Being a worthy child

Baba says, ‘The duty of worthy children is to listen to and follow all of Father’s directions.’

For half a cycle, it was God’s kingdom, it was heaven and I was then a deity. The praise of a deity is: full of all virtues, 16 celestial degrees complete, completely viceless, non-violent and righteous. Deities are called worthy because their every thought, word, attitude, vision, action is pure; there is no selfishness of ‘I and mine’, it is pure, rooted in bringing benefit to all. Then, for half a cycle, it was Ravan’s kingdom and I, the deity soul, forgot who I am and fell prey to the vices. From being completely pure and viceless, I became completely impure and vicious. My thoughts, words, attitude, vision, actions all reflected this fall; from being charitable, they became selfish, it became all about ‘me’ and ‘mine’. As a result of this misalignment with my truth, the soul’s truth, I became uncomfortable and sorrowful. I fell in my own eyes, I lost my worth.

Then the Father came. He revealed to me the beginning, middle and end of my story; helped me realize what went wrong. Now, He says, remember Me alone and follow only My directions. When I remember Him, all the sins based on past actions of this and previous births are absolved. By simultaneously following His directions, I remain safe from performing any more bad actions; I learn to think elevated thoughts, speak elevated words, have an elevated attitude and vision and perform elevated actions…once again. Only by following the elevated directions will I become elevated again, gain my self-worth again. And so being worthy requires obedience and obedience requires faith. Baba says, ‘worthy children are obedient and faithful.’

I need faith in the self and in the One that is teaching me. I need faith that yes, indeed the One that is teaching me is God Himself, these are the elevated directions of the One Satguru and so by following them, I WILL become elevated, there can be no loss to me. Along with this, I need the faith that yes, indeed, it is I that was the deity in the golden age and I am becoming that once again. The cycle of 84 births is now coming to an end and this old iron-aged world is definitely changing into the new golden-aged world. And so, it is time for me to change. If I have faith in these truths, then I will pay attention to be obedient.

Baba says, ‘Those who follow Baba’s shrimat, who have the faith that they will surely take the unlimited inheritance, children with such faith in the intellect are real children.’

The children’s intellects don’t have as much faith in themselves as the Father has‘, observes Baba. This is why the result of being victorious in every task is only visible sometimes. Faith is not just agreeing that yes, okay, I am the deity soul and leaving it at that; rather it is to then move along in that awareness: ‘I am that same deity soul of the golden age and I will once again take the full inheritance from the Father.’ Sometimes, it is not a lack of desire to change but a lack of power. I want nothing more than to change but when the situation comes, I find that I am unable to do what I know Baba wants me to do. Baba says, ‘To physically have the power to follow orders practically is based on subtle purity.’

The main direction Baba gives me is: Constantly to stay in remembrance and to have purity in my thoughts, words, and deeds. There should not be impurity or uncleanliness even in my thoughts: this is called complete purity, He teaches. If I am touched by impure sanskars in my thoughts, then I cannot be called completely pure, I wouldn’t be called a true Vaishnav. ‘To what extent‘, Baba asks, ‘have you kept this as the aim of your effort?‘ To the extent that I pay attention to maintaining constant purity, I will have the power accumulated to obey the Father’s directions. ‘You have to become faithful and obedient to such an extent that you don’t let even one second or even one thought go by without it being ordered: this is called being obedient’, Baba teaches. The more I am able to obey the Father’s directions, the more I see myself transform; the more I transform, the stronger my faith becomes in myself and in the Father.

For half a cycle, I have been following my own dictates and those of others; I have seen the result of this- descent. Now is the time to ascend; the Father is here to enable this ascension. Let me take care that the love of my intellect is constantly just with the One- mine is the One Father and none other. I am his child, a trustee; I am no longer a householder. A child does not think for itself or make decisions, it simply holds the Father’s hands and obeys directions. Same with a trustee. A trustee uses everything they have been entrusted with but according to directions. I can and should use my mind, body and wealth but for the Father’s task, per His directions.

Worthy children promise: ‘Baba, I will definitely pass with honors and show you. I will definitely claim my fortune of the sun-dynasty kingdom.’ If I make this effort now, Baba says, I will make the same effort every cycle. He says: ‘Sweetest children, be careful! Never let your intellects have doubts.’ In worldly relationships, children can never have doubts about their parents; it is impossible. ‘Here, too, your intellects should have remembrance of Baba‘, He says. This is the same Father who gives me unlimited happiness. Truly, we were so worthy, we were masters of the world. The Father is now giving me the right to be able to rule over the whole world. I will only follow His directions.

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