The unlimited history and geography of the world

Baba says, ‘The history and geography that is taught in schools is incomplete knowledge. Only the Father explains the unlimited history and geography.’ 

History is of those who lived and geography is of non-living things. History, which is known as a story, is about how long someone’s kingdom existed, from when to when, for example, Bharat was ruled by the Christians etc. History, is remembered. Geography is of a country and where it lies on the map. The Father says, ‘no one knows the history and geography of this world.

They say that indeed, there was a golden age but no one knows how long it lasted for, who ruled during that time or what happened to those people afterward. The Father comes at this auspicious confluence of the cycles and explains the secrets of the beginning, middle and end of the world cycle. He tells me the whole story of Bharat, that is, He tells me my own story.

It was 5000 years ago when the story began, He tells me. That was when Bharat was heaven, it was the golden age! There were very few people, about 900,000, to begin with and they were all deities. The kingdom of heaven was ruled by Emperor Sri Narayan and Empress Sri Lakshmi. Everyone knew everyone there and Lakshmi and Narayan took care of everyone in their kingdom as their own children. There, there were palaces for everyone, made from gold and studded with diamonds and gems. Everyone was happy; indeed, it was the land of peace, happiness and prosperity. The secret to this happiness was the purity of the souls that lived there; their very praise is: full of all virtues, 16 celestial degrees full, completely viceless, completely righteous and non-violent. Nature too was satopradhan at this time, reflecting the purity of the souls.

As the cycle turned, the purity of souls started to diminish little by little. Just as a house that is new loses its shine little by little over the years, the same happened with the world. 1250 years later, the world that was golden became silver i.e., the golden age turned to the silver age. Population surged from 900,000 to 3,30,000,000 by the end of the silver age; there was a slight dip in the level of happiness experienced by souls but it was still by and large heavenly. Together, the golden and silver ages made up half the cycle, a total of 2500 years. Then, there was only one religion- the original deity religion, one language, one set of rules- the shrimat that was imbibed by the souls at this time from God.

Then, midway through the cycle, these same souls started to forget who they are and began to identify as the body, as the roles they were playing rather than as pure souls. In other words, for half a cycle, souls that were soul conscious, now became body conscious and therein lay their downfall. With body consciousness, came the five vices that entered every soul and bankrupted them- of their peace, their happiness, their honor, their character and integrity. With the wrong sense of identity and no belonging, souls cried out for help: ‘O Purifier, come and make us impure ones pure. O Liberator, come and liberate us from this sorrow and take us away to a place of rest and comfort.’ The second half split equally between the copper and iron ages is the opposite of the first half. Sorrow replaced happiness, chaos replaced peace, lack replaced abundance, unrighteousness replaces righteousness. In other words, heaven became hell. All of this is the history of Bharat, going back 5000 years.

The Father comes and explains: ‘this is the cycle, it turns continuously at it’s own set pace. What was up before goes down and what was down comes up.‘ When the heaven part of the cycle was up, the hell part was down, then when the hell part came up, the heaven part goes down. People confuse this and think that there is a world called heaven up in the skies and a different world called hell that is underground. This is not the case, the Father explains. There is only this one world that becomes both heaven and hell and heaven again….as the cycle turns. This, is geography. ‘Indeed‘, says Baba, ‘it is when human beings don’t know the history and geography of the world that they become senseless. You’, He reminds me, ‘are now listening to this directly from the Father. This study is very good, it’s what prepares you to once again become the princes and princesses of the new world.

It is the Father who comes at this confluence of the old and new cycle as the Purifier and Liberator to enable me to claim the highest status in heaven- that of Lakshmi and Narayan. ‘Study well‘, He tells me daily, ‘this is the most elevated study‘. In heaven, there are no lawyers etc. People there only study the arts. There they teach skills to one another, otherwise, Baba explains, how would all the buildings get built? People think, all the buildings will magically rise up from under the water. This is not the case, Baba teaches, they definitely get built just as they did a cycle ago.

The people who were the purest are now the most impure- this is how the cycle works, the top is now at the bottom. This is why the people of Bharat are now the most tamopradhan, explains Baba, they were once the purest. They are also now the unhappiest, because they were once also the happiest. It is now the time in the cycle when they are becoming that once again. ‘When you spin the cycle in your intellect, you will become so happy’, Baba teaches. The Father to Whom I once called out is now here to make me and therefore, Bharat, pure again, and thereby, peaceful and happy again.

This unlimited history and geography exist in the human world. There can never be any history or geography of Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar of the subtle region. That is the subtle region where there is ‘movie’, whereas here there is ‘talkie , explains Baba. Many people say that the history and geography of Bharat is not as complete as it should be. Indeed, says Baba, it is not. No one, apart from you children who hear from the Father, can explain this. Baba says, ‘You have to know this world history and geography: when there was heaven in Bharat and where it then went to. How did its downfall take place? However, He says, a soul-conscious stage is required to imbibe this knowledge. Else, if one is body conscious, then there are questions: ‘How can this be?’, ‘I haven’t read this in any of the scriptures?’ etc. Baba now tells you children the history and geography of the whole world and also gives you news of the incorporeal world. He tells you everything about the three worlds.

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