Becoming the Father’s helper

Baba says, ‘You are engaged in doing the service of changing Bharat into heaven. Your new kingdom is being established with the power of non-violence. You are the Father’s complete helpers.’

Bharat is the most ancient, the oldest, land of all. When the people of Bharat were in the new world of Bharat, the deities used to rule. When it was the kingdom of Lakshmi and Narayan, Bharat was new and there was just the land of Bharat. There were no other religions at that time- one kingdom, one religion. The deities were pure; the king and queen, Lakshmi and Narayan, were pure. Bharat was very wealthy; it was worth diamonds. There was no fighting or quarrelling in heaven. Bharat was viceless. At this time, in the iron age, Bharat is impure. Now, that same Bharat that was worth diamonds, has become poverty-stricken, it is worth shells. Where there was once no name or trace of sorrow, now, there is is so much sorrow!

Who would make this Bharat into heaven once again? It is the task of the one Father to make Bharat heaven once again; to make Bharat every happy once again. ‘I come to Bharat every cycle‘, He says, ‘at the same time, to change Bharat from hell into heaven. And you become my helpers in this task.’

In the Ramayan, it is shown that God was helped by an army of monkeys to rescue Sita from Ravan’s cottage of sorrow. ‘That is the memorial of this time‘, says Baba. In the golden age, deities had divine intellects; now, those same souls, having fallen prey to Ravan, that is, to the five vices, have become those with stone intellects. Their thoughts, words, actions all reflected this change, that is, they changed from being viceless to vicious. When souls thus descended in their stage and went from being satopradhan to tamopradhan, so did nature and the five elements. ‘So now‘, Baba says, ‘I come to re-awaken your truth, to re-ignite your lamps, that is, to change you back from human to deity.‘ To reawaken my truth is to remind me of who I truly am. God comes and adopts me as His own child; He becomes my Mother and Father, practically. He is incorporeal and so He takes the support of the body of Brahma and adopts me through him. In this way, Brahma too becomes my alokik mother at this time.

By making me belong to Himself, He sustains me as my Mother and Father, teaches me as my Supreme Teacher and gives me elevated directions or shrimat for every aspect of my life as my Satguru. Together, through these three forms, God becomes the Purifier and purifies the soul. If He were to simply come and give me directions without first giving me the knowledge, I wouldn’t understand or follow. If He were to just give me the knowledge without first adopting me as His child, without first giving the orphan that I was, a new life, I wouldn’t be able i.e. have the courage to imbibe. ‘I am the Ever Pure One and I come into the impure world, in an old, impure body to make My children pure again.‘, He says. This, is real purity! Real purity is not turning up my nose at the sight of degradation and running the other way- that’s what sannyasis do; rather, real purity means that I stay in the midst of impurity and serve it- this, is the household path, God’s path.

Yes, my sanskars are now impure; the five vices are in everyone at this time – God has already told me this, there is therefore no need to be surprised. This is the very reason He is here, as the Purifier, to cleanse me of the vices. He uses people and situations to pull out the impure attitudes, the impure vision, the wrong beliefs, the addictions and attachments, the greed and the jealousy. But to see that darkness come out of me and reject myself, is body consciousness. In fact, Baba says, ‘to reject the self or others is a great form of violence against the soul.’ There is nothing worse than to take a soul that is trying to stand up on its own feet after half a cycle of stumbling, and reject it for not being ‘perfect’. As long as I cannot accept myself, I will not be able to accept others. This, is impurity. Baba says, ‘you establish your kingdom of heaven on the basis of non-violence.Learn to reject the impure sanskar, He teaches me, and accept the soul. This, is what God does; this, is purity.

When the illnesses within me surface, let me observe as a detached observer, what God is showing me. Let me identify, with His help, the root cause for that anger, rage, jealousy, whatever and then overcome that. There is no need to reject the self in this, for my truth is that I am a pure soul, a child of God that just picked up a few impurities along the way. Once I treat myself with love, I will do the same with others. When someone is angry, I will offer them the co-operation of loving tolerance. By not engaging with the anger, I reject it and hold the soul in high regard. When someone is rude, I offer patience. When someone makes a mistake, I merge it in my heart rather than spread it around. This is how the ‘monkey army’, become helpers of God: I see myself and others, how He sees me- not as a monkey with all the impurities but as a worship-worthy soul; I treat myself and others, how He treats me – I don’t shoo anyone away, I help them see who they truly are. I am a pure soul, a child of God and everyone else is also a pure soul, children of God; we are brothers, children of the same Mother and Father.

To realize this and live with this awareness is to return to my original seat of self-respect; it is to reclaim my lost inheritance. It is to help God defeat Ravan and re-establish the kingdom of heaven- that original land of purity. Where there is purity, there is also peace and happiness. So the Father explains: ‘Children, if you want to become the masters of heaven, you must definitely become pure. You have been drowning for 63 births and you are now in great sorrow. It is a question of the whole of Bharat.‘ When I ascend, the whole world ascends. It takes just one soul in a family to recognize God and become pure and the rest will follow. It is the end of the cycle right now, it is time to return home and come into the new world. The Father is here to take His children back, let me help Him find and gather us all up for the return journey. In other words, let me become pure by following His directions and help others become pure as well. Because without purity, there is no return.

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