Along with truth, you must also have manners

Baba says, ‘Along with truth, you must also have manners. Everything about great souls who have the manners of truth will automatically reveal their manners.’

The number one culture of the Brahmin family is that of good manners, teaches Baba. This Brahmin culture should be visible on everyone’s face and in their behavior; let each Brahmin smile while coming into contact with others, He teaches. ‘No matter what someone is like‘, Baba says, ‘never let go of your Brahmin culture.‘ Now, reveal your new sanskars of good manners in your life: Speak less, speak softly and speak sweetly.

Here, in this old world, all are enemies of one another because it is the kingdom of Ravan. If the Father even hears that so and so gets angry or hears the voice of someone getting angry, He cautions them and says: ‘Child, it is not good to get angry; by doing so you will experience sorrow and also cause sorrow for others.’ For half a cycle, I have caused a lot of sorrow to myself and to others. Ravan spoilt me very much. Now the Father comes and sets everything right. If anger or irritation emerges against your will, Baba teaches, simply say: ‘Sweet Baba’, from your heart and you will receive extra help. The Father says: ‘I am making you very lovely, exactly as I did a cycle ago.’ Let only pure and loveful feelings emerge from your heart and you will attain victory over your great enemy of anger.

Some children say: ‘Baba, I usually don’t get angry at all but when I see or hear anything false, I can’t help but become a little forceful.’ But, says Baba, if the other person is false, and I too become forceful on seeing that falsehood, then my force is not the truth either. Instead, in order to finish any type of falsehood, He recommends, imbibe the power of truth within yourself. The sign of truth is your good manners. The power of purity or truth is royalty and royal souls are known as the goddesses of manners, explains Baba. Their speaking, their walking, their eating and drinking, sitting and standing, their every action will automatically reveal the manners (sabhyata) and the truth (satyata). Maybe I need to establish the truth about something, ‘but do this‘, He teaches, ‘with good manners.‘ By trying to prove something is true while letting go of my good manners, I actually won’t be able to do it. I will come across as stubborn and people will either start to argue more or walk away. ‘The sign of any lack of good manners’, Baba teaches, ‘is stubbornness and the sign of good manners is humility.’

Sometimes, when I hear or see something false, I don’t just get angry but I go a step further and tell others about it. ‘This is a sin‘, teaches Baba. If I were to see or hear something similar in my lokik family, I wouldn’t consider spreading it around, instead, I would merge it in my heart. I have to do the same with this alokik family, teaches Baba. Little sins like spreading stories finish the experience of the flying stage. ‘Therefore‘, He says, ‘understand the deep philosophy of karma and interact with everyone with good manners.’ Some children think that to become angry is not even a vice but that it is in fact a necessary weapon. That is what Ravan has me believing! Baba teaches me the opposite. He teaches that in fact, anger is a very great enemy of the enlightened soul. Anger is revealed when I come in contact with other souls and so it is very visible. When people who know me see me get angry, they sarcastically say: ‘Now we have seen enlightened souls! we have seen what these BKs are like!’. I thus become an instrument for disservice and bring dishonor to the Father’s name. Baba says, ‘now finish all traces of anger. Interact with others with very good manners.’

Those who do manage to prove the truth do so because they always remain humble and interact with everyone with good manners. If I am being stubborn or starting to heat up inside, that is a sign that perhaps I am more interested in ‘being right’ than in proving the truth; it really isn’t as much about the truth as it is about me. My language at such times is usually: ‘I really am speaking the honest truth. I am speaking 100% truth. I never ever lie.’ However, points out Baba, there should be no need to prove the truth in the first place. Truth is like the sun; it cannot be hidden. Sure, there could be a few clouds that come in front of it from time to time but the clouds disperse and the sun always reveals itself. And so Baba says, ‘words and behavior based on good manners definitely bring success.’

Just as anger is a power of ignorance, in the same way, peace is a power of knowledge, explains Baba. ‘You have made the power of ignorance and anger into your sanskar very well and you even use that sanskar and then ask for forgiveness! Similarly, now make every virtue and every point of knowledge your sanskar and then you will continue to develop good manners.

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