Don’t waste time

Baba says, ‘Those who look at themselves and become spinners of the discus of self-realization can easily move forward.

Each and every day of the confluence age is extremely lovely. I won’t receive days of such happiness again. ‘So‘, asks Baba, ‘how are you spending these lovely days of the confluence age? Do you spend them in an invaluable way or only in an ordinary way?’

In Bharat, whenever an auspicious task is to be performed, they look for a muhurat, that is, an auspicious time during which to do the task. The aim is to start and finish the task within that amount of time so that the task is successful and the desired results are achieved. In the same way, this short confluence age is the muhurat for the greatest task in the history of the cycle. This is when God comes to purify impure souls and change them from human to deity and establish the kingdom of heaven. And so each second of this confluence age has value – ‘do you have that value in your awareness constantly?’, asks Baba. The elevated reward of 5000 years is based on just these few moments, and so you should use these invaluable moments in an invaluable way. To use them in an ordinary way means to make the value of jewels the same as that of stones, He teaches. If you are wasting your time, you are using the jewels as stones.

To value time means to value yourself. I have been made aware that the current cycle is about to end and the new one is to start. I have been made aware that the world will then be heaven and only a few souls will reside in heaven. If I want to be one of those few, I need to get with God and become pure. He only comes once in the whole cycle, and that is now. And so it is now or never! ‘You do, of course, recognize the time’, observes Baba, ‘but to behave as an embodiment of recognition is a matter you have to pay attention to.’ What can you not achieve in just one second of the confluence age!?, He offers. Within a second, you can leave here and tour everywhere in all four lands and then return. Have you experienced this? Within a second, you can celebrate a meeting with God Himself, is this something you do? Or are you wasting this precious time in trivial matters?, He asks. Now, He says, take a high jump!

The time of moving along slowly has now finished, He points out, you are now in your stage of retirement and so this is no time for childishness. Now, you have only one task left, and that is to remember the Father and do service. Even when you sleep, there is remembrance and service. This is known as the stage of retirement, Baba explains. It is one thing to be a child and Baba says, ‘never forget the days of your childhood’ but it is a different thing to be ‘childish’. When I am a child, all I do is hold my Father’s hand and learn everything He is teaching me with wide eyed amazement. To me, He is my entire world. I look up to Him, follow Him everywhere and do as He says. But when I am childish, I cry and sulk over trivial things, throw tantrums, routinely let go of the Father’s hand to see what others are doing, then get hurt and cry…. Are those days over or are they still going on?, asks Baba.

When you don’t recognize the time, you don’t recognize yourself as a trikaldarshi (the knower of the three aspects of time) and then you ask: ‘What can I do..’, ‘I didn’t want it to happen like this but…’, ‘I want to do it but am unable to do it…’ etc. They get into the wasteful spinning of ‘why, what, how, when’ and forget to apply a full-stop. Learn to be a constant spinner of the discus of self-realization, teaches Baba because this will help you keep the whole cycle in your awareness constantly. Then, I won’t complain about the few isolated scenes of this last time or worry over trivial things because I see my fortune over the course of the full cycle. I don’t miss the forest for the trees, so to speak. All the childish games should have ended by now and you must become a good child, says Baba. Good children don’t waste time, they follow Mama and Baba and claim a high status.

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