Shyam Sundar

Baba says, ‘It is of him that it is said: Krishna, the ugly one and Krishna, the beautiful one. They say: Shyam Sundar.’

What is new is to become old and then new again, this is the eternal cycle. The Father comes at this auspicious confluence age and explains the cycle of 5000 years. It is the end of the cycle now, He reveals, the world is now old and dilapidated. It is to be destroyed and the new world is to be established. And so, He explains, forget the old world and turn your intellect to the new world. I am here to take you to the new world. Sannyasis simply forget their homes and families but God asks me to forget the whole world. Only He says: ‘Become bodiless! I am here to take you to the new world and so break your attachment to the old world and old bodies. Then, in the new world, you will receive new bodies.’

Krishna is called Shyam-Sundar. He was beautiful when the world was beautiful, when it was new, in the golden age whereas now, in the last birth, he has become ugly. The one who has become ugly becomes beautiful and then becomes ugly again, it is an eternal cycle. And this is not the story of just one soul, Krishna, explains Baba, it is your story too. Ugly means degraded and the reason for degradation is the influence of the five vices. They come like dacoits and loot all the beauty from the soul, says the Father. The five vices or Ravan make me ugly and then the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, makes me beautiful, that is, elevated. In fact He changes me from degraded human to elevated deity. The praise of deities is: full of all virtues,16 celestial degrees complete, completely viceless, and completely righteous.

Krishna is shown kicking the old world and becoming beautiful. It is beautiful souls that become masters of the new world, ugly souls become the masters of hell. It is the soul that becomes ugly and beautiful. The Father says: ‘You now have to become pure.’ Hatha yogis use a lot of force to become pure. However, He says, you cannot become pure without having yoga or without experiencing punishment. There are only these two options. Therefore, He reasons, why wouldn’t you remember the Father and become pure the easy way?

It is the power of yoga with the Supreme Father that enables me to conquer the five vices. The Father says: ‘the vice of lust makes you experience sorrow from its beginning through the middle to the end.’ But even this vice of lust comes as a result of body consciousness. It is when you forget that you are a soul and start to identify as the body that the five vices make their entrance, He explains. And so your greatest enemy or the biggest dacoit that loots you is body consciousness. And so the Father tells me daily: ‘consider yourself a soul and remember Me alone.’ I have had the practice of body consciousness for half a cycle, and I have just this short confluence age during which to switch back to soul consciousness. That means, I don’t have a single moment to waste.

Those who cannot conquer the five vices cannot become kings of Paradise‘, explains the Father. God comes as the Father, Teacher and Satguru and teaches me to perform good actions. Therefore, you must make effort to stay in remembrance of the Father and follow only His shrimat, He says. He purifies me such that I change from the king of sinful action into the king who is a conqueror of sinful action. There are no sinful actions at all in the new world, explains Baba. The king who conquered sinful actions existed in the past and there was also the king who performed sinful actions who has been and gone.

Deities are conquerors of sinful actions, we are now becoming that, and then, when we go onto the path of sin, in the copper age, the account of sin will begin. We settle the account of sin here and then we become the conquerors of sin. ‘Constantly have this in your awareness‘, says Baba, ‘you will then have the intoxication that we are making our fortune elevated here.’ This is the study place for making the greatest fortune, Baba clarifies, there is no question of making a fortune on the path of bhakti by attending spiritual gatherings. It is only and always a study place where a fortune is created. ‘You know that we will change from an ordinary human into Narayan, that is, we will become the king of kings. Truly, the impure kings worship the pure kings. I alone make you pure.’

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