Don’t ask for anything

Baba says, ‘those whose minds are full would not even have a trace of any sanskars of asking for anything.’

The foundation of Brahmin life is purity and purity is completeness, it is fullness. Purity is royalty; royal souls don’t ask for anything, they consider that to be below their dignity. They only give. Brahmin souls, the children of the Bestower of Fortune, are master bestowers; they don’t need to ask for anything, whether physical or subtle, they bestow.

It is one thing to be full externally, full with physical things, full with physical facilities, and the other, Baba says, is to be full in the mind. One who if full in the mind will never feel himself to be lacking in anything, even if he is not full with physical facilities, because the mind is full. Even if something is not there, he will experience it to be there. On the other hand, no matter how full a soul may be with physical things, if his mind is not full, he will never consider himself to be full. Even though the soul has everything, he never considers himself to be full. Such a soul constantly sings the song, ‘I want, I want’, because of desires. At all times, such a soul thinks and says: ‘this should happen, that should be done, that should be received, this should change’ On the other hand, a soul who is full in the mind constantly says: ‘I have found; I have attained.’ To say, ‘this should happen’, ‘this should be done’, are the sanskars of royal asking, teaches the Father. One is to think: ‘this should be done’, ‘this needs to happen’ for the sake of unlimited service, that is then a different point. But to desire or want or need a limited attainment for the self is asking. The desire for name, the desire for respect, the desire for honor, the desire for love, the want to be consulted; all of these are limited matters.

The Father says: ‘Forget all of that. Now remember your home and the new world.‘ The path of knowledge is the path of understanding. You now know what is true and what is false, what is temporary and limited, and what is permanent and unlimited. On this path, therefore, Baba explains, you become sensible. When I become sensible, that is, have the right understanding, there is no sorrow. And so, there is no sorrow in the golden age. No one there, for example, says: ‘I want some peace or my mind needs peace’. That’s because they learn here that the soul is in fact an embodiment of peace, it’s original religion is peace; so there is no need to ask for something that I already have. There is a saying: ‘it is better to die than to ask for anything.’ The Father makes me so wealthy that I don’t need to ask anything from anyone, not even from the Father Himself.

The Father gives everything to the children by Himself! He is the Bestower! He comes to make me into the master of the world! He explains to me how to become this and continues to give me directions. The directions are His blessings; when I imbibe these directions, I claim self sovereignty and therefore, world sovereignty. So you don’t have to ask for anything, He says, not even for the Father’s help…He is already helping you! Some children continue to ask for power, blessings, mercy etc. ‘On the path of devotion‘, Baba reminds me, ‘you wore out your foreheads by constantly asking and you continued to come down the ladder. Now, there is no need to ask for anything. Instead, what you need to do‘, the Father points out, ‘is follow directions.’

Firstly, He says: do not remember the past. Whatever has happened is drama, don’t think about it. Don’t repeat it. The Father doesn’t tell you a lot of things, He says, He simply tells you a few words: ‘Constantly remember Me alone and follow Shrimat.’ It is the duty of you children to follow the Father’s directions. They are the most elevated of all. No matter how many questions and answers someone has, Baba explains in just a few words: I am the Purifier. Continue to remember Me and your sins will be burnt away. That is all. You have to remember your Father, not shout or cry out!, He points out. You have to remember Him with a lot of love, internally. The other direction He gives: ‘Remember the cycle of 84 births because you have to become deities.‘ You have been listening to the praise of deities for half a cycle, now you understand that it is your own praise. It is now time to become that again.

I only need to ask for something that isn’t mine and from someone who isn’t mine. But here, I am Baba’s, that is, God’s child. I call Him Father. And so He wonders: ‘You are My sons, so why don’t you remember Me and your inheritance?’ The One Who has all the attainments and treasures is my own Father and He is giving me all He has as inheritance, so what and why am I asking? And so perhaps the question I need to ask myself is: ‘What is my relationship with the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul?’. I receive the inheritance by belonging to the Father. Belonging to Him means to surrender to Him, to allow Him to purify me of all the body consciousness and return me to my pure, soul conscious state. Then, I won’t need nor want anything. My song changes from ‘I want’ to ‘I have attained everything’. While the ‘I and mine’ of body consciousness ties me into bondage, the ‘I and mine’ of soul consciousness liberates me in life. I reclaim my sovereignty. He is the most Beloved Baba and knows all about what I need, when I need it and how to get it to me. I don’t need to ask Him for it – chances are I don’t even know what I need, but He does. ‘Mature children understand Baba‘, He says. I won’t ask Him questions around: ‘why is this happening..’, ‘why is this taking so long…’, ‘when will this change…’, etc. etc., because I know He is working on me already. He doesn’t need my advice or reminders; He needs me to remember.

People in the world, though, don’t understand who God is or that He comes at this time for His children. They therefore ask all kinds of questions such as: ‘how does this institution sustain itself?’. The Father says, ‘tell them: We do everything for ourselves and cover our own expenses. How could we do anything with others paying expenses?‘ The Father says repeatedly: ‘you mustn’t ask anyone for money or facilities. It is better to die than ask for anything.‘ Whatever you receive easily, He says, is like milk and whatever you have to ask for is like water. Why? because when I ask for something, they give it to me out of compulsion, as though they have to sacrifice something to give me, so that becomes like water. And if I pull something to myself by begging or hustling, it is like blood, He says. Some incur debt to fulfill their desire, this is like blood, there is no need to do this, He teaches.

You children have to make so much effort that, at the end, you only remember the Father and remember to spin the discus of self-realization‘, teaches Baba. Only then should you leave your body. Only then will you be able to become a king who is the ruler of the globe. Don’t think, He cautions, that you will be able to remember Baba at the end, no! You need to practice this over a long period of time, you need to make your stage very strong. Only through remembering Baba will you past sins be destroyed. It is purity that requires effort, knowledge is easy, He points out. This is why Baba instructs that I ask myself every day: Do I still have any desires, needs and wants? Is there any attainment missing? Am I still trapped in any name and form? You must remain free from attractions and have love for just the one true Beloved. Remember the Beloved again and again. The Beloved Himself has come to take all of you lovers back home with Him.

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