Stop that dirty business, become the gates to heaven

Baba says, ‘stop that dirty business. Become the gates to heaven.’

This is hell, says Baba. There are no two ways about it. All males and females of this time are Draupadis or Duryodhans. Draupadi is shown calling out: “O God, save me from being stripped!” and God is shown as having saved her from being stripped. The Father says, ‘this is not the story of one Draupadi. The Father has now come to protect all of you Darupadis. If you follow shrimat, you won’t ever be stripped again.’

People have become used to indulging in vice for half a cycle, and so they find it difficult to break that habit, says Baba. Indeed, He says, the whole world has become a brothel. It’s easy to look at professional sex workers or prostitutes and turn up my nose, shake my head and act as if I am holier than them. But really, am I? ‘Check yourself‘, says Baba, ‘make sure there isn’t one thing internally and something else externally.

If I am a woman, do I need to dress provocatively? This isn’t about equal rights, this is about decency. People look at the idols outside certain temples or at the pictures of scantily dressed ‘goddesses’ and think that’s the culture of Bharat. God says, “No, it isn’t”. He would know, He is the Creator! This is not the world I created, He says. When the world was new, He tells me, things were completely different from what they are today. That, was heaven, He says. The mark of heaven is complete purity. Everyone was soul conscious- ‘I am a pure elevated soul’, this was the awareness. This awareness then dictated the vision, attitude, thoughts, words, and actions. Everything was therefore pure. They were deities. Then, about midway through the cycle, having taken birth after birth, souls forgot who they are and started to think of themselves as bodies. That’s when everything fell apart. I started to judge myself and others by appearance, fame, money, influence, status and all the other temporary things that come with the territory of body consciousness.

So don’t follow that which is false‘, Baba points out, ‘follow that which is true’. He is here reminding me of what is right, of how it was in the land of purity. Because you were pure, you were also peaceful and happy, He explains. Now, because you are impure, you have lost your whole inheritance and become worth not a penny. It’s not just women, it’s also the men. I easily turn up my nose at prostitutes or comment about women who dress a certain way but I have no problem in enjoying movies that showcase vulgarity or in turning the pages of magazines that objectify women. The argument is: ‘well, it’s not as if I leave home and go out with those women…’. Let me realize that this is about awareness, it is about what is going on inside as much as it is about the outside. When I ogle at women, watch movies or look at images, I create a weak, impure atmosphere that then aids weak souls to do wrong things. Baba says, ‘stop that dirty business. Become the gates to heaven.‘ If I want to help God change the world, if I want to truly help put an end to heinous acts like rape, sexual abuse, or prostitution, then let me start my checking my own awareness and make it pure. Let me take charge of what I allow my eyes to see, my ears to hear. Let me actively participate in creating a pure, powerful atmosphere at my home, in my community, at the office, in the world.

I don’t have to be especially nice to that female colleague at work who wears the short skirt and if I am a woman, I don’t have to dress and act in ways that tempt men either. God is my Father and He has very clearly outlined how I should dress, what I should think, eat, speak…everything. Nothing has been left for interpretation, the code of conduct is clear. My duty as His child is to obey His shrimat. Yes, the destination is high but so is the reward. My Father hasn’t asked me to post pictures of my beach vacation on social media, He hasn’t asked me to attend wasteful parties or eat, drink and essentially, live a lifestyle that weakens me, the soul. Instead, He has asked me to step into the confluence age, immerse myself in the study that He is teaching me so that I can claim my inheritance of the kingdom of heaven. The Father says, ‘stop that dirty business. Become the gates to heaven.‘ When I claim my inheritance, I inspire others to claim theirs.

He is the Lord of the Poor, not of the rich and famous, not of the so-called religious minded and not of those who think of themselves as holier than everyone else. ‘Not even the sannyasis are pure‘, He reminds me, ‘I come to uplift even them.‘ He is the Father, He comes to rescue His children from the clutches of Ravan. There is no little girl who says: ‘I want to grow up to be a prostitute..’ but bad choices, bad company, and circumstances lead them that way. Rather than judge them for their weakness, or look the other way, let me do my part to uplift my sisters. If I cannot go to where they are physically, let me serve them through my mind. Maybe I have a way to serve through words…; let me give them the experience that God is their Father too, and that He loves them very very much.

If I am someone engaged in prostitution, then let me know that the Father does not condemn me, He loves me dearly, He accepts me wholeheartedly. He wants to help. All it takes is a step of courage. Like Draupadi did, all I need to do is surrender to Him. That means that I make the bold, determined decision to leave – yes, there may be real danger to my life if I leave, yes, I may not have enough to support my kids, yes, I may be addicted to the lifestyle, to drugs…yes, these are all real issues. But when I realize that it is God Whom I am calling out to, that the Almighty is my Father, then my perspective shifts. There is nothing impossible for my Father, He will move mountains to ensure I am protected. But He cannot help me until I want to be helped. His direction to me is: ‘stop that dirty business. Become the gates to heaven.’ So, today, let me take His hand. He sees me as a pure, elevated soul, as a deity. Let me dare to step into His vision of me.

No, it’s not too late and no, I haven’t fallen too deep. The Father is the Purifier, He specializes in purifying the most impure souls and returning them to their original, pure state. His mere remembrance absolves me of all sin of not just this one birth but of all births and makes me pure gold again. Maybe I’ve reached out to gurus or other experts before and have been disappointed. But, says Baba, no human being can purify, liberate or grant souls salvation; only the one Father can. This is why only He is the Satguru. Maybe, it was an abusive husband who pushed me this way, God says, ‘I am the Husband of all Husbands! What do you have to be afraid of? You should come running to meet the One from whom you receive the inheritance of heaven.’ Let me dare to run to God. Maybe, I am worried about the kids, God says, ‘Become the trustee. Have the awareness that they too are the children of the Father, I am simply the instrument caretaker.’ When I have this awareness, then I trust God to ensure their needs are met. Let me not punish myself due to a false sense of responsibility. When I come to the Father and immerse myself in His world- in His knowledge, in His remembrance, in His service – then, my physical senses become cool and the addictions and dependencies fade away.

For too long, I have surrendered myself to human beings, now, let me surrender myself to God. Let me become the child and take His hand. He can pull me out of the deepest hole, reach me where I am in my brokenness. All I have to do is remember: Baba, Father, Abba…and when He comes, which He will, let me take His hand and never look back. Let me only follow Shrimat. 

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