Dead silence

Baba says, ‘Practice being bodiless. No one except the one Father must be remembered. Let it be as though you are dead to your body. By practicing this the soul can experience dead silence.’

The one thing that people in the world want the most today is peace. They say: ‘I want peace, I need some peace of mind…’. Millions are spent each year on conferences about how to bring about peace in the world. Most discussions center around military diplomacy where the belief is that if countries were to stop making weapons, the world would become peaceful. However, with each passing year, the world is no more peaceful, in fact, it is getting increasingly peaceless.

God comes and explains that which human beings cannot, because they don’t know. ‘The problem is not weapons‘, He points out, ‘the problem is the anger within human beings.’ If there was no anger, the weapons would never get made in the first place and even if they were lying around, no one would use them. ‘Your enemy is not each other, it is Ravan, the five vices‘, He explains. Every year, people build a bigger and bigger effigy of Ravan but he keeps getting stronger. That is because, Ravan cannot be defeated through burning effigies or holding conferences. He can only be defeated through remembrance.

You are looking for peace when peace is your very nature!‘, He reminds me. Peace is the original religion of the soul. Sannyasis too leave everything and go to the forests for peace but they cannot find it there either. This, Baba says, is like the story of the queen who was looking for her necklace which was around her neck! And so if I want peace, then I shouldn’t be wasting time with conferences, I need to be stabilizing myself in my original religion. ‘Remember who you are, the Father and the sweet silence home‘, He teaches. In silence, let me move inward and touch base. If I simply stay on the surface, I see only defects, hurts, wrongs etc. and I give up. Instead, I need to move deep within and touch base, therein is my truth: I am a pure soul, a child of God. Then, I move upward and connect with the Father, the Ocean of Peace. He resides in the sweet silence home, I connect with Him there. Even a few minutes of this practice will give me the experience of real peace and rejuvenate the thirsty soul.

As far as bringing about peace in the whole world, Baba says, that is not something human beings can do. ‘To bring about peace in the world is My duty alone.’ He comes and gives me the knowledge of the beginning, middle and end of the world cycle. Based on this knowledge, I recognize that now is the end of the cycle, it is the time of extreme peacelessness. According to the drama, things can only get worse, not better…until the cycle ends and the new one begins. Then, it will be a new world, a world of peace and happiness. Only when I receive this knowledge from God do I understand that in terms of the world, true peace can only exist in the new world and in the sweet silence world. I first leave the body and return to the sweet silence world with the Father and then I will come into the new world. And so Baba comes and inspires me to prepare for this return journey.

He says: ‘Practice being bodiless. No one except the one Father must be remembered. Let it be as though you are dead to your body.’ I am a soul, I came bodiless and I have to return bodiless. Only souls can return home, the bodies are left behind. It is the soul that calls out for peace and says: ‘I have become very unhappy. I have become very distressed by taking one birth after another. I now want to go to Baba.’ Baba has now come and shown me the method and so it is now my duty to remember Him. Simply asking Him for it won’t work, I actually have to do what He is asking me to. The Father is bodiless and so remembering Him enables me to experience my original form of being the bodiless soul as well. I have had half a cycle’s worth of time to practice thinking of myself, falsely, as the body. Now, I only have a short sliver of time, this confluence of the cycles, during which to practice, rightly, being bodiless. ‘When everyone remembers that One, the atmosphere becomes one of dead silence‘, explains Baba. For instance, when a person dies, there is dead silence. That is the impact created when a soul becomes bodiless. And so the # 1 drill the Father teaches me is: ‘Manmanabhav, may you become bodiless.’

The more time I am able to give to this practice, the better it is. ‘You want peace and you want to make the world into a land of peace, so now stay in this service of remembrance‘, teaches Baba. Usually, people serve at their jobs etc., for eight hours; Baba says, ‘there isn’t a bigger job or a more important service than this. So now practice staying on this pilgrimage of remembrance for eight hours.‘ This doesn’t mean I try to sit in one place and meditate for eight hours, no! ‘You are karma yogis‘, Baba clarifies, ‘not hatha yogis.’ You may go about your business, He says, but stay on the pilgrimage. While walking, eating and doing your tasks, simply remember the Father and the land of peace and happiness, that’s all. If you remember in this way, all your sins will be absolved. As much as possible, repeatedly remember Baba, He teaches.

The best time to remember is in the early morning. ‘Go to bed early and wake up early’, the Father teaches His children. Wake up between the hours of 3 and 4 am. That is the first-class time. It is extremely peaceful then, everyone becomes bodiless at that time. There is absolute dead silence at that time. It becomes like the incorporeal world. It feels as though everyone is lying dead. ‘If you remember Baba at that time, that remembrance will become firm‘, teaches Baba. By doing physical work, my head might feel heavy but subtle service makes me light and happy. ‘Earning an income wouldn’t make you tired‘, He points out, ‘it brings you happiness.‘ Therefore, by waking up early in the morning and staying in remembrance, there is a lot of income for you to earn, He points out. When I, the bodiless soul, came into the new world a cycle ago, I came full. It’s time to fill myself up again.

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