Becoming a carefree emperor

Baba says, ‘become carefree emperors.’

There have been many emperors, but it is only at this confluence age that there is a unique gathering of carefree emperors, points out Baba. These carefree emperors are even more elevated than the royalty of the golden age because there, they have no knowledge of the difference between worry (fikar) and intoxication (fakhoor) in their awareness. They don’t even know the word ‘worry’. However, now, the whole world is in one form of worry or another- from the moment they wake up, they have one worry or another about themselves, about their family, their business, their friends and relatives etc. On the other hand, Brahmin souls, Baba points out, begin the day at amrit vela by becoming carefree emperors and carry out every task as carefree emperors. I even sleep comfortably as a carefree emperor; I have a peaceful and joyful sleep.

That is because, at this confluence age, God, the Father, comes and adopts me as His own child, practically. He sustains me, takes responsibility for my life. And so my duty is to become the child and give all my responsibilities to Him and become carefree. When I take responsibilities upon myself, they become a burden, I have worries. But when I remain in the awareness that the responsibility is the Father’s and that I am just an instrument server, then I become carefree. I am simply an instrument karma yogi. The Father is Karankaravanhaar and I am an instrument that is doing it. ‘Make this awareness, natural‘, says Baba, ‘and then you will remain constantly carefree‘. If even by mistake I take upon myself the burden of any waste- ‘why, what, when..’- then, instead of a crown, many baskets of worries come on my head. Otherwise, I constantly remain carefree with a crown of light on my head. There is just the one Father and I and no third person- my child, my husband/wife, my friend etc. A child, by definition, cannot be a householder. So by truly becoming the child, this experience easily makes me into a carefree emperor.

Visualize this for yourself’, says Baba; ‘stand someone wearing a crown in front of you and stand another person carrying a basket of burdens on his head in front of you. Which one would you prefer? the crown or the basket?’ The Father comes and lightens me of the many baskets of burdens of many births. So, a carefree emperor means one who always remains double light. Also, He points out, unless I am an emperor, my physical organs cannot remain under my control. It is only when I am seated on the throne as a king that I become a conqueror of Maya, have controlling power over my physical organs and over my subtle organs (mind, intellect, sanskars). If even one physical or subtle organ is out of order, that is, does not obey my order, then I wouldn’t be called an emperor, I am subservient to that organ and inevitably experience sorrow as a result. The confluence-aged carefree emperors are rulers of the land free from sorrow, Baba reminds me. So check the activities of your kingdom constantly to ensure that you, the emperor, are not being deceived by any of your subjects, that is your organs.

The reason one or more of my organs -physical or subtle- is out of order is because there is an attraction to something or someone in the old world. The reason there is attraction is because the soul is experiencing a lack of attainment of some kind. Attainment is the means of happiness; where there is attainment, there is fullness, no lack. And so there should be no trace of sorrow in the Brahmin world, Baba points out, because the praise is: there is nothing lacking in the treasure store of Brahmins. The means of happiness are especially relationships and wealth. Even if one relationship is missing, there is a feeling of lack and therefore sorrow. But in the Brahmin world, all relationships are with the Father and they are eternal. Similarly, in terms of wealth, the elevated treasure of all wealth is the wealth of knowledge through which I can automatically attain all types of wealth. ‘Since you have both wealth and relationships‘, Baba observes, ‘you are in a carefree world.’

So if you experience sorrow, check‘, says Baba, ‘you must have stepped outside the boundary of the world of happiness, of the carefree world. You have become attracted to one artificial attraction or another or some artificial form and crossed the line of the code of conduct.‘ When I cross the boundary of the carefree world of happiness, I end up in the cottage of sorrow! When I remain within the boundary of all attainments from the Father, I experience happiness or super-sensuous joy even in a forest and fortune even in renunciation! I can be an emperor without even as much as a shell! So even if the atmosphere of the world around me is that of sorrow, the situations and circumstances are those of sorrow, I am able to live like a lotus. Then, no waves of sorrow of illness of the body, waves of sorrow of wasteful upheaval in the mind, waves of sorrow of lack of attainment of perishable wealth, waves of sorrow of weak sanskars and nature of those of others, waves of sorrow of the atmosphere or vibrations or waves of sorrow based on relationships and contacts, etc. can pull me toward them. I remain detached from sorrow, a carefree emperor. When all my attainments are from the Father, when He is my world, then even this body, this home, don’t belong to me. I become a zero, so to speak, and yet become the master of all the treasures of the Father. When my world has changed, my sanskars and nature have changed. I become a self-sovereign. And when I have this authority of self-sovereignty, this is being a carefree emperor.

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