Become a master ocean of forgiveness

Baba says, ‘If you are not able to transform that one, then become a master ocean of forgiveness and forgive him. Your forgiving that soul will become a lesson for them.’

The very meaning of Shiva is the Benevolent One; Indeed, the Father is the Ocean of Benevolence. As His child, He reminds me, I too must become the master ocean of benevolence. Benevolence means to have good wishes and pure feelings for every soul, no matter what. To have good wishes toward those who benefit me- that is not a big deal, even those without knowledge do that. Everyone knows how to get on well with those who get on well with them. However, to have benevolent feelings for even those who have a malevolent attitude toward me, even for those who may cause me some loss, that, is being a master ocean of benevolence.

When I come to Baba, I was completely unrighteous. I had been completely brainwashed by Ravan or the five vices. I did have the good fortune to recognize Baba but I didn’t really have the sense nor the power required to follow His shrimat. He told me something, I did something else. He taught me things, I nodded and then promptly forgot, went right back to my old ways. I thought, spoke and did things He didn’t approve. I routinely mistreated others and caused them sorrow, I behaved selfishly, was something different inside and out etc. etc. Yet, despite all this, I asked Him for things like I was entitled. He gave me the creative ideas but I acted in front of the world as if they were my ideas, as if I was that smart! He got me through tough situations, I acted as if I was just that fortunate, better than everyone else! I took from Him and yet I didn’t do as He said. I took my own Father for granted, I took God for granted.

But He, the Ocean of Mercy and Forgiveness, forgave me every single time. He didn’t sulk with me and think: ‘this is too much’ and yell at me, or beat me, no! Far from it. He forgave and continued to be there for me as my Father, Teacher and Guide as I grew up. ‘It takes time’, observes Baba. The greatness of the Father is that He never ever imposes on the soul; He works with the soul, not above it. He continues to parent, teach, guide even as He waits patiently for the soul to have the realization and be ready to change. He remains steadfast in his faith that the soul will change, that it is just a matter of a few clicks, that right moment. At no point does He judge, criticize, turn up His nose, reject, get frustrated or give up. He continues to love, accept, understand and embrace. In fact, He loves me even more when I am under an attack of Maya because He understands I am vulnerable. All of that giving adds up, has an impact on the soul. Even though it might not seem like, on a day to day basis, anything is really changing externally, things are moving internally. Strongholds are being broken. Only that pure love and acceptance is the alchemy, has the power to transform the most hardened soul. It is on the basis of that love that I go from selfish to surrendered. I go from living life on my terms to wanting to be that which my Father wants me to be. ‘It does take time to be a firm trustee’, says Baba.

Even if you are not able to transform someone, then become a master ocean of forgiveness and forgive them. Your forgiving that soul will become a lesson for them.’, He teaches. When I am behaving wrongly, it shows that I, the soul, am weak, that I lack the power to do the right thing. At such a time, words don’t have as much of an impact, in fact, I may not listen. But the thing that will penetrate and transform the soul is unconditional love, good wishes and co-operation. This, Baba says, is the meaning of forgiveness. This becomes the lesson I imbibe even against my wish.

This is also what it means to be a holy swan, explains Baba. It means to have elevated and pure thoughts for every soul. Sometimes I want to have good wishes but I find it difficult because I focus on the outward behavior the soul. Baba says, ‘the trick is to shift your focus from the behavior to the intention of the soul. Discern the intention of every soul and adjust accordingly.’ A holy swan intellect is a clean intellect with no mixture, with only pure thoughts. Such an intellect can easily discern what the other soul wants that is causing it to behave the way it is. When I know their intentions, I will never be influenced by anyone’s ordinary or wasteful nature, teaches Baba. I will then never adopt an impure or ordinary attitude toward them and think: ‘this is just how they are, they will never change’. Rather, I will identify what I need to do to uplift them, to break the spell they are under. My attitude will always be benevolent even while seeing ‘non-benevolent’ things of other souls and it will transform that soul. In fact, this is the duty of a holy swan, of a child of the Benevolent One, says Baba.

With your elevated feelings and pure wishes, you will gain victory in transforming your wasteful nature and the wasteful nature of others, He teaches. First of all, become victorious over yourself, then victorious over others and you will then be victorious over nature. Victory means transformation. The victory of these three will make you into a bead of the rosary of victory.

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