Become a true moth

Baba says, ‘there is no pleasure in this old world and these old bodies. Therefore, die alive to them, belong to the Father and become true moths.’

The Father is called the Spiritual Flame but no one knows Him at all. The Flame is not large, He is just a point, like I, the soul, am. He, the Supreme Soul, is the Flame and souls are the living moths. Both the Flame and the moths have their own roles in this unlimited drama; the whole part is recorded in each soul, in such a tiny point! People in the world tell someone who is about to die to remember God. They believe that the soul goes to God, in heaven, where He lives. God says, ‘I am the heavenly Godfather not because I live in heaven but because I am the Creator of heaven. I live in the soul world which is the home of you souls as well. You came from there to this physical plane to play your parts in this drama. Then, the world was heaven. That was the world I created and you were masters of that world. Having taken birth after birth, you forgot who you are and fell prey to Ravan, the vices, and lost your kingdom of heaven. Now, I am here to re-establish heaven make you into the masters of that world again.’

So now that the Father has come, why would I not belong to Him? It’s because in order to belong to Him, I have to die alive from the old world, from Ravan’s world. And that requires faith, faith in two things. The first faith is that there is no happiness, no future to speak of, in this old world. Those who truly become sons and daughters of the Father, Baba says, are fed up with devilish relationships and with the ways of the old world. The second faith I need is that the future that I lack here, I will gain with the Father. That by belonging to Him, I will receive a new life that is full of peace, love, happiness and prosperity. That I will find new relationships that are true and viceless. Only when I have these two types of faith will, I, the moth, fly fearlessly into the Flame; I will die alive.

To die alive is to be adopted by the Father.

Now, I have a new name: child of God. Previously, I belonged to Ravan’s family, now, I belong to God’s family. God has come and adopted me while I am still alive. This is also what is known as ‘seeking refuge’. So check, says Baba: do you answer to your new name or do you still answer to your old name? That means, have I fully renounced the old world or do I still have my feet in two boats? Many like the ‘idea’ of belonging to God, but they are too afraid to leave the old world: ‘Should I do this or not?’, ‘will there really be attainment here or not?’, ‘what will the world say?’, ‘what about my children?’ I have the desire but doubt or strings of attachment weaken my courage and determination. So rather than fly into the Flame, I become one who watches, longingly, from a distance.

Then, there are those who dare to come close but are unable to fly in due to subservience to certain old world sanskars. I love the Father but….’Baba, how can You ask me to forgive that person after all they did to me!?’, ‘Baba, but I’m so close to that promotion, why would You ask me to leave now!?’, ‘Baba, I’d love to do more but between my family and my job, I have no time left!’, ‘Baba, I’d be more involved if I didn’t have to deal with that sister/brother’. A long list of ‘if’s and ‘but’s get in the way of their flight. So they circle around the Flame but don’t muster the courage to fly in.

When Brahma baba met the Flame, He didn’t allow any of the ‘if’s and ‘but’s to get in the way. He surrendered 200%, He flew straight into the Flame. He died alive. When he received a signal from the Father to surrender everything he had, he simply obeyed – no questions, no doubts…just obedience. I can only obey in this way when I make myself truly belong to the Father, that is, when I become the child because obedience requires childlike faith: ‘This is my Father, He has come for me, He knows what’s best for me.’ A child doesn’t question, it simply trusts and follows. Only when I can do this can I move along my journey with fast speed. Everyone, Baba points out, has a right to heaven, that is, everyone is an heir but not everyone inherits equally. That depends on my level of surrender.

You have spent 63 births going around in many different wasteful things, having forgotten the self and the Father. Have you not yet become sufficiently tired that you still keep on going around even after having found the true destination?, asks Baba. While having imperishable attainment, does perishable, temporary attainment still attract you? Can you still see someone who will enable you to find other destinations? When it comes to taking, you want everything but when it comes to renouncing, you want to keep things hidden away- that job, desire for a little recognition, a little bitterness, a little unforgiveness, a little attachment, a little carelessness, preferences etc. What you think of as yours and keep hidden are in fact bondages that are holding you down, He explains, they are preventing you from flying free. They are preventing you from claiming and experiencing your full birthright of liberation-in-life. And what’s more, they prevent me from experiencing the full love of the Father. Everyone says, ‘I love Baba, I belong to Baba’ but check, He says, ‘are you truly fulfilling the relationship of love?’

It is sung that love is created for dying. Indeed, I have to be dead to this world to belong to God. True moths only love the Flame; they fly into it and die. When God comes, He destroys the whole of the old vicious world. In fact, I come to this university of God because I want to go from the old world into the new world, from hell into heaven. ‘It’s your birthright of this new birth‘, He reminds me. The Father shows me the way to the new world: Simply remember Me alone. I am Heavenly God, the Father.

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