Be tireless

Baba says, ‘Be tireless. To be tireless means to reach the karmateet stage.’

There is tiredness in bondage and lightness in detachment. I may be performing a lot of actions, but to be karmateet, Baba explains, is to be beyond the effect of any bondage of karma. This, is detachment. I, the soul, perform actions through this body and then I become detached from it, that is, I am not attached to the result of the task I carried out. I am not attached to attaining the fruit of that task. If I am attached to the fruit, then I strategize, I hustle, I bend rules, and do all kinds of unnatural things to attain that fruit. There is stress attached to desire and that tires me out. This is the key difference between when others in the world perform action and I do; there is a difference in the stage.

In my case, because I am detached from the result of the action, there is lightness in the body and in the stage of the mind. My attitude is: ‘the One Who inspired me made me do it.’ In fact, this lightness in stage is the real fruit of action, teaches Baba. I am not ruled by the action, instead, it is as though someone else made me do the action and I was simply the instrument. This instrument consciousness makes me light. It enables me to move forward on my journey with a fast speed without getting stuck anywhere. It is this consciousness in fact that enabled Brahma Baba to become #1. ‘So check‘, says Baba, ‘are you becoming light in such a way?

The sign of lightness in the soul, He teaches, is that the special powers of the soul- the mind, intellect and sanskars- will continue to become light. My thoughts will will give me the experience of a stage of complete lightness. There won’t be the wasteful spinning of: ‘why does this always happen to me?’, ‘can this too happen?’, ‘this must just be my karma…’etc. These thoughts are the strings that tie me into the bondage of karma, explains Baba. A karmateet soul, on the other hand, would say, “Whatever happens is good, I am good, the Father is good and the drama too is good.” These thoughts, Baba teaches, work like scissors to cut the bondage. Similarly, the decision making power of the intellect will also work as if it hasn’t done anything. There won’t be the battle of: ‘should I do this or that?’, ‘is this right or wrong?’ etc. If there is this battle, that too is being in the bondage of karma. Instead, a karmateet soul simply follows the Father’s directions as the instrument or trustee and lets go. And finally, no sanskar will attract me to itself either. There won’t be: ‘I didn’t mean to do that, but I did it’, ‘I didn’t mean to get angry, but I did’ etc., It will be as though the Father’s sanskars are working.

Even if there is an illness of the body, a karmateet soul will, with the power of yoga, with a smile, change the suffering of karma from a crucifix to a thorn and burn it, that is, finish the suffering. Whether the illness takes on the form of a disease is up to you, explains Baba. When I focus on the illness, get into wasteful spinning about how ‘this is just my karma’, continue to speak about it, then I allow it to become a disease. I become distressed and make others distressed. Such a soul cries out while a karmateet soul will manage. This is because a karmateet soul, Baba explains, is the master of his body, even though he is suffering for his karma, he will have the practice of being detached. Every now and then, the practice of the bodiless stage will take him beyond the illness. This practice acts as the spiritual injection and the soul experiences the crucifix to be a thorn.

And so, teaches Baba, don’t ask the Father for mercy or blessings; this is a school. One studies in a school. You have to imbibe the jewels of knowledge and have mercy on yourself. When I practice remaining in the right consciousness, my thoughts, decisions, sanskars change. My bondages are cut and I remain light. When I practice remaining in the bodiless stage, I am able to rise above physical circumstances. So, it comes down to how well I study, that is, practice or experiment with the lessons I am taught. But as with any study, I will have days when I don’t do so good, when I fall flat. To be karmateet means I am able to pick myself back up and keep going without feeling disheartened. Yes, the Teacher will correct me and tell me what I am doing wrong from time to time. To be karmateet means I don’t feel condemned by it, instead, I feel grateful for the clarity I have received and work with the Teacher on changing myself. Baba says, ‘The Father knows how to sustain the children, it isn’t through mercy, it is with knowledge and yoga. Your sustenance is knowledge and yoga. You must never become tired of studying. Be tireless.

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