I love Baba, but I did step away from Him in my mind and intellect. To step away from the Father means that instead of becoming full with a right to the full inheritance, I only claim some rights. I think that I should at least celebrate the pleasure and happiness of victory in this world because: ‘who has seen the future? besides these people need to see my victory….there, we will have forgotten, and everyone else will also have forgotten.’ This is the kind of false, deceptive judgment Ravan gets me to make when I step away from the Truth. I forget the truth that the future is but a shadow of the present, it cannot be created without the present. So how am I living my present?

A soul under the influence of falsehood, Baba points out, might swing in the swings of the temporary happiness of receiving name, fame, respect, honor etc. but such a soul cannot swing in the swing of super-sensuous joy, they cannot receive the love and blessings from the heart of all souls. They can attain superficial love but not respect from the heart. They can receive temporary honor but cannot experience the honor from the Father of being seated on His heart-throne. So let alone the future, even in the present, there is so much difference between the attainments received from truth and falsehood!, Baba points out. ‘To make one another belong to you, rather than belong to the one Father alone, is to take support of falsehood and that can only lead to heartache and chaos.’

The Father says: ‘the children know Me numberwise as I am and what I am. In the same way, you don’t always know Ravan, the ruler of falsehood, either, as he is and what he is. Sometimes you forget and sometimes you know him. It is his kingdom now and so his power is no less! and so check yourself.

Everyone says, ‘Baba, I love You a lot.’ but do I really mean it or am I simply saying it? The Father has given the practical proof of His love: ‘Whatever you are, however you are, you are Mine.‘ Now, its my turn: ‘Baba, You are everything for me’, it shouldn’t be, Baba says, that there is a little for someone else too. The praise is: ‘if you want to know about super-sensuous joy, ask the gops and gopis (children) of Gopi-Vallabh (God).‘ When I have made God my one trust and one support, I have nothing to fear, hide, or worry about. I will always remain light and carefree, will sing and dance based on the faith of Who’s in-charge of my life. The ride may get bumpy at times but I remain comfortable in the knowledge that I will be safe, taken care of. It becomes easy to experience super-sensuous joy.

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