Belong to the Father to receive the inheritance

Baba says, ‘by belonging to the Father you claim a right to liberation-in-life in a second without spending a shell. As soon as you have faith you receive the inheritance.’

The moment I realize that I am a soul, not the body and that I belong to God Himself, that He is my true, eternal Father, that He is responsible for my life, I receive liberation-in-life. There are no more bondages, no more worries, no more fears; it’s like the door of the cage is thrown open and I fly in the sky, a free bird.

There are many in the world who know that they are more than a body, some even speak of the soul. Many perform devotion, even sing praise: ‘O God, You are the Mother and Father, we are Your children’ but the issue is that there isn’t that true recognition or relationship; they are merely words. Some devotees who perform intense devotion even have visions and yet, they remain deprived of that experience of God’s practical sustenance, of being able to relate to Him, practically and certainly of claiming their inheritance from Him. Only children can claim an inheritance from their father, not devotees or anyone else. So on the one hand they perform devotion and on the other hand, they continue to remain prisoners of the vices.

Until human beings receive the recognition of God, they will continue to perform devotion’, says Baba. It is only when the faith of who I am and Whose I am becomes firm, that devotion is automatically renounced. Many children say: ‘Baba, open the lock on my husband’s or so-and-so’s intellect’. Baba says, ‘but that’s your duty!‘. When others are able to see that I have claimed the inheritance from the Father, then, they too are inspired to know the Father and claim their inheritance from Him. But others will be able to receive this experience from me only when I have the power of purity. Only where there is purity, there is peace and happiness. When others see me being peaceful in the midst of a storm, happy in the midst of the circumstance, they feel inspired. ‘It is by having remembrance that you are able to become pure and attract others’, says Baba. The main thing is remembrance. ‘You children make yourselves pure with yoga; there is currently a lack of this‘, observes Baba. You become bodiless while staying in remembrance of the Father, says Baba, and your intellect will have the constant awareness that it is now time to return home and then come into the kingdom of happiness.

The Father Himself tells me: ‘this old world is already burnt and you are becoming worthy to go into the new world.’ This is why, He explains, it makes no sense to be attached to anyone or anything, not even to this old body. The sensible thing to do is to remain beyond the conscious of this body and this world and remember the home and the kingdom. ‘You shouldn’t be tempted by anything at all’, says Baba. If I allow myself to be, then when destruction takes place, rather than be happy that I am being transferred into the new world, I will fail. It takes effort to erase all attachment from this whole unlimited world, teaches Baba. Only when I have completely finished all body consciousness can I maintain a firm stage of brotherhood. Unless I have that vision of soul conscious brotherhood, that detachment from all things temporary that bring with it fear and dependency, I cannot be an image of attraction to my brothers.

There is loss‘, Baba explains, ‘in one way or another by coming into body consciousness. There will be no loss by remaining soul conscious.‘ Develop this strong habit, He says: ‘I am teaching my brother, I am speaking to my brother.’ Remember that all are children of the one Father and all have a right to claim their inheritance from Him. This comes only with soul consciousness. Else, there are feelings of being ‘holier than thou’, getting into argument and debate, feeling insulted, talking down to others etc. that is all part of being body conscious. All are brothers, there shouldn’t even be the consciousness of a sister; the soul has received this body. Some have a male name and others have a female name. Beyond this, there is just the soul. ‘This, is being soul conscious‘, explains Baba, ‘you have to practice these things.

Then, He says, you can use even your badge on a train to explain to anyone! Ask each other, He teaches: ‘How many fathers do you have?’ Once you have their attention, give the answer: ‘if you have two fathers, I have three! I receive my inheritance through the alokik father’. Some wonder: ‘what is the benefit in all of this?’ Tell them, says Baba: ‘I was once blind and then the Father became my stick. He showed me the way to claim my inheritance of the sovereignty of heaven, of peace, happiness and prosperity. Now, it is my responsibility to share His message with everyone. He says: consider yourself a soul and remember Me alone. By belonging to Me, you claim your inheritance to the kingdom.’ Just as the nuns do service, you too should serve, He instructs. The nuns don’t make anyone pure nor do they make other into nuns like themselves. They simply convert people from other religions into Christians. You, on the other hand, are holy nuns, says Baba. You purify everyone and enable all souls to forge a connection with their intellects in yoga to the one God, the Father.

It says in the Gita: Renounce your body and all bodily relations, consider yourself to be a soul and remember the Father. Then, only by imbibing knowledge will you receive a kingdom. Only by having remembrance of the Father will you become ever healthy, and with knowledge become ever wealthy. ‘Give everyone the message that the Gita episode is playing out now, that the Father is here now, to give His children the inheritance and take everyone back home’, He instructs. Continue to remember the Father and your sins will be absolved and you will have a great deal of happiness. That’s all. It is very easy to claim your inheritance from the Father. Just don’t make the mistake, Baba explains, of slipping back into body consciousness.

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