Have yoga with Me alone

Baba says, ‘break away from everyone else and have yoga with Me alone, your father and you will come to My land and your final thoughts will lead you to your destination.’

If we break away from all relationships with the world, then what is this world for? If relationships are to be broken, then why are these relationships created? Husband and wife, father and child, brother and sister etc. etc. all these relationships have been created by God, this is what people say. If God created them, then why does He ask me to break them off?

God says: ‘I didn’t create this world that exists now and neither did I create these relationships. Look at what your relationships in this world have now become!’

He created a completely different world, it was heaven. All relationships there were very clean and this is why it is remembered: Rama, the King and Rama, the praja (all people who belong to Rama). Rama was wealthy and the whole kingdom was in his care. Rama was the bestower, it was the reign of righteousness. Then, it was the household of righteousness. Dharam-pati, dharam-patni (husband and wife)- everything was in the name of righteousness- but that relationship of religion does not now exist anymore. That practical life is no more. And so God clarifies: ‘the world that exists today is the world that you created.’ The relationships in the world I created were so good and lovely, they used to give happiness to one another. Now, there is only sorrow.

It wasn’t that God didn’t create relationships, there definitely were relationships but those relationships were without any bondage of karma. This is why people were called liberated-in-life. In life, they were liberated from any bondage of karma (sorrow). Now, Baba points out, relationships have become those of a bondage-in-life and this is why people themselves ask: ‘How can we become free from these?’

The Father says: ‘Break away from all these relationships and connect yourself to Me alone, your Father and you will come to My land.‘ He says, ‘Give your last life to Me.‘ ‘Give yourself to Me’ means the same as when a wife gives herself to her husband and the husband gives himself to his wife. The father gives himself to his son and the son gives himself to his father. ‘You have been practicing this for a long time, I am not telling you anything new’, points out Baba. You have been giving your lives to one another, have you not been giving your life to your children? Whatever you have, your body, mind and wealth- you have kept it all for them, haven’t you? You spend your whole life on them. So, says Baba, when I say: ‘Give all of that to Me’, I am not telling you something you don’t know how to do. I am telling you the same: ‘Belong to Me. Belong to Me and then look after everything as a trustee.’

Even on the path of devotion I had been saying: ‘God, all of this is Yours. I am Yours.’ but I didn’t really give myself to Him. I simply spoke empty words. Indeed, what I did in reality was: Yours is mine and mine is also mine! No, says Baba. Now, stop this deception and finish all this ‘mine and Yours’. I belong to You and everything is included in that. That’s all, I am Yours. When I say the words but do the opposite, I only deceive myself as I have proved all through bhakti; the more I sang the words, the more I descended, my sorrow and peacelessness only increased. This is why the Father now says: ‘Renounce all of that. Remove your intellect away from all relationships, including your own body and connect yourself to Me alone. There will then not be that feeling of anything belonging to you.

Until now, by saying, ‘Mine, mine’, I have caused myself sorrow. Then, when my intellect is diverted there, I say: ‘what can I do? How can I do this? Baba says, ‘what would be the result if you hang onto another? You have made yourselves unhappy due to attachment.’ This is why the Father says: ‘break off all your relationships with this old world and belong to Me. Then, all the bondages you have created with your body and in your life will break away and you will become liberated in life.‘ I am not going to be with you for birth after birth, He reminds me. It is only now that He comes and fulfills all relationships with me, practically. When you belong to Me at this time, I cut away all your bondages of sorrow and create relationships of happiness for you, and you will then experience happiness with each other. You have now become so spoilt and this is why you experience so much sorrow. I reform everything of yours that has been spoilt and you will then remain happy.

Only at this auspicious confluence age does God become my Father, Teacher and Satguru, practically. He gives me the knowledge of who I am and teaches me how to live life righteously. He fulfills all relationships with me and in doing so, He becomes my reference for how to relate the right way. When I imbibe what He is teaching me, I create elevated sanskars that give me and others happiness, that make me worthy of living in heaven. And so Baba tells me daily, ‘Belong to Me in a practical way, for this method will be very useful to you.’ Sometimes children think: ‘I will do this, I will do that..’ but then get stuck in, ‘but what will the world say?’, ‘what will so-and-so say?’ Oh, says Baba, Meera didn’t care about this, she renounced the opinion of society and her clan. You have to remember Me, God, in the same way.‘ Besides, He points out, this whole world is going to finish, so you don’t have to think about that. It is now time, He says, to put your hand in My hand and walk with Me. This is why the Father says, ‘children, now belong to Me, come to Me, listen to what I tell you.’ Now recognize the time we are going through, open your eyes, that is, open your intellect and take full benefit of the time. Awaken your whole fortune.

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