Claiming my Godly birthright

Baba says, ‘You children now understand that constantly, unshakeable purity, peace, happiness and prosperity are your Godly birthright. You are claiming that once again.’ 

For half a cycle, the world was heaven. Deities lived there and it was a land of peace, happiness and prosperity. It was the sun dynasty and moon dynasty kingdom of self-sovereignty. That means, every soul was liberated in life. This, Baba says, is your Godly birthright. It is my heavenly, Godfatherly birthright. Then, midway through the cycle, those same souls forgot who they are and started identifying, wrongly, as bodies. In other words, they went from being soul conscious to being body or role conscious. With body consciousness came the five vices and soon, souls who were once peaceful, happy and prosperous were bankrupted of this inheritance. Souls who were once the king of kings became beggars.

Then, the Father came! He adopted me as His own child and made me belong to Him, practically. I, the soul am always the child of the Supreme Soul but I become the child, now, practically. Only a child can receive an inheritance from the father; here too, Baba becomes my Father, practically so that He can give me my lost inheritance. When I belong to Baba, I die alive from the old world and take a new birth, a spiritual birth. I receive a new name: child of God and a new family: the Godly family. I may have received a worldly education in the past or not, either way, it doesn’t matter because here, God also becomes my Teacher and I receive new knowledge: the Godly knowledge through which I receive a new degree: Full of all virtues, 16 celestial degrees complete, completely viceless, completely righteous and non-violent. Similarly, in the past, I may have had guru(s) or not, but here, God also become my Satguru. Only He is the true guru because only He can grant me liberation and liberation-in-life, no human can.

When a person dies, all his belongings are given to a special Brahmin priest. Here too, Baba says, since you have died alive, all of your old stuff has to be buried, that is, forgotten and your attachment removed from it. Only when I become a complete beggar in the old world, can I change to the prince of the new world, that is, receive my birthright. The five vices make me subservient to bodies and bodily relations, possessions, and accomplishments. The five vices are Ravan, Baba explains to me. This is why he is shown with 10 heads- five representing male and five representing female. Subservience and the inevitable sorrow that results from it are the inheritance of Ravan, it is the devilish birthright I receive when I belong to Ravan. Liberation and happiness are the inheritance of God, my Godly birthright I receive when I leave Ravan’s world and belong to God.

People don’t understand who Ravan is and so they burn effigies of him each year but he only gets stronger. One cannot defeat the vices by burning effigies, Baba teaches me, you overcome them through remembrance. ‘Consider yourself a soul and remember the Father and his inheritance’, He teaches me, ‘and you will become the masters of heaven which is your birthright.’ If even after I take a new birth, I continue to remember things from my past birth, if I continue to live the old life, then that would be most unfortunate, says Baba, because then I am unable to claim my birthright. It isn’t enough to simply think or say: ‘but I Baba’s child anyway’ and continue to live life on Ravan’s terms. I have to practically become the child, that is, obey the Father to claim my birthright.

My Father is the Creator of Heaven, I have been adopted by the Creator Himself! By being His child, I get to simply receive heaven as a birthright or inheritance. I don’t have to struggle for it, hustle for it or lobby for it. I simply receive it, for free, just because I am His child. There, in heaven, I will be the king of kings with unlimited peace, happiness and prosperity. ‘Why then‘, Baba reasons, ‘would you choose to continue to live in hell? Why wouldn’t you want to become the master of heaven? Ravan made you into an emperor of hell, the Father comes and makes you the emperor of heaven.‘ He enables me to attain the status of Lakshmi from an ordinary woman and Narayan from an ordinary man. Now, He says, choose correctly.

Every year, at the time of Deepmala, Ravan makes me beg in front of an idol of Lakshmi for wealth, for prosperity. On the other hand, the Father comes and enables me to become Lakshmi. ‘Ask yourself‘, He teaches, ‘where did Lakshmi get all that wealth from to bless everyone with? Surely, she received it from the Father as inheritance.‘ By imbibing the jewels or the wealth of knowledge that the Father gives at this time, she becomes the goddess of wealth in the future. This is why, this study that God teaches is called Raja Yoga. It is the study that makes me an emperor, a world sovereign. ‘Wouldn’t you too‘, He asks, ‘want to learn Raja Yoga and become emperors of the new world?

Through this study, that is, through knowledge and remembrance, I transform back into the deity that I once was and when I transform, the world transforms. “We are establishing our heaven; we are becoming worthy of ruling our kingdom’, have this in your awareness constantly, teaches Baba. He is the One teaching us and making us worthy. He explains every day, works tirelessly on His children, His students, in order to reinforce these things. The harder the Father works, the harder Maya also works to influence me and drag me back into her world. This is the great Mahabharata war between Ravan and God’s children. With the Father as my Charioteer, my victory is guaranteed, when I obey His directions alone. If I mix into it my own dictates or the dictates of others, I will lose. He alone knows the way out of the maze that is Ravan’s world and so let me only follow Him.

On the other side of the maze, is the grand gateway to heaven. It’s being thrown open right now. All I have to do to go through the gate is simply follow the Father out of the maze. He has come especially for me, to release me from the maze. Let me allow Him, that is, let me keep a faithful intellect and study what He is teaching me well. Maya will try to plant seeds of doubt, of carelessness; let me beware and stay safe by remaining busy with study and service. ‘Your very business is to do spiritual service’, says Baba, ‘study well and show others the path too.‘ The more I do this, the more faith I build and where there is faith, victory is guaranteed.

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