Small mouth, big talk

Baba says, ‘It is said: “Small mouth, big talk.” No one else would know how to say the things that you speak of.

For example, no one else would say that: 

  • Krishna cannot be called God. In fact, no human-being can be called God. Only the one incorporeal Father, is God. His name is Shiv Baba. He is beyond birth and death.
  • Krishna is not the God of the Gita, only the one Purifier, Shiv Baba, is the God of the Gita and He is beyond birth and death.
  • If I call God my Mother and Father then, surely, He cannot be omnipresent! A father cannot be omnipresent in his children, it is meaningless.
  • The soul and the Supreme Soul are different. I, the soul, am the child of the Supreme Soul. A child cannot be the father!
  • The soul does not merge into the Supreme Soul. If it did, then it would lose its existence. I, the soul, am the child of the Supreme Soul. I can relate to the Father, receive sustenance and an inheritance from the Father but a child cannot merge into the Father, that is meaningless!
  • Only the one incorporeal Father, Shiv Baba, is the Purifier, not the Ganges. Water can only cleanse the body, not the soul.
  • No human-being can be called a guru. A guru is one who can grant salvation. No human-being can grant another human-being salvation; only God can. This is why He is the Satguru or the true Guru.
  • The world cycle is not hundreds of thousands of years long. If it was, then it would be impossible to remember anything and the population would be out of control. God tells us that the entire cycle is only 5000 years long and divided equally into the four ages- golden, silver, copper and iron ages.
  • Krishna did not play the flute. The Murli refers to the flute of knowledge; it refers to the knowledge that God Shiva speaks at this time.
  • God does not come at the confluence of the ages. He only comes once in the whole cycle, at the confluence of the old and new cycle.
  • There is no such religion as Hindu. God established the original deity religion. Those same deities having now become impure can no longer call themselves of the deity religion and so the name was changed to Hindu.
  • Raja Yoga is for those on the family path and so sannyasis cannot teach anyone Raja Yoga. Only God can because He is the Father of all souls.
  • Only the confluence aged Brahmins can become deities and come into heaven because only they recognize God, become pure and receive the inheritance of heaven from the Father. No other religions other than the original deity religion exists in heaven.
  • The religious founders did not attain liberation and neither can they grant their followers liberation. Only God is the Liberator and can liberate souls from sorrow and take them back home with Him.
  • The Brahm element is not God, it is His place of residence! There is no benefit whatsoever in remembering the home. One needs to first recognize God, as He is and then remember Him in the home.
  • God is not in the business of bringing back the dead or making leaves move. This is not why He is called the Almighty Powerful. He is called that because His mere remembrance can purify souls and liberate them by burning away sins of many births.
  • No one, not even the sannyasis through penance, can attain eternal liberation. God explains that this is an eternal cycle and every soul has to play their eternal part. As the cycle repeats identically every 5000 years, so does my part.
  • A soul does not take 84,00,000 births as is mentioned in the scriptures and neither can a human soul be born into any other species. A human soul only takes a human birth and there are a maximum of 84 births in the cycle.
  • God is not beyond name and form, in fact, nothing can be beyond name and form. God has a name- it is Shiva and His form is a sparkling point of light.
  • Taking physical pilgrimages to Amarnath or taking a dip in the Ganges cannot absolve me of my sins, only the remembrance of God can. He comes at this auspicious confluence age and teaches me the spiritual pilgrimage of remembrance through which all my sins, not just of this one birth, but of all my previous births are destroyed. I become pure gold again.
  • I become a Godly helper at this confluence age and help Him defeat Ravan and establish heaven over the whole world. I am therefore a warrior in the army of God, maybe unknown at the moment, but very well known in the future.
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