Taking beyond with just a glance

Baba says, ‘you are now being taken beyond with the Father’s glance. To be taken beyond means to become a master of heaven.’

To consider myself to be a world transformer is to consider myself to be one who gives the message of God to every soul of the world. I don’t just do it through words but also through my face and behavior. I have to be able to grant a vision of the divine activities of the Father, His acts and His virtues, through the main senses of my face. I should be able to take someone beyond with just a glance through the eyes. This means that through my vision, I should be able to transform the vision, attitude, consciousness and actions of others. I have to be able to give everyone a clear vision of my own form and the form of themselves. With a spiritual smile on my lips, I give the experience of imperishable happiness. With my elevated thoughts, I need to be able to draw away that flood of wasteful and sinful thoughts of other souls in a short time.

In other words, to be able to take someone beyond with a glance means to transform. Maybe someone comes in front of me filled with anger, with my one glance, their anger has to be extinguished and calm restored. Maybe someone is fearful, but through my one glance, they receive strength and courage; their fear vanishes and faith is restored. Maybe someone nearby is gossiping but through my one glance, they are reminded of who they are and an elevated atmosphere is restored. Maybe someone made a mistake that cost me, but through my benevolent attitude, they feel safe. Maybe someone comes before me with impure, lustful thoughts but with my one glance, they receive the vision of a pure deity and instantly, those thoughts are transformed. To transform is to liberate, to make someone free from their bondage.

The desire and hope that each soul has had over a long period of time is to go to the land of nirvana, the land of liberation. ‘You Brahmins are the instruments to carry out this task of fulfilling the long-time desires of all souls’, points out Baba. To be an instrument to grant liberation and liberation-in-life, I first need to have experienced liberation-in-life myself. I cannot experience liberation in the land of liberation – there, I will be beyond experiencing anything- and neither can I experience liberation-in-life in heaven – there, I don’t know what a life of bondage is to truly experience liberation-in-life. I need to experience them now by claiming it as my inheritance from the Father; I need to become the master of heaven now, not in heaven. Only when I have claimed and experienced my inheritance, can I be an instrument that inspires and enables others to claim theirs. If I myself am distressed over trivial matters such as what he/she said, if I myself dwell over things that happened in the past, if I myself become fearful when the slightest situation comes before me, if I myself allow circumstances to make me feel disheartened, if I myself am influenced by the vices, then it is clear that I am yet to claim my inheritance myself.

The praise of the Father, ‘The One who takes souls beyond with just a glance’ does not apply to just the Father, says Baba, it is also your praise. So, now, He says, it is the time to serve with just a glance. There isn’t time or the need to be giving each one the seven days’ course, souls need and will become satisfied with just a glance. Their heart’s desire has to be fulfilled through you, they have to be shown the right path through you. Only when I am in my original stage will I be able to overcome all situations myself and be able to take other beyond. ‘If you simply remember the self (swa)‘, Baba teaches, ‘you will automatically remember the original form (swa-roop) and your original religion (swa-dharam) and the original homeland (swa-desh).’ Only when I am stabilized myself in my original stage, in the elevated awareness of the self can I also then enable others to stabilize themselves. ‘You are now an instrument with the Father for this task’, says Baba.

In the world, the majority of souls are distressed and still waiting for God, their Father to grant them salvation, to liberate them from their sorrow. They don’t have much hope or strength left and so they need a donation in a second. According to the drama, most of them will never experience God directly like I do; I might in fact be the closest they get to the Father. ‘Are you such master almighty authorities‘, asks Baba, ‘that you are able to enable others to attain salvation in just a second?‘ ‘By constantly stabilizing yourself in your original form and religion, and by considering yourself to be a resident of the original land, you will be able to take any soul beyond in one second with one second’s drishti‘, He teaches. This is the elevated service needed at this time. Become such servers and Godly helpers.

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