First of all, Manmanabhav!

Baba says, ‘Listen to what I say! First of all, Manmanabhav! Remember Me and your sins will be burnt away. This is a very easy method.’ 

It’s that time in the cycle, the end time, the time to return home. I will then once again come back when the new cycle begins. But it would be a very different world when I come back. Sure, it’s the same location but it looks and feels completely different. Now, the world that is hell will then be heaven; what is now full of sorrow, will then be a land of happiness. Surely, I would want to arrive in heaven when it is brand new and experience it fully from the very start. But this is not just a matter of timing but also of status. Two souls who both arrive at the beginning but one as an emperor and another as a subject will have very different experiences of heaven. When and as what I arrive in heaven depends on the effort I make at this time. The effort is to become pure.

Baba says, ‘Listen to what I say! First of all, Manmanabhav! Remember Me and your sins will be burnt away. This is a very easy method.

Firstly there are the sins of the past, and secondly, whatever wrong I do at this time, I accumulate a hundred-fold punishment for that. And so He says, ‘Remember Shiv Baba. Otherwise, sins will be committed. You constantly have to remember the Father. Otherwise sins will not be absolved.’ Absolved means as if I never committed the sin. ‘The destination is high, it is not like going to your aunty’s home!’, says Baba. Only God’s love has the power to negate the impact of the sin I committed, help me overcome the guilt, the shame, the hurt, the pain, everything and return me to my original pure state.

It shouldn’t be that when I start a meal, I remember Baba and then that’s it; then I continue to eat just like that. No!, says Baba, you have to remember the whole time you are eating. This requires effort. You cannot receive a high status just like that. This is why you can see, He points out, that out of millions, only eight jewels pass. You have to become masters of the world; this is such a high destination! So high, that it wasn’t even in my intellect! Just think about it, says Baba, who would receive all 84 births? Definitely those who come first are Lakshmi and Narayan. All these are things that you have to churn so that you can stay in that awareness. Let your hands do the work while your heart stays in remembrance, instructs Baba. You may continue to do your business etc. but you constantly have to continue to remember the Father. This is the pilgrimage.

He further clarifies: ‘It isn’t that you remember Me and others too. You must remember Me alone because the death of everyone, young and old, is now just ahead.’ When a person is dying, other people say to that person: Remember God. If you don’t remember God in your final moments, you won’t be able to go to heaven! So the Father also says: Manmanabhav. You mustn’t even remember this body. I, the soul, am an actor, a child of Shiv Baba. You have to stay in this awareness constantly. Generally, little children wouldn’t be asked to remember God but here, everyone has to be told because everyone has to go to the Father. Nothing at all must come between God and I, keep this aim, says Baba.

That means, I mustn’t fight or quarrel with anyone; that is very damaging because it immediately breaks my intellect’s yoga and brings my stage down. So when someone says something, just ignore it as though you haven’t even heard it, teaches Baba. You shouldn’t create any opposition which would begin a fight. You have to be tolerant in every situation because the trade-off is too high- my connection with God during these final moments, my stage is at stake. Sometimes, it is the door of greed that Maya chooses to attack me with. I get caught up in accumulating money and building houses etc. Some even steal to get wealth, says Baba. But remember that you are now making preparations to go to heaven, you should only remember that! Become a destroyer of attachment, this takes effort, He says.

‘For this, you must practice remembering Baba up there, in the sweet home’, says Baba. ‘Your intellects should go far away, not remain here in this world. Let your intellect dangle up there. The limit of your pilgrimage is up there’, says Baba. ‘May you become bodiless!’, says Baba, ‘children, stabilize yourself in your original religion. Manmanabhav! constantly remember Me alone. Maya has once again cast a shadow over you. I have now come to enable you to conquer Maya. Therefore, become Manmanabhav, because you have to return to My supreme abode.


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