Your communion is only with Shiv Baba

Baba says, ‘Your yoga is only with one Shiv Baba. You do not have communion with anyone except Shiv Baba, and so you must only remember Him.’ 

Communion means the sharing of thoughts or feelings. I share my innermost thoughts and feelings with someone who is closest to me. I consider that person my trusted confidant, the one who will honor what I say, that is, hold it in confidence, treat it with respect and offer advice and help if/as needed. Sometimes, the help I need is for someone to simply listen to me, other times, I may seek a response. Either way, I trust this person to discern what I need and offer me that co-operation.

For half a cycle, this ‘trusted confidant’ was another human being – a parent, a friend, a spouse, a guru, a doctor/therapist etc. I was dependent on this person for my well-being. As long as they were present, available for me, I was okay. When they were unavailable or busy, I came into upheaval. Sometimes, the person left or their priorities changed, then it was as if I lost my anchor. ‘What do I do now? where do I go now?’, I wondered. The funny thing is I knew I was dependent or subservient to this person, but I assumed that was normal. Often their advice, which was based on their emotions at that moment, was wrong and led me off course, further away from my truth; in some cases, it even cost me money and a lot of effort! But I put up with all of it, at least I had someone to go to for advice!

Then, Baba came. ‘Remember who you are‘, He told me. ‘You are sovereigns, you’ve just forgotten. For half a cycle, you knew exactly what to do and how to do it. Then, mid-way through the cycle, you began to think of yourself as something you are not- you started to think of yourself as the body instead of a pure soul. This mistake took you off course and made you lose your inheritance of purity and with that peace, happiness and contentment. You then chased after people and things in an attempt to claim what was your birthright. But everyone is impure at this time in the cycle, He explained. And impure human-beings cannot make others pure, nor can they show them the way to peace and happiness. On the contrary, my thoughts, words and actions became further wrong, further impure.

Baba says, ‘Now, you children understand that you souls have a connection with the Father. Everyone remembers the Father. “O Purifier, come!” Souls say this to the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, who enters this body at this time. Only He is called the Bestower who gives peace.‘ 

He came and adopted me as His child, made me belong to Him. Now, I have a new life, a new identity, a new belonging. Previously, I was an orphan with no guidance and so I became dependent on others. Now, I have the Father, the Teacher and the Satguru with me, dedicated to me. ‘I will now teach you to perform very elevated actions‘, He is telling me, ‘this communion is that of souls with the Supreme Soul. The Supreme Soul sits here and has communion with you souls. Communion takes place now and then never again.’ At this point in the cycle, only He knows the right way to do life, and so only He has to be my reference, no one else. I know this truth now and so let me course correct.

All of you have promised BapDada that you will leave everyone else and belong to Baba, that you will do as He says and move as He makes you move. Are you fulfilling your promise?’, asks Baba. Every day, you sing: ‘Mine is one Shiv Baba and none other’ but do you really have this stage? Is there a relationship, love, co-operation, attainment, person or material comfort still remaining that would take you away from the Father? Is there any person or thing that can still attract and tie you in bondage? Baba says, ‘You have to become liberated in life; you have to renounce your lives of bondage.’

The only soul with whom I cannot get into bondage, is God. He is the Liberator, He enables me to be liberated-in-life by reminding me of the real ‘I and mine’. He is the only one Who will never leave me nor forsake me; He is always available for me 24/7. In fact, He longs to be part of every tiny aspect of my life so that He can help me, take care of me and show me the right path. He says, ‘Manmanabhav!, consider yourself a soul and remember Me alone. Follow only My directions.’ And so let me feel free to attach myself to God. This pilgrimage of remembrance only takes place once, when the Father comes and teaches it to me. All other communions are taught by human beings to human beings. They go to the gurus and say: ‘Have mercy on us! Forgive us! Remove these calamities!’ I did that for a long time too; Now, not only do I not need to do that anymore but I mustn’t. I have my Father to go to! ‘You are now sitting with Baba. You can remember Baba and ask Him: Baba, what can we do in this situation?

Sometimes I incorrectly think that I cannot possibly go to God with all my silly thoughts and feelings, that He’s too elevated, too high and lofty for me to bother Him with my nonsense. But no!, He isn’t high and lofty, He is my Father! He is my Friend, Guide, Companion, Beloved. He is here just for me. Let me confide in Him freely. Maybe I’m frustrated with something, or am feeling hurt or disappointed or disheartened. Maybe, I’m confused about a decision I need to make, or feeling shame and guilt about a mistake I committed. No matter what it is, let me confide in the Father, the Friend, the Beloved. He is the only one Who understands exactly what I am going through or struggling with even though I myself may not. He is also the only one Who can offer me the remedy and enable me to follow through. If I am struggling with an anger issue, for example, rather than go to yet another human-led ‘anger management workshop’ or ‘conference’, let me go to God. Only He is the Purifier, only He knows to get to the root of the issue and treat it. While the human may offer me some points to think about, only God will actually work on me and be my Surgeon, my Companion on the pilgrimage of transformation. So let me give my issue to God and be liberated. The Father says, ‘People hold so many conferences. They hold religious conferences and yoga conferences. They are all useless! There is only the one Father who gives liberation-in-life in a second. When there is the conference of souls with the Supreme Soul, souls receive liberation from the Supreme Soul.’

And so Baba says, ‘Make the Father your one faith and one Support.’ Follow the directions of the One and remain constant and stable. Sing the praise of the One, fulfill the responsibility of all relationships with the One, always remain with the One. Such souls, as soon as they open their eyes, they only see one Baba. While performing every action, they only have one Baba as their Companion. When coming to the end of the day, they become absorbed in the love of the One. Their whole timetable is spending the day and the night with the One. While coming into connection with other souls for service, while seeing many, they only see the One. My communion is with just the One, none other. This is the one thing you have to learn, He says. When you know the One, you know and have everything. Multimillions are merged in the One. You have attained everything.

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